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Okay, anyone else agonizing over names? Thought it might be fun to start a single thread for sharing ideas/asking advice.

Share your possibilities, favorites, special meanings or family traditions you want to honour, and other sibling names you want the name to flow well with, or any other specific criteria you have. Perhaps we can all help one another!

We are not finding out gender - so here are our possibilities right now, nothing stands out though. With our daughter, we fell in love with her name and had no doubts, this time, nothing seems quite right. I want to find *the* name...but am beginning to dispair.

dd (age three) is Isabella (Bella) Charlotte Rose. Isabella was the name of my first ancestor that crossed from Scotland to the US, and appears often in my family tree. and Charlotte Rose is my maternal grandmother's maiden name

My husband is french, so the name has to flow well with a french last name.

Favorite at this point:
Julianna ?? Grace (possible second names: Madelyn, Kathryn, Mireille, Meredith (dh does not like)...)

Gabriella? (Love Gabriella, hate Gabby)

Other possibilities:
Ava, Kira(dh does not like either).

Boys: - with all of these, I worry that they are getting too common. I like all of them, I don't love any of them particularly.

Jackson (would have been dd's name if she was a boy, we weren't even sure then - and still are not)
Max ( my paternal grandfather's name - which I know would mean a lot to the family)
Declan (dh likes, I don't)

Possible Middle names: Brison (my mother's last name, in honour of my paternal grandfather who passed away right before I got pg with dd)
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We have settled on a name - going with Liam Conor. It doesn't really flow with the other kids:

John Charles....a junior, I didn't get to pick that one out...i believe I was 12 when he was born LOL
Dustin Fleming....Fleming is his dad's middle name, grandpa, ggpa...etc. Dustin was a compromise...we had a LOT of trouble picking out the first name. For a girl, he would have been Lora Jayne - my sister is named Laura, my grandmother (who died before I was born) was named Jane Layne, so that's where the spelling came from.
Dorothy Jayne...I picked this out. My grandma was named Dorothy, and to honor her I named my little girl after her. At that time, my gma was still in the very early stages of Alzheimer's, but she came to the hospital, and even got to visit us several times before she went into the nursing home. It meant the world to me that she knew how much I loved her. She died right before Christmast this past year....I'm rambling.

So, I got remarried to the man I believe is my soulmate...and SURPRISE! I got to pick out names again :LOL
This baby was going to be Margaret Rachel, called Maggie. I really like *older* girl names. DH and I ultimately decided to go with something that would honor our Irish origins. We sent each other crossing emails the day we found out that it was a boy, and I sent the name Liam to him, right before I opened his eamil saying that he really liked the name Liam....that pretty much sealed it.
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We are totally agonizing over a name for our boy.

My 4 year old son's name is Wolfgang Lucas Mitchell. He was going to be Lucas Mitchell until he popped into the world and we were all looking at him going "He really doesn't look like a Lucas at all!". Wolfgang had been my grandfather's name and it fit him perfectly (still does).

My 2 year old daughters name is Vivian Aurora. Her name was decided before we saw her. I didn't think she looked like a Vivian - but DH strongly felt she was his "Vivvy Aurora". He now calls her "V" (my name is Kay, so it fits!).

We've discussed Corwin, Alden, and probably a dozen others. None of our family feels that Alden fits - they feel Wolfgang is a strong name and Alden isn't. Any ideas for a nice "strong" name to go with Wolfgang? My FIL suggested D'Artagnan or Gustav. Can you tell the type of family we are dealing with?
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My kids are Lindsey Danielle and Joshua Bennett. Lindsey is a name we loved, but also works as being "for" me, my husband (both of us have the middle name Lynn) and my MIL (Linda). Her middle name is for my Dad (Danny). Joshua happenned to be the ONLY boys name we could agree on. Bennett is Eric's grandmother's maiden name.

If this baby had been a boy, middle name would have been Hudson, which is my grandmother's maiden name. The only boys name we could even discuss without one of us making a face at was Dylan, but neither of us were thrilled with it.

Thank Goddess this baby is a girl! Her first name will be Leila (my great-grandmother's name), Caroline or Melissa (both just names we liked). We're having a terrible time with middle names, but we've got some time to go yet. It'll get figured out We don't make a decision until we meet the baby and see what fits.
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We are pretty sure it's going to be Acelin Cooper. Our last name is French and we wanted to choose a French name this time, Acelin means Noble. We arent' too concerned with it flowing with the other kids: Jacob Ryan, Liam Elias, and Cameron James. Actually it kind of does...
For a girl it would have either been Brennah or Celeste.

Jeanette, I really like Meredith, I also like Melise (a friends name).
Out of the boys, I like Max.

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We are leaning towards Melanie Kim for a girl. My personal favourite is Melanie Anne, but only when pronounced the English way (i.e. 'Anne' as one syllable), and chances are all our relatives will mess it up.

If, against all the evidence, the baby turns out to be a boy, we'll probably call him Max Arne (my FIL was called Arne and died around the time this baby was conceived) or Max Christian. I actually prefer the latter, but would be willing to give in for the sake of passing on a name.
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We had an awful time naming dd. We settled on Bailey because it was the only name I liked that dh could stand. When I was around 6 months pregnant Joey Ramone (of the Ramones) died. The Ramones were a big influence on both of us growing up, and Joey has always meant a lot to me, so we gave her Ramone as a middle name. My family was concerned about her having a "boy" name, but lord, does it ever fit her! She'll be four in August and she's certainly a strong-willed hooligan. I like more "girly" names, but none of them would've fit her, even from birth!

This time around I started harassing dh about names around 3 months. Of course, I'm almost 31 weeks and we haven't made any final decisions. Right now it looks like Cadence for a girl and Jack for a boy, but we still have no middle names! Cadence was one of the few we both liked, and I've always liked Jack. Plus, we're big Stargate fans Although I drew the line at actually naming him Jack O'Neill like my husband suggested.

Why do names have to be so difficult?!
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This baby's name will be Gabriella Kaye. I don't like Gabby as a nickname either or nn's at all for that matter so IF we shorten it we will call her Ella. Kaye is my mom's middle name. The older girls are Ainsley Raegan and Bethany Paige. No special reason for any of those names except Raegan, dh is a Republican and R. Reagan is his favorite prez.

If we ever have a boy, his name will be Luka Matthew.

student/sahm to three awesome girls who are always on the go!
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We've had our boy named picked since I was preggo with our dd

William Marcus, after my 2 grandfathers

Not sure on the girls name I like
Loralei Katherine
dh hasn't agreed, but also hasn't nixed it, so we'll see
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we don't know the sex either.

for a boy it will be Trey Matthew, Trey because it's the ONLY boys name in the universe we both really like, and Matthew because it's DH's middle name.

for a girl it will be Anya Larita, Anya because we both just love it, and Larita after my grandmother who I'm very close with.

DD1 7/13/05 DD2 9/20/10
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Well.... for this pregnancy we had a boy's name already chosen from when I was pregnant with Riley. We like to put family names into our children's name. We are going to name our son Jacob Alexander (last name here) and call him Jake. The reason for both names is

1. My husband Paul had an aunt that called him Jake from birth. He was born almost right on his birthday and she said he was her present and she was going to give him her own name....weird to me and if I was his mom that would really irritate me but she was his favorite aunt and they were very close. She died before we met. And I heard another story when MIL was in the c-sec room with Donna (the aunt) paul came out and was not breathing and the nurses were working on reviving him so Donna went over to where they were and said "come on Jake breathe jake breathe!" Then he took is first big breath.....ok why MIL didn't name him Jake right then and there I have no clue. So Paul decided he wanted to name a son Jake.

2. Alexander is my maiden name. I have always liked it and wanted to pass the name down. I wanted to name him Jacob John Alexander (last name) so he would have both names of my father but then I always think of the song John Jacob Jingleheimer Scmidt.

For our daughter we named her Riley after my very favorite great-grandmother. Her first name was Vivian but she took on her mother's maiden name as her first. So it is a family name as well. Then Riley and I share the same middle name Ann which was given to me because it is my mom's twin sister's middle name and it was also my father's mother's middle name.

Then for our angel baby we aren't sure if that baby is a boy or a girl so we agreed that hunter was a nice name for either child. Although I am thinking it was a boy. I was feeling very strong boy vibes and was surprised Riley was a girl. This pregnancy I also felt very strong boy vibes. So I am wondering if I was right last time. Then his/her middle name is Hamilton. My mother's maiden name. When my grandmother found out we named our lost baby Hunter she told me a nice story of an angel hunter who came to earth and then was brought back to God. I cannot remember the story but it gave me chills to read it because we just thought the name was nice but it really truly fit our baby.

As far as names I like for girls I always seem to like names of ex-presidents: Clinton, Regan, Kennedy, Hamilton

For boys I prefer names that aren't widely used: Gray, Graham, etc.

Sarah - wife, mom to Riley 7/9/03 and Jacob 7/15/05 and Hannah 1/5/11 a successful vbac.gif
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I have such a hard time, I agonize over names. In the US though I have lots more freedom- in Sweden my names were too unusual.

For a girl I like Julia/Yuliya, Brigitta (after my mother), Carola/Karola, Barbara, Diana, Isadora/Isidora, Camila/Kamila, Dorothy, Leticia, Magali, Martha/Marthe, Olga, Oxana/Oksana, Sydonie, Roberta, Ruslana and Portia. See my dilemma!

For a boy I have picked the first name Isidor. For the middle name I like Rufus, Darius, Lysander, Neville, Tobias, Randolf, Elgin, Nevin, Alger and Hagan.

oh my other children are Omar Theodor, Josefa Linnea, Ursula Sorrel and Eben Marshall.
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We are having the worst time with names! We had a few girls names we liked but we're having a boy this time and can't agree at all.
DD's name is Zoe Skye.

For the boy we're considering:
Finlay Nathaniel
Jeremy Andrew
and Zane

I think Xander and Zane would both be too cutesy with Zoe and one of my friends just stole Jeremy so it's lost it's shine. I want something not a lot of other boys are named. DP says he thinks of a dog named Finn I used to take care of when ever he hears that name so he doesn't want to use it. He was a cool dog, though, and Zoe was a dog I took care of so I don't see the problem.

Any thoughts?

Amy, mom to LadyBug, SnuggleBug and StinkBug.  Expecting BabyBug in August 2011.
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We picked a name shortly after finding out that the baby is a girl. DH didnt want to even talk about it till we knew the gender but I already had a HUGE girl's list (and a non-existent boys list) :LOL

We are naming her Graciela Anne. Graciela is the Spanish version of Grace. My DH is Dominican so I love that we are using a Spanish name and its also a family name on his mother's side.

Grace was my grandmother & great-grandmother's (my grans mom) name. I was very, very close w/ my granmother (she used to tell people that when I was little I didnt knwo who my mom was - her or my mom :LOL ) so I wanted to honor her but didnt want a super common name (which Grace has become).

Anne is my middle name. Max's middle name is Alexis which is DH's middle name, so I love that each our kids has one of our names and we all have A middle names - sort of silly I know but fun.

So thats it!

ETA - We named our 2 year old Maximus Alexis. DH always loved Maximus so when we were just dating (but knew we would get married) we decided on that name which was way before the movie Gladiator came out :LOL . And Alexis I already explained.
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why are boys' names so hard to come up with?! it's impossible to come up with something that A) sounds ok with the last name,B) isn't easy to make fun of,and C) isn't too popular or too weird...we aren't finding out the sex of the baby so we have to have both genders ready.

for a girl,we knew right from the beginning that we would name her Madison. that's where she was conceived (madison,WI) and we both love that name. after a couple months of thinking about it,we decided her middle name would be Haylee (still deciding on the spelling but i like that one the best). only recently did we find out that madison is one of the most popular girls' names right now.yeesh!

for a boy,it took a LOT longer to decide on one (and we still aren't 100% sure). i think we are going to end up with Logan, with his middle name being Rolly (his grandfather's name). we picked Logan because my boyfriend was born in logan,UT and also because we could both finally agree on something! other names we thought of were Liam (we both like this so we might see which fits him better), Lucas (i love it but my bf hates it), or Riley.

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Ok so most of you know what you're doing - we had a name picked out for a boy but I've now gone off it seeing as my husband 1)found out what we are having and promptly told his mother (I didn't know at that point) and 2) proceeded to tell everyone the name we choose : but anyway the names I am thinking of are (dh doesn't like any of them apart from the 1st one)
Kian - just because i like it. (the one dh told everyone)
Rory - ditto
Tiree - beautiful island in Scotland I spent summers as a child there
Yule - my gran's middle name
Ewan - just because I like it (difficult for the french to pronounce - not that I care!!)
So I have no idea what we are doing!

ewe + dh = our little lambs + we and have many just : and : life .
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Yep! We have a name! This one was much harder to pick but I love it.
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Our girl name has been set for years -- it would have been DS's name had he been a girl and I'm still every bit in love with the name as I ever was ... Sarah Augusta, called Sadie.

Until a few days ago, we had been set for quite a while on a boy name, too, but then I changed my mind. That's my prerogative, right? It was going to be Ivar Niklas, but now it's Ezra Daniel. My husband isn't wild about Ezra, but names don't matter so much to him as they do to me, so he's going along with it.

At-home mom to a teenager, an infant, and three in between!
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For a boy we are probably going to go with Joaquin Rueben Lion. From the beginning I had thought that i would like the name Zion, but it didn't stick. Chris came up with Joaquin and I sorta got attached to it.

For a girl we like Ruby. It was my great grandmother's name.
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