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LauraLoo's Avatar LauraLoo 04:26 PM 02-28-2007
We are moving and I've located a RE school that goes up through 5th grade. Currently my ds is in K and my dd will be starting preschool next year. My DH is concerned that if our kids do well and like RE that they will both have a difficult time transitiong to a different school after 5th grade. His philosophy is to start 'em where we think they'll finish. I don't agree with this, but felt that I should at least test the waters to find out if there is difficulty in transitioning and what the problems (if any) seem to center around. At least that way we'll be prepared if we go ahead with RE.

Any thoughts? TIA!

LauraLoo's Avatar LauraLoo 05:42 PM 03-02-2007
Okay no responses so I can assume two things: There are no transition issues whatsoever from RE to a different type of school or no one has had to face this with an older student.

Sorry to beg the question again, but if anyone has any type of input I would really appreciate it.
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 10:00 PM 03-02-2007
Hey, I didn't want to just leave you hanging out here! There are so few RE schools at the elementary grade levels that there's probably not much experience out there.

I think as long as kids have positive early education experiences, and have the necessary academic skills, then they can transition to any educational format. That school is a public charter, which means they still have to follow the state curriculum it shouldn't be a problem switching academically. I think the most important thing will be finding a positive emotional and social middle school environment, rather than looking for a particular style. If I ever homeschool, it will probably be in the middle school years!

John Dewey, an educational pioneer, believed that education is a lifelong process, and should be based on on what a child needs right now, not just to "prepare" him for the next step. I have been trying to keep that in mind while looking at preschool options for ds1.
LauraLoo's Avatar LauraLoo 11:56 PM 03-02-2007
Thanks, honeybee! I'm sure that's the case that there are few in this situation! I was just feeling so.......lonely

I'm scheduled for a tour at ACDC on the 13th. The principal responded to my email directly - which I thought was very nice.

Please let me know if you get back there again -- I'd love to hear more of your insights.
honeybee's Avatar honeybee 06:11 PM 03-03-2007
I will. We've had colds, and I got slammed with some work, so I haven't been able to set up an observation time, yet.