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darsmama's Avatar darsmama 01:46 PM 07-02-2005

Congratulations honey! I am so happy for you all.

Bettybella's Avatar Bettybella 01:56 PM 07-02-2005
I've been thinking my baby will never be born, even though it's still 3 days till her due date--so this gives me hope!
MilkOnDemand's Avatar MilkOnDemand 05:13 PM 07-24-2005
Pom's Avatar Pom 05:47 PM 07-24-2005
tara - so glad to hear you are getting help -- so sorry to hear how hard recovery is!! i was wonderinmg abut you yesterday when DH happened to mention it was 110 in St Louis!! Ack!!! Being hot here has been driving me mad...I can't imagine how it must be and I am trying to remember if you have A/C? I hope so!!

Sending you healing vibes from LA and hoping you get more time with your wee ones soon....I find myself missing DD even just for afternoons...
ewe+lamb's Avatar ewe+lamb 07:08 PM 07-24-2005
Oh MoD - I really hope that things are going better for you - what a disappointing recovery it must be, so difficult away from the other kids etc - dh sounds as if he's a bit of a star however! Sending you lots of love and all the healing possible.
Aeriane's Avatar Aeriane 07:54 PM 07-24-2005
Wow, my thoughts are with you (sorry, lurking from the August group). I hope things come together for you soon and you're able to inch toward normalcy. {hugs} hang in there, Kitty
MrsMoe's Avatar MrsMoe 08:14 PM 07-24-2005
so sorry your surgery was difficult

He is just beautiful, and I just love his name.
mmgarda's Avatar mmgarda 11:03 PM 07-24-2005
Oh wow. I wish I could be there to lend a hand! You must be so frustrated right now. Thank goodness you have family to help and your two younger ones have loving care from others. Hope it isn't putting too much strain on family relations.

Here's to healing and moving on ASAP!! Good vibes coming your way.

soccerchic21's Avatar soccerchic21 02:16 AM 07-25-2005
Oh gosh!

I hope you can recover soon! Sorry I don't know what else to say. :
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 04:40 AM 07-25-2005
Oh my! So sorry your recovery hasn't gone as planned. I hope you feel better soon.
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 12:27 PM 07-25-2005
Tara, the pictures are darling! He is such a total cutie, and his brother and sister too. Thanks for sharing!

I'm so sorry the recovery has been so difficult -- it sounds like you have been through some terrible times. You are in my thoughts, and I'm wishing you a speedy recovery with no further complications.

EDD 7/29/05
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 10:54 PM 07-25-2005
The picture of Liam and his siblings is just adorable. You make cute babies!

I am sorry about the complications you've been dealing with pp. I am glad you have been able to take advantage of your family's help. I hope they can continue to support you for as long as needed. Even after you have healed. I wish fast healing and continued support and enjoyment of your new little one.
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