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JeanetteL 07-11-2005 06:26 PM

Seems like we've been birthing babies like crazy around here - just wondering how many of us are still playing the waiting game?

Any predictions for those still pregnant - do you think you'll birth early/on time/late? I'm still guessing this will be an August baby myself.....although I can hold out hopes that I'm wrong I'm having belly photos taken tomorrow, want to go to my birth circle on Thursday night, still need to get a belly cast done and have my Blessingway scheduled for Saturday. I figure - as of Sunday - I'm ready (and I'll be exhausted)!

ChiknGirl 07-11-2005 06:32 PM

I'm still happily waiting. Our washer and dryer both broke on the 4th and the new ones don't get delivered until this coming Friday. I'm duct taping my knees together if I have to, this baby is not getting out until I can wash and dry laundry again. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and I think this baby will be late. At least I'm hoping for late. My calendar is still super full and I just don't have time to have a baby! :LOL

Max's Mami 07-11-2005 06:46 PM

I am still here - tomorrow is exactly 2 weeks to my due date. I have all the major stuff done - had belly pics, baby shower, got a new *family* sized vehicle, mostly caught up at work. Just have the little things like putting the car seat in, packing my bag, washing CDs, washing some baby gowns, etc. which I should be able to get to this week/weekend.

DH is home til Thurs AM for the All Star Break then leaves for a 12 game road trip coming back to AZ ON my due date! Talk about nerve wracking! Luckily he wont be far (Vegas, Tacoma and Sacramento). So we wont be making any more trips to Tucson till after the baby arrives which gives me lots of time to obsess about getting things done at home.

My last day of work is the 22nd. I have been SUPER crampy and having a few contractions off and on. I change my mind every day - feel like she is coming soon then feel like it will be Aug. Who knows!? If its not before Thurs AM then I am content to wait til the 26th or later when DH will be close to home.

JeanetteL 07-11-2005 06:53 PM

Ah Morgan, I'm sorry he has to hit the road again - hopefully it will all work out so he makes it back in plenty of time. Hey - if our babies make us wait, maybe we can finally get together after you're done work!

BTW - how did your pictures turn out - we're going to the same place, so I'm eager to hear about your experience

Emily - the picture of you with knees duct taped together waiting for a washer and dryer cracked me up!

Max's Mami 07-11-2005 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by JeanetteL
Ah Morgan, I'm sorry he has to hit the road again - hopefully it will all work out so he makes it back in plenty of time. Hey - if our babies make us wait, maybe we can finally get together after you're done work!

BTW - how did your pictures turn out - we're going to the same place, so I'm eager to hear about your experience

Emily - the picture of you with knees duct taped together waiting for a washer and dryer cracked me up!
Oh you will love Brenda - she is sooo sweet! I havent seen my pics yet - I am hoping tomorrow as that is 2 weeks since I had them done.

I would love to get together - I have a feeling this baby wont be here by the 22nd so after that we have a date! I will pm you my cell number later.

darsmama 07-11-2005 08:45 PM

I'm still pregnant. I think this baby will be born July 20th.
Thats my guess.

VioletMommy 07-11-2005 08:46 PM

I am due on the 18th, a week from today. I think I have everything we need for baby, although I have no idea how to install the carseat properly. I'm waiting for the nesting urge to grab me, so that I'll want to make and freeze a lot of postpartum meals. A while back, I had a dream that the baby would be born on July 29th. Well, that's 11 days past my due date, but I feel fine and wouldn't mind waiting that long, since it would be awesome if that really happened!

darsmama 07-11-2005 08:55 PM

The full moon is July 21st, just so all you all who haven't delivered by then know..

Shanana 07-11-2005 10:20 PM

Still here. I'm due the 29th, and I know the date is accurate because I was doing BBT, so know when I ovulated. Not that it really means anything, because she'll come when she's fully cooked, and only she knows when that is, lol. But at least uncertainty due to time of conception isn't an issue.

DH thinks I'll go on the 24th. A friend today said she thinks it will be the 26th. I really have no idea. A part of me thinks 8/3, but I'm not really positive. I'm hoping it will be at or before 40 weeks, so I can avoid the whole annoying thing of people calling constantly and asking if we've had the baby yet, lol.

EDD 7/29/05

BinahYeteirah 07-11-2005 10:55 PM

Still here, too. I'm due the 22nd. It's the 12th here, so 10 days to go. I'm trying not to make any major predictions. I thought during most of the pregnancy that I would give birth sometime before my due date, but now I wouldn't be surprised to go over a week or so. Today is dd's birthday, although we don't have any plans to celebrate until her Hebrew birthday, but it doesn't look like she and the new one will share a birthday on either calendar unless things get busy soon. Still, it's only noon here, so anything is possible. :LOL

MamanFrancaise 07-11-2005 11:16 PM

Yep. : Still here. After contractions 5 minutes apart for a few hours and mucus plug galore. Nothing.

mmgarda 07-11-2005 11:33 PM

38 weeks today. If it doesn't happen in the next two days, it has to wait until after Sunday (we have a wedding!).

shayinme 07-11-2005 11:52 PM

Still here! I'll be 39 weeks on Wed, due date is next Thursday. All through this pregnancy I felt like I was going to deliver early, now...... who knows.

I am not having any type of pre-labor stuff going on at the moment but don't recall having much with my son either. This is just the part where I am not good at being patient.

jeanieloz 07-12-2005 12:09 AM

Still pregnant... I'm due on the 20th, but don't really have any clue... I was saying the 8th, DH was thinking the 12th, and really next week would be much better for me. My first was a day early, and exactly 9 months after conception, my second was 10 days late, my third was 4 days late, so I don't really expect this one to be early.

cciele 07-12-2005 12:35 AM

Yup, still pregnant here too! No signs of prelabor, just getting bigger and more cranky and achey (esp. pubic bone and back). I'm due on the 27th, but I have a feeling I'm going to be later! Bleh.


cherubess 07-12-2005 02:45 AM

I'm still here. Baby's due date is the 28th.

I'm hoping that the baby is comfy enough to stay put until late July and my BP remains under control as I have a pet bird that has just had a collar put on and needs to be on for at least a week (needs to monitored during this time to make sure he doesn't get his feet or collar caught).

I can't have my parents bird sit as planned as one of their birds is sick and I and other birds can't go near it for 6 weeks.

There is no one else that I trust or everyone else works.

Fingers crossed this baby stays put until late July.

IAmAMamaToLogan 07-12-2005 03:39 AM

Still preggo here! Had another day of useless, go nowhere contractions Sunday and just realized I have had a few contractions in the past few. I would 'like' to say that it will be less then 2 weeks until he's born but who knows.

NordicMamma 07-12-2005 04:25 AM

Originally Posted by darsmama
The full moon is July 21st, just so all you all who haven't delivered by then know..
That is what I am counting on!

I am 38 weeks today and no sign of any action at all. DS was born on his due date, so I expect something similar to happen this time.

ewe+lamb 07-12-2005 05:17 AM

Still here - still pregnant - so I am 39 weeks tomorrow and feel that babe could come this weekend - my dh, girlfriend think so too - I am sort of hoping but I still have the feelings that babe could arrive on dd's birthday! Sometimes I feel like it could be anytime now and then the next within 3 or 4 weeks - it's getting abit depressing really - I'm ready to hold my baby on the outside - MW coming for monitoring tomorrow so I might ask her how 'far' along she thinks I am.

Getting abit done on the pregnancy side of things and all the limitations - but once the babe comes it's just limitations of a different sort!!!! Just want to nurse and have him to hold, really want to hold him - goodness I'm starting to sound a bit desperate!!!!

ewe+lamb 07-12-2005 05:19 AM

Let us know about your blessing way - I had mine last Saturday and it was fantastic - keep us posted and hope that you really enjoy it.

Pom 07-12-2005 09:50 AM

Originally Posted by NordicMamma

DS was born on his due date, so I expect something similar to happen this time.
heh heh did I ,nordic! so did I ! Watch out!

Beverly 07-12-2005 10:12 AM

Still here, still pregnant, and not at all happy about it!

I have/had four due dates, ranging from July 8 to July 17, and since my first two came at 39 and 38 weeks, respectively, I really expected this baby to make an early appearance as well (actually, I was almost counting on a June baby). Even counting by the latest due date (which is the u/s date, but nearly impossible according to my reckoning), this is the longest I've ever been pregnant, and I am really feeling it!

anamama 07-12-2005 10:14 AM

Still waddling around over here. I'm due the 17th. I've had loads of contractions and such, but no full blown labor, yet. I just keep reminding myself that the baby will come when it's ready and every piddly contraction is doing something. I can't wait to hold my baby.

bri276 07-12-2005 12:12 PM

41 wks today!

RaisinGirl 07-12-2005 03:51 PM

I'm not due until 7/24 but have thought I'd go early throughout this entire pregnancy. I am so ridiculously in pain that I can't even IMAGINE another 12 days or so in this physical state . The good news is that I have been having stronger and more painful BH's contractions since Sunday and every once in awhile I have some cramping, but as of yet nothing is progressing. Tomorrow is my 38.5 week appointment and I have an internal exam scheduled . Not that it means anything even if I AM dilated but I think it'll help me get a better feel for whether I'll go early or later.

I am going crazy with trying to pass the time. With DS, I worked right up until my due date. It was hard, but I think it was a great distraction. Now that I'm home alone all day with a toddler, I am really feeling the aches and pains and it is making this last month drag on and on . My bags are packed, camera batteries charged, bassinet set up next to our bed, diapers ready, DS's "big boy room" FINALLY completed AND he's sleeping in his huge new bed like a pro , my car is completely cleaned out and car seats installed, parenting books read and reread, names picked out.....

Now it's just a waiting game. I am SO anxious to meet BabyW. and especially to find out whether it's a boy or a girl!!!!!!!! Usually my instincts are so "right on" but this pregnancy has been without vibes one way or the other. Recently I've been feeling a bit more boy vibes, but everyone else says GIRL, including my DH which is a total surprise. He's convinced it's a girl, because we conceived during the World Series and the Red Sox broke their curse so he says we're destined to break OUR family curse (there hasn't been a girl born in the family in over one hundred years ). We shall see!!!

NordicMamma 07-13-2005 04:49 AM

Originally Posted by ewe+lamb
Let us know about your blessing way - I had mine last Saturday and it was fantastic - keep us posted and hope that you really enjoy it.
I think you might have the wrong person there, ewe. I have no plans for a blessing way!

NordicMamma 07-13-2005 04:50 AM

Originally Posted by Pom
heh heh did I ,nordic! so did I ! Watch out!
You give me hope, Pom! I wouldn't mind going just a little early, now that I am past 38 weeks and everything is in place.

Or wait - did you go massively overdue?

jazcat 07-13-2005 03:55 PM

I'm 39 weeks 5 days today. I was hoping for a delivery by now, but I guess I'll just have to be as patient as baby! No signs, no major discomfort. My mom's water broke with no warning. So I guess I could deliver tomorrow, or weeks from now. Going for a turbo walk today to encourage things

shayinme 07-13-2005 08:41 PM

Still here and starting to get a little, no make that a lot impatient. I feel like I am just sitting around surfing the net doin nothing. I have some work I could be doing but really my concentration is shot, though I did churn out my monthly column for the arts & entertainment paper that I write for. I told my other editor no pieces for a couple of weeks, now I am stir crazy.

Today went to see MW for 39 week visit, she says if I have not delivered by d-date next week, they would be willing to do an internal exam (they won't do them before 40 weeks unless necessary) as well be open to stripping my membranes. I am definitely considering it as I am ready.

Today has been a interesting day because I have had some off and on cramping in lower abdomen along with back pain and leg cramping. Of course as I am pay attention to it, it stops. :

With my 13 yo over at his Dad's, I am bored even though dh works from home because he is upstairs in his office working though he comes down more often to see if I am okay. Its weird because I am bored yet don't really feel like talking to anyone, so my communication is pretty via online and email.

Please little baby come out, Momma wants to meet you, patience is not a virtue I am good with.

zoooteacher 07-14-2005 01:00 AM

but in a mucho better place mentally.... I was just feeling so sad and guilty and frustrated that I can't get this baby to come with all the natural methods and it was getting to be such a neg. atmosphere. I've lightened up on the nat. induction campaign - more rest, less - what should I try next!!!!! and am focusing on being positive and visualizing going into labor on my own by Friday while also focusing on ways to make an induction, if it happens since I'll be 43 weeks in a few days (we're sure of our conception date), as positive for our little family as possible! Our doula did her inductions (2 out of 4 births) with minimal interventions except for the gel or pitocin so she's a good support there. Gonna hash out an induction birth plan with the MW's tomorrow just in case and will feel more secure having that in my birth bag too. We can certainly refuse an induction, but since we will be delivering at the hospital regardless that means daily NST and US all next week, with the ever present thought that when we go in for a check they'll send us one floor up immediately without our support team - too much unknown risk for us. That and the fact that I throw up at least twice each time I have to drive that far.... I'm just trying to breathe, relax, exercise, have sex, and ease baby on out before we have to go in for that. And if we do, that's ok too. A much more at peace mama to be -Shannon

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