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kemmasmom's Avatar kemmasmom 08:26 PM 11-09-2004
We are pregnant, and still nursing my 15 month old. I don't forsee this stopping any time in the near future, she loves momma's milk way too much.

My dilemma is that I need nursing shirts that are also maternity shirts. In plus size. Triple threat, there.

Does anyone have any ideas, or know of any good stores/websites?


Selissa's Avatar Selissa 09:59 PM 11-09-2004
well if you can afford it i would suggest buying from wahms and having them specially made for you.

otherwise maybe you could buy men's A frame under shirts, cut slits in them, and wear them unfer you regular maternity clothes.

ccohenou's Avatar ccohenou 11:49 AM 11-10-2004
I hardly ever wear nursing shirts, since I've found that anything loose enough to push up - like a t-shirt - works fine. But as I picture it, this may not work as well with an eventually huge belly. I think I saw an ad in the back of Mothering mag for a company that makes maternity/nursing clothes, but can't recall the name at the moment..