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July 2005 > So - how many of us are still pregnant?
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 11:53 AM 07-14-2005
Shannon, so glad to hear you're feeling more at peace. Maybe feeling less anxious and stressed will make it easier for things to progress on their own ...

EDD 7/29/05

soccerchic21's Avatar soccerchic21 01:22 PM 07-14-2005
me...... :
Hilary_Anne's Avatar Hilary_Anne 02:47 PM 07-14-2005
I am still pregnant as well. I will be 39 weeks on Sunday. I am expecting baby to come on July 20th. The combination of dh's birthday (his two brothers were born on their parents birthdays, so I guess it's sort of a family tradition) and the full moon the next day makes it seem fairly likely to me. Anyhow, the sooner the better. I am gettting sick of being pregnant and I can't wait to meet baby!
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 10:23 PM 07-14-2005
Still pregnant. 39 weeks. I am hoping I will have this one early but I bet I'm in it for another couple weeks. I am sooooo ready though. Ugh.
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 05:44 AM 07-18-2005
Yesterday for the first time I had some cramps that were coming at regular intervals and I got all excited. Then they turned into Braxton Hicks, coming every 10 min, regular as clockwork. Not painful at all, but SOMETHING was going on.

Went for a walk around 4 pm, hoping it would get things moving, and it had the opposite effect - the cramps/BH stopped altogether. I haven't had a twinge since.

So today, tempting fate, my dh, ds and mom have gone off to the zoo and I stayed home (I can't see me dragging my heavily pregnant butt around the zoo in the midday sun right now). They went by public transport (we don't own a car), so if anything happens, they are about 2 hours away. Not that I am worried - my last labour took 42 hours, so I doubt I'll be having this baby on the toilet at home. Besides, the hospital is only 5 min down the road from us, if I really need to go in.

I just wish that I would get some sort of sign that things WILL get moving eventually!

(I know, I know, I am not even overdue yet. I can't believe it myself how impatient I am getting!)
jetsmom's Avatar jetsmom 10:26 AM 07-18-2005
i havent posted here regularly - but i thought i'd check in anyway. i've been reading more than i've been posting, and all these familiar names having babies, looks like its really happening.

this is whats going on for me. i had my last class last thursday (7/14) when i was almost exactly 38 weeks. this is #2 for me and it is so different. partly because i think i know what to expect and so every little twing has a differrent meaning than it did the first time around. since 7/11 i've been having BH ctx every evening 15-20 mins apart and slowly the quality is changeing. as the days roll by more and more of them are ouch-y. thats how i describe it. it feels like it could come any day now, but i also know i could feel that way for 2 weeks.

now that class is over i just need a few days to clean my apt and then i'll be ready. if nothing happens by 39 weeks a friend is going to give me a massage to hit labor stimulating points just to see if it does anything, i'll start lots of walking, having sex, that kind of thing.

with #1 i would have been happy to go to 42 weeks, but with this one i dont mind interfereing with the process a little. although i'm only interested in homeopathy, massage, maybe accupuncture for induction. my mw mentioned stripping my membranes - no thanks. though i know its not as interventive as pitocin or cervadil or cytotec, i'd rather not.

one last thing. my first child (jet, who my name on this board refers to) would have been 16 mos when this new one comes - but she died when she was 5 mos old (it was a genetic illness that i had never heard of and i know this new one doesnt have it) and so last year at this time we were in the hospital with her 24/7 for 6 weeks. i never would have imagined that i'd be about to give birth again a year later. i am very happy but it makes this time very heavy and bittersweet. with my first birth, it was able to trump everything - nothing else mattered nearly as much. with this second one (and i suspect its just being a second time mom, its not specific to my kid dying) life goes on and its much harder carving out special pregnancy feeling time.

thanks for listening
JeanetteL's Avatar JeanetteL 12:50 PM 07-18-2005
Huge hugs to you, I can't even comprehend your loss or your feelings at this time in your life, but my heart aches for you (and rejoices for you as well as you approach the birth of this baby). May you have all the happiness in the world with your new little one, and may you find healing along the way.

darsmama's Avatar darsmama 05:39 PM 07-18-2005
Genevra, I can only try to understand how bittersweet this time must be for you. I am really, really, sorry.

I think Jeanette said it better then I ever could..

yamilee21's Avatar yamilee21 09:02 PM 07-19-2005
I'm very grateful to still be pregnant, three days before my due date. I was tentatively diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at my appointment last week because of a high blood pressure reading. I had to go in to the hospital for "observation" which then turned into two attempts at induction. Induction did not work at all, but my blood pressure stabilized within a normal range, so my midwife and her supervising OBs very reluctantly allowed me to go home on strict orders of bedrest. Almost a week later, my baby does not seem any closer to being born. I am desperately hoping that my blood pressure will remain normal enough for me to give birth in the birth center as planned (even though I have some doubts about the midwives now because of their previous insistence that I have a sonogram to verify the baby's position when it was quite clear to me that it was head-down). The hospital experience was very frightening - a slovenly combination of negligence and over-zealous intervention. Among other things, I was twice offered an epidural without even being in labor - the first time before even beginning the induction process! I'd feel safer giving birth in my car than in that hospital.
cherubess's Avatar cherubess 10:27 AM 07-22-2005
Fate is a funny thing.

On the 12th I placed a post on this thread.

I had a morning appointment with the obgyn the next morning and went to hospital for monitoring and induction (long story regarding blood pressure).

My son was born on the 14th, I didn't remain pregnant to the end of the month as hoped.

But everything worked out in the end
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 10:44 PM 07-23-2005
I've been popping in and reading posts here, but haven't posted on the due date club since I registered in March.

Anyway...I'm still pregnant - 9 days past my due date and under pressure to set up a c-section. I'm VBA2Cing, and the doctors are getting freaked. I'm huge - way bigger than with either of my other two. My u/s due date was July 7th, and I thought this baby would probably come in late June or early, early July. But, the last couple days, I've been getting occasional contractions. They're not regular, and I hope everything's okay...and I hope baby arrives tomorrow, so I don't have to argue again with my OB...
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 06:00 AM 07-24-2005
It is my due date today.

No signs. Not a twinge. So much for second babies coming earlier than the first . My weight is still going up (43 lbs now), while last time LOSING weight was a sign that things were starting. I really can't see anything happening in the next 3 days or so. We are all bored silly waiting here. Plus my mother booked her flight back for Aug. 1 without asking us first : . What was she thinking? We may well have to fork out for another ticket for her.

We had sex last night for the first time in ages - didn't do much for me, but it got those spermies up there to hopefully get things moving. (TMI, but darn I'm soft and squishy inside! I take it that is a good sign?) I am told SWALLOWING semen is more effective... - maybe in a little OJ? I don't think I am quite ready for that one...
mmgarda's Avatar mmgarda 05:41 PM 07-24-2005
"in a little OJ"

Bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Sorry you're still waiting, hon! It will be soon, I know it!
shayinme's Avatar shayinme 05:42 PM 07-24-2005
My due date has come and gone and baby is still snug inside my tummy. I went through this whole pregnancy feeling that baby was going to be early and nope, she's late.

I am trying to keep my spirits up and cherish the last quiet days yet with the increased pressure and discomfort its hard.

I am hoping to go into labor any moment, hope the other Mamas who are waiting to deliver are doing well.

darsmama's Avatar darsmama 08:45 PM 07-24-2005
Still pregnant here.
I even INGESTED without OJ last night...Nothing, nada.

Dwayne and I attempted a belly cast using paper mache method. Don't try that at home. He went to WalMart to buy some plaster of paris so we can do it. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Hmm...Just pregnant.

After we are done with the plaster of paris, I will go back to walmart and walk, walk, walk..

I'll let you all know how that goes.

Shay, I feel the same way.
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 04:46 AM 07-25-2005
I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling about how this is going to end... induction in agony, followed by c-section.

I know, I know, I am only one day 'overdue', but I honestly feel that this baby does NOT want to budge and will eventually have to be evacuated by other means. And that is NOT what I want.
mmgarda's Avatar mmgarda 03:56 PM 07-25-2005
Nordic - have you tried anything besides activity and sex yet? I'm only asking because I'm sure that using the breastpump and taking Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum, 200x strength, 5 pellets under the tongue every 1/2 hour) is what got things going for me. You could also try castor oil, but it cleans your system out so if it doesn't get labor going, you'll still be sitting on the potty for a while.

I'm sure you know of all this stuff, but I just wanted to throw that out there. I know you feel so frustrated right now. Just keep thinking positively if you can - envision the birth you want, see your baby descending into your healthy and ready passage. I'm thinking of you!

NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 05:18 PM 07-25-2005
Originally Posted by mmgarda
Nordic - have you tried anything besides activity and sex yet? I'm only asking because I'm sure that using the breastpump and taking Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum, 200x strength, 5 pellets under the tongue every 1/2 hour) is what got things going for me. You could also try castor oil, but it cleans your system out so if it doesn't get labor going, you'll still be sitting on the potty for a while.
I wouldn't know where to start getting any of that stuff here. I guess I could order Blue Cohosh from Britain, but it will take some time to get here.

And no, I don't own a breastpump and wasn't planning on buying one.

Castor oil I won't touch - at least not until I get to 42 weeks.

But thanks for the advice!
soccerchic21's Avatar soccerchic21 06:49 PM 07-25-2005
Nordic -

Have you tried Evening Primrose Oil? I opened about 5 casuls into a little bowl and then rolled a tampon tip in the oil and inserted the tampon in my vagina for a few hours while I was napping...this works well and also ingesting pills as well as doing the above.
shayinme's Avatar shayinme 07:42 PM 07-25-2005
Originally Posted by NordicMamma
I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling about how this is going to end... induction in agony, followed by c-section.

I know, I know, I am only one day 'overdue', but I honestly feel that this baby does NOT want to budge and will eventually have to be evacuated by other means. And that is NOT what I want.

I can relate to how you are feeling, its very similiar for me. I am 40 weeks and 5 days now and really there are no signs that labor is even thinking of starting. This is #2 so I have heard that baby may not drop until show time but its all a bit disheartning at times.

I think the thing that scares me is that my MW's can't deliver me pass 42 weeks at the center and they don't do homebirths so its like if I reach 42 weeks and no baby, I will have to go to the hospital. That alone means the process will start to look very different that what I pictured, I also have to work with the back up OB who while nice my guess is won't let things go much past that 42 week mark. I just envision a scene that starts with induction and snowballs into something else.

BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 10:43 PM 07-25-2005
Still here, still pregnant. I'm 4 days "over" now. I can wait until the weekend, because I have this vision of a baby born on Shabbos (Fri. night through Sat. night). I'd be happy to go into labor before then, too. Or after, I guess... I was really feeling impatient yesterday. I'll see how I do today. Dd was born at 40 weeks and one day (the day after her EDD), so I've never waited this long before.
ChiknGirl's Avatar ChiknGirl 01:24 AM 07-26-2005
I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow and have an appointment for an accupucturist to come visit me and hopefully get things started. I really want to let this little one cook as long as it wants but with the 42 week deadline looming which means my midwife has to transfer my care to an OB (and a hospital) I feel it's time to start writing up the eviction notice. Dd was late also and I forced her arrival as well. Maybe one day I'll get to find out what my body does without interference.
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 02:15 AM 07-26-2005
ChiknGirl - How did you force your dd's arrival? Just curious what you did last time.

NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 04:51 AM 07-26-2005
Another night with some cramps. Started around 1 am, stopped around 5 am this time. For a while there I was excited, thinking something was happening. But no. Everything stopped, and I feel completely as usual - except tired, of course. The cramps were just painful enough to keep me awake.

My mother is driving me nuts. Everything I say she feels the need to dispute. She knows nothing about induction, but when I say that I really, really don't want to be induced she tells me that is just because I have read 'the worst case scenario stories'. err....No, mum. I have read the totally ordinary stories of totally ordinary women who were induced, and I don't want to go that route. I don't want to lie on my back in a hospital bed being continuously monitored and fiddled with, with a deadline looming over my head for a c-section if it doesn't work. Call me weird.

I have been unable to find a website in Britain where I can order Blue Cohosh (just the black one), but EPO should be no problem. I honestly would have no idea where to get it in Sweden (they have very strict rules here on herbs and alternative medicines), so I may as well order some by post. Hey, maybe if I order a boatload, I'll go into labour before it gets here!
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 06:47 AM 07-26-2005
After some phone calls I found a store that sells EPO, so will be heading there shortly! Yay! At least I've got something new to try now.
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 07:02 AM 07-26-2005
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 02:57 PM 07-26-2005
Nordic, sorry to hear your mom is being so, well, argumentative, lol. Mine does the same thing, and it's really annoying. Glad to hear you found the EPO, though, and I'm hoping things move along for you soon.

I was having cramps for a while too (although they've stopped). My monitrice/doula said it was my body getting "organized", lol.

I posted this on another thread, but don't know if you saw it. My yoga teacher said there's an acupressure point on the inside of each ankle that can bring on contractions. I haven't tried it yet, since I'm not to 40 weeks, so can't comment on its efficacy, but here's how you find it:

Put your right pinky finger on the middle of your inside ankle-bone on your left ankle. Lay your other three fingers side by side on your leg (so all 4 fingers are lying next to each other). Where your index finger falls should be at or near the point. You may need to move around your leg a little to find it, but you should be at the right "height" from your ankle if you put your pinky in the right place. It should feel very tender. Apply pressure. And you can do it on both legs (left pinky finger on right ankle-bone, etc.).

I'm hoping none of us goes to 42 weeks, and we're all able to have the births we want.

EDD 7/29/05
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 12:16 AM 07-27-2005
Thanks Shanana. I'll give that a go.
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