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NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 02:37 PM 02-22-2005
And Dr. Shettles and the Chinese Calendar were way off base!

We had our routine scan today (done around 18 weeks in Sweden). We had been told that they don't normally tell you the sex in Sweden, but when dh dropped a casual hint ('So, can you see the sex at this stage?') the midwife was more than happy to tell us:

It's a girl!

I will admit that I was secretly hoping for a girl, since we have a boy, so this was nice to know! Besides, like I mentioned on another thread, I had strong feelings that this one was a girl.

Everything was fine, btw. Baby measured spot-on for dates and there were no obvious signs of problems.

MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 04:07 PM 02-22-2005
Congrats! Girls are fantastic!
mmgarda's Avatar mmgarda 10:42 PM 02-22-2005
I can't wait for Friday so we can find out!! You must be so excited!!
Pom's Avatar Pom 08:25 PM 02-24-2005
Congrats! Yay to DH for dropping a hint!

I love my DD so so much. I know my friends with boys say they are awesome too....guess you really can't go wrong either way, huh?

Glad you're getting you're wish!