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Shanana's Avatar Shanana 01:42 PM 07-18-2005
Filling in for Pom here, and getting our weekly thread started .

Not too much going on here. Still getting lots of BH, that seem to be changing (maybe?) into more "real" contractions. Just a slight feeling of crampiness to go along with them. I've been getting the cramping the last two evenings / nights. I don't bother timing them, as I think it's just a "warm-up" stage. But I'm glad to see some stuff going on, and am hoping some "work" is getting done, lol.

Just finished Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth, and really enjoyed it. When I get my mini crampy contractions, I think about relaxing my throat/cervix, and letting it open up. I also jotted down some of the suggestions she has for doing this kind of work, so me and DH can have them handy during labor.

Also seems like babe has dropped a little. Not noticeable by looking at me, but I'm hungrier, can eat more at a sitting, and pee CONSTANTLY!!! I didn't think it was possible to pee this often, but apparently it is :LOL .

I'm 38 weeks, 3 days, and someone asked if I was ready to have her. I said not quite, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized it's more like I feel that SHE'S not quite ready to be born. I know 38-42 weeks is supposedly "normal", but it just intuitively feels a little early for her. I felt very strongly this way on Saturday, but less so yesterday and today, so maybe she's getting more and more ready :LOL (DH thinks I'll go this coming Sunday). I figured it wouldn't hurt to help my cervix along, so DH and I engaged in a little nooky last night. Surprisingly, it was a lot of fun and went off fairly well (except I had to take a pee break in the middle ). No pain like there was last time we tried. Hope to get that in a few more times before our lives change FOREVER (said in dramatic voice :LOL ).

I am so enjoying being off work -- it's amazing the change in my physical and emotional state. My back pain is greatly improved, and I am just so much more pleasant to be around!

Slowing getting stuff crossed off the list. Interviewed a ped today. We *mostly* saw eye to eye from a philosophical standpoint, and where we didn't agree, she seems willing to let me do my own thing (e.g., we don't offer the combination vaccines separately, but will refer you to the health dept if you want to do that). She's pro-bfing, doesn't push circing (said there's no medical reason), etc. But I sort of didn't like her, kwim? There's another doc in the practice (he's actually the owner of the practice) and the nurse told me that they're similar philosophically, but have different bedside manners. So I think I'll set up the first appt with HIM, and if we like him we'll stay with them. But if not, then I might look elsewhere. But I at least have them lined up to examine her at the birth center, which is a requirement for going there, so it's taken care of.

Made an appt to get the car seat installation checked on Saturday, so that's done (I told them if I didn't show up it was because I was in labor, lol!). Also cleaned up in the nursery -- it's almost done. Got the co-sleeper set up, and put the scat mat in it to train the cats to stay out of it (it will shock them if they step on it). I cried when I did this because I feel so bad about it, but don't see another way . Only one cat (of three) has hit it so far, and she got some pretty good air -- so I laughed and felt bad at the same time. At least it doesn't seem to have scarred her permanently.

Still need to pack my bag. Haven't figured out why I'm procrastinating so badly on that one .

The hot tub is repaired, cleaned and rinsed ... it just needs to be fully drained and then refilled. We found a mineral product that lets you cut the bromine needed by 50-80%. I'm not thrilled about sitting in any chemicals at all, but this seems like an acceptable compromise (I'm planning on staying at home for as long as possible before going to the birth center, and want to use my hot tub for pain relief). We don't want to let it sit empty, because it never really empties (water caught in hoses, etc.), and bacteria can grow etc. So we're going to keep it filled and treated, because I feel like this is the safest thing. We did a trial run the other night, and it heated 300 gallons from 55 to 95 degrees in 90 minutes!! That thing has one heck of a heater! So we're going to fill and treat it, but not heat it until labor starts (there's no controller, so we have to cycle the pump manually, and turn it on when the heater is on, etc., so not having to keep it heated makes things a lot easier).

So, we're getting there. Not feeling TOO impatient yet. Kind of feels like things are just right for right now. We'll see how I feel if I go overdue, though ...

EDD 7/29/05

JeanetteL's Avatar JeanetteL 02:14 PM 07-18-2005
What is the mineral - we're using the bromine tablets for our birth pool and am interested in cutting chemicals as well. I think our plan is to empty it right before birth if it looks like my labour is not going too fast and then fill it without chemicals for the birth itself....who knows if this will work....

I'm still feeling really down - I just never thought I'd be dealing with breech at this stage - I guess life likes to throw curve balls. I'm trying to get in touch with my connection to this baby and figure out if my intuition is telling me that this is the position the baby needs to be in for some reason, or if I should be getting proactive and doing a bunch of stuff to try to turn it. The movements have completely changed since he/she became breech, they were very strong and almost frantic, and are now much more mellow and gentle - I guess maybe that makes me think that baby is happier breech??? Is that crazy??

Feeling lost and confused and not sure what to do. Funny - if I had a doula client with a breech baby this late in the game I'd have her doing a bizillion different things to maximize her chances of a vertex baby, I don't know why I can't get myself into this frame of mind - am I being wise, or just scared?

Max's Mami's Avatar Max's Mami 02:38 PM 07-18-2005
Jeanette - I didnt know your baby was breech - I am sorry. I hope things work out however you need/want them too.

I am doing ok - sooo tired but thankful this is my last week of work. My mom gets here from N. Cal on Friday. Dh leaves Vegas today for Tacoma and is there til Friday when the team goes to Sacramento - so I sort of dont want anything to happen until at least Sat when my mom will be here and Dh will be closer.

I am pretty much all ready, bags packed, house clean, all stocked up on everything we need, all baby gear purchased, about 1/2 of the cds washed. I havent really washed any clothes yet except the second hand stuff and layette things. I am still scared to find out that the baby ISNT a girl. Not that I dont want another boy just that EVERYTHING we have is very girly :LOL

I met with my doula on Friday and we went over all the important stuff and did some relaxation exercises. I feel like she is going to be awsome during labor. She is coming to my house on Sat. for another session.

I think that is it.

Hope everyone else is doing well! I am 39 weeks tomorrow! I cant believe it!
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 03:00 PM 07-18-2005
I am "overdue" and I don't wanna be pregnant anymore. I feel ok physically but I can feel myself getting depressed and irritable.

Maybe I'll whip out the breast pump for some good nipple stimulation. LOL
NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 03:01 PM 07-18-2005
Jeanette - so sorry to hear your baby is breech at this late stage. I hope he or she will still turn. My mum claims that all 3 of us were still spinning around right up until birth, but then she had very small babies (I was the biggest at 6 lbs).

I am 39 weeks now and aside from a few cramps (and some amazingly regular BH yesterday) have no signs of any action. ::sigh::

I am ready, this baby SEEMS ready (low and engaged)...what is she waiting for?
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 03:57 PM 07-18-2005
Jeanette, I don't know too much about the mineral product -- which is unlike me, since I tend to be a research queen :LOL ! We've only lived in this house for a year, and never used the hot tub before, so we're new to all of this. When I decided I wanted to use the tub for laboring, getting it up and running was assigned to DH as his project, lol. So he has been working with a spa place, and they told him about a "Spa Frog" floating system -- but all we know is it uses "minerals". I did try looking at their website for more info (http://www.kingtechnology.com), but none was forthcoming (that I could find). I did not try finding any other info. I tend to be skeptical by nature and try to educate myself from unbiased sources, but am spread thin enough right now that I'm willing to take the company at their word. It's always wise to pick your battles, kwim? FYI, for the floating thing, which includes two cartridges (one mineral, one bromine), it was less than $40. DH took a water sample in to the spa place which they tested, and then told him how to set the chemicals, and also I think we need to add a little something else to keep the pH balanced. Bear in mind that I'm dealing with a traditional hot tub, though -- not a birth tub -- and the advice from the spa place is for keeping a traditional hot tub up and running for normal, continuous use (even though that's not what we're going to do with it). So we may be doing "more" than we need to, but it's just easier to do this and be on the safe side. FYI, they said we do NOT have to keep the tub heated in order for these chemicals to work. Hope this helps ...

As for the breech baby, I don't know if you're being wise or scared, but I've asked myself the same question many times. Do your best to listen to your intuition. And have faith that you can get through whatever ends up happening.

EDD 7/29/05
VioletMommy's Avatar VioletMommy 04:15 PM 07-18-2005
Well, I don't think my little one wants to come out any time soon. I'm 40 weeks today, and aside from some braxton-hicks at night, I don't feel much closer. I got excited a few days ago because I had diarrhea for a day, (haha, guess you don't get to say THAT very often in life...) but it cleared up. I suppose it was just that dinner didn't agree with me.
I've been checking my bp at drugstores, and it's holding steady at an ok reading. I just hope it doesn't shoot up at my appt tomorrow.
I don't know that I *really* comprehend yet that I'll likely be a mom within the next two weeks. I'm so comfortable being pregnant and have had such an easy time of it that I'm worried about the discomfort of being postpartum, combined with the shock of an entirely new existence. I have NO experience with babies. I kind of trust DH's ability to be with baby more than my own, since he is great with kids and used to babysit babies and toddlers.
I'm afraid of the usual things: the pain, just 'forgetting' all of the coping techniques I've learned, complications, etc... But then I remember that the birth is just a teeny drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime of parenting and hard work ahead of us, and that's even scarier!

Come on, babies!!!
mmgarda's Avatar mmgarda 07:38 PM 07-18-2005
Blech. So baby dropped HARD on Saturday - I actually felt it happen. Oof. Then we had a wedding last night at which I drank a glass of champaign AND a glass of wine and walked a LOT. I had several contractions during the reception, but everything died down when we got home. :

Having TONS of BH that are not a lot of fun and the occasional short, mild, clearly non-productive contraction. I think I wouldn't be so unhappy about this pg if I hadn't been having distinctive labor signs for the last three weeks!! Grrr.

Have a midwife appointment tonight. If I'm more dilated and/or effaced (was 3 cm and 50% 10 days ago), I think I'm going to get out the breast pump and start going. I'm just so darn uncomfortable.

On the upside, my mom's in town now and is slowly chipping away at my enormous list of cleaning to-dos. DS#1 is ecstatic that grandma is visiting and they have already been doing crafts and such. It's so nice to have an extra hand.

But the REALLY bright spot?? Got the new Harry Potter book!!!!!!!!!
ChiknGirl's Avatar ChiknGirl 08:24 PM 07-18-2005
I'm officially due tomorrow but I feel like I have a while to go yet. Still feeling happy and pregnant although dh is starting to get impatient. He just wants to take the time off work. I've been able to control my gall bladder problems with diet changes which makes me very happy.

There are a few things on my list of to dos. The one that nags me the most the flat and a half of raspberries that need to be turned into jam. I suppose I'll either get it done or get over it. :LOL All the "important" stuff is done like diapers washed and car seat installed.

I'm only having sporadic contractions, even dd's nursing doesn't seem to make me have them more often. My midwife comes to visit again on Wednesday. I know she's going to want to check me, I hope she doesn't push it too much. I really don't want to know. I feel very comfortable with letting my body do what it needs to do and I can't help but start to have expectations if I know that it is or isn't doing things.

I think I could live this last month forever. I wish there was some way to feel this incredible all the time.
shayinme's Avatar shayinme 10:41 PM 07-18-2005
Jeanette, I am sorry to hear that your little one is breech. I will keep you two in my thoughts and hope that the baby will turn, though as you said there may be a reason for this.

Mmgarda, that wine and champaign sounds yummy. I am almost tempted to pop open a bottle, have a glass and see if dh and I can have some relaxing nooky. Maybe that might help the wee one out.

Shana, like you I was procrastinating on my bag but today actually went to finish it up. Maybe its a sign of things to come.

Let's see I will hit 40 weeks in 2 days. I am starting to emotionally and mentally feel ready for the baby. I still have moments where I am gripped by fears of negative thoughts but overall I am ready. Physically aside from tolerating the blazing heat and humidity, I feel fine. Baby was quiet over weekend but today it seems she is getting lower, as this is baby #2 I have been lead to believe that I may not experience the drop that a 1st time Mama experiences. Aside from some BH's, no real signs of labor though with my son, there was not a lot of early activity, so my guess is this one will be the same.

My next MW visit is Thursday, still undecided if I will go for internal exam and or membrane stripping. In Maine, the birthing center cannot let me deliver at the center if I go past 42 weeks and while that is still 16 days away it is in the back of my mind. I really don't want to end up in hospital with back up OB.

Well ladies, here's hoping more of these precious babes will arrive soon.

Pom's Avatar Pom 12:41 AM 07-19-2005
It's so exciting reading all your preparations -- so many hot tubs! breast pumps! sex! I hope it all works for you...and remember, I had no clue really labor was coming...it might surprise you all, too!

Jeannette - that's really interesting that your reaction to your own breech is so different than how you'd be with clients...I hope of course, that it all is as it should be, and your birth goes smoothly regardless of position...but what a lesson! How will you respond to clients in the future, I wonder?

Our Internet has been down off and on the last few days, so thanks for starting the new thread, y'all.

BFing is going a bit better over here, thankfully. Had 1 week babe appt today and she's already 3 oz over her birth weight and grew and inch (!) so I'm no longer freaked out about whether or not she's getting enough milk. All this babe seems to do, though, is sleep. It's shocking to me as DD1 NEVER slept.

My stepmother has been a huge help. I'm not resting as much as I'd like, but much more than I would be if she wasn't here. She even cleaned all our windows and vaccuumed the screens! WOW. And she's been taking DD everywhere, but truthfully, I miss going on adventures with her. Tomorrow they go to the Hollywood bowl, today ballet...I want to go too! DD misses me, too, and it's been hard. She actually said, "Mama, you don't love me anymore?" the other day and nearly broke my heart. Trying to spend extra time with her...yesterday we stayed home all day and drew, and made cookies, and watched movies. She seemed much better after that. And while stpmom has been here she's been mostly staying in her own bed all night...but tonight SM is at hotel, so we'll see how she goes solo. She came in one night and it was awful. Babe wouldn't latch on adn DD 1 wouldn't sleep and I felt like I had no control over either daughter. Sigh!

My stiches itch. Argh!

Am freaked about being alone with girls on Thursday. Family gone. Dh back to work. Ruh-roh.

Baby naming ceremony tomorrow at our apt and I've messed up her Hebrew name and am too embarrassed to ask the rabbi if it's too late to change bc I don't know him really and he's squeezing us in, but I can't really frozen about asking last minute favors....argh....I like what's ben chosen, but it should be after my mother, and I can say it is, but only indirectly...Binah, I need help!

Babe iis waking for dinnertime...am keeping track of you all...and looking forward to "meeting" your babes SOON!!!!
ewe+lamb's Avatar ewe+lamb 08:24 AM 07-19-2005
Didn't post too much last week - everyone having their babies freaked me out a little - and then there's one in ICU - Oh I hope everything goes well for Jessica and that LLL is able to help out with the cleft palate - they have special nipples etc as someone else mentioned that may be able to help.

Jeanette - I really hope your wee one turns but I think your attitude to it is really good and not panicking about it may be the best thing to do - hope it all works out for you.

I'm very envious of all these hot tubs going on - our flat is so small that we can't have anything like that - but it all sounds marvellous!

Went for my 40ish appointment yesterday - I'm 40 weeks tomorrow, and not good news really and they want to schedule me in for a c/section for a week today - what with GD and only being 1.5cm dialated with no effacement the midwife doesn't think that I stand a chance of delivering before the weeks out and they won't give me any more time - they normally do c/sections at 39 weeks so feel that they are already being generous letting me go another 2 weeks, even if I did go into labour by myself then I would have to be on an IV line with insulin (didn't do that with dd - but here in France this is what they do) be on constant monitoring and lying flat on my back - I feel like I have been set up by the hospital - they promised that I could move around have a birthing pool, ball etc and now it's all being taken away from me before I've got anywhere - so I know that it's almost hopeless, I have contractions etc when I'm up and doing things - nothing happens when I am lying down. I said to dh that for the next babe we're going back to Scotland - I don't want to go through this again. I contacted my LLL Leader and she said that I could start fighting things and register at another hospital - but I just don't know if I can start doing this - ie fighting the french system which is fairly standard and not have any idea of what the outcome may be. Oh it's so depressing I know there are good things about france but come on - this is ridiculous they just refuse to re-educate themselves - I'm sorry if I am offending anyone but I am so upset about this 'piege' that I feel has been set up Oh I could cry. It's not really just for me but for any woman trying for a VBAC here it is almost impossible - I had no idea it would be so difficult, it's almost as if you're fighting a losing battle before things have even started. I also feel as if I've set myself up for a fall by reading all these books on natural birth and getting so informed and then it's all not working!! Nevermind - I've still got a week so we're working really hard at getting this wee thing out before our time runs out.

Soccerchic - are you still around what's your situation - got that baby in your arms yet?

Pom - I'm sure the rabbi won't mind changing the name - it can't be too hard - glad to hear that the bf is going well and your wee one is growing and putting on lots of wonderful weight! I'm sure that your dd will adjust to things wonderfully - my dd just went into her own bedroom four nights ago and has been sleeping through the night - apart from last night but wanted to stay in her own bed - it's almost as if things have really fallen into place for her and she's adjusting to being a big sister before our babe has even arrived. My heart goes out to you when she said 'don't you love me anymore' big s for that one - I think I would have burst into tears!

Oh well I have another app on Friday to see if anything else is happening - so wish me luck in all our induction experiments!!

Hugs to everyone else - good labouring vibes to you all - and welcome to all the new babies.
Pom's Avatar Pom 12:13 PM 07-19-2005
Ewe - how frustrating for you. I wish there was something we could do to help. Do they have doula's in France? Someone who could be an advocate for you once labor starts? Are you allowed to refuse any procedure? I mean, once you're in hospital (assuming you go into labor before the scheduled C) could you say "no" to the IV, etc? They may not be happy, but what can they do once you're in labor, right? Do they not do regular inductions over there? Can you ask just for pitocin or something instead of scheduling a C? I guess I'm thinking they can say whatever tehy want now, but once things get rolling...

Anyway, I'll send some labor vibes your way before next week. I can't imagine trying to do such a thing in a foreign country. ((hug))

Both daughters were up most the night last night. Stepmom went to hotel. DD #2 had gas, poor thing, and just couldn't sleep. DD #1 missed mama and wanted to hang with "family altogether."

Today have to clean for baby naming. Still don't know what to do with name. Wish I had more of a backbone with stuff like this...or maybe I just don't really care as much as I should?
JeanetteL's Avatar JeanetteL 01:02 PM 07-19-2005

I agree - can you find someone to doula you - whether or not a professional doula? Also - with your week to go, there are lots of things you can do to encourage things along...right? End of story though - your body, your baby - nobody can MAKE you do anything that feels so incredibly wrong to you - trust your instincts. I"ve had clients here in the US who just didn't feel like fighting go along with the induction - and then not show up If you don't have the fight in you to totally buck the system (and I understand that - no 40 week pregnant woman should have to fight) can you sit down and figure out what is most important to you, and start to work on compromise with the midwife/docs (I'll give you this, if you give me that....like okay to the iv, but you get to move....).

Also - do you have someone else who might be able to do do legwork for you at this point - make calls, ask questions, see if there is anywhere else you can go?

Keep us posted - Jeanette
ewe+lamb's Avatar ewe+lamb 02:08 PM 07-19-2005
Induction - they won't do it on someone whose already had a c/section, doula that I like is on holiday and they are very few and far between, sacked my mw because she kept changing her story! And now hospital is being horrible and changing their story as to how things go!! So I HAVE TO GO INTO LABOUR BEFORE THEY GET TO ME!!! But there's nothing like a stop watch to halt everything from happening!!

I know that with the GD they can't let me go on indefinitely but please......

At the hospital I am concerned that if I refuse the IV with insulin then they'll start being mean and say that we can't room in and they'll do things like take the babe away over night (they have nurseries and most mothers expect that their wee ones are away from them over night and for most of the day) I know that I am already causing problems by no vitK, no batheing, bottles etc (all the mainstream stuff) so I don't want to make things even worse, the french are really fickle folk and don't like being told that their medical system (which they genuinely think is the best in the world) stinks!!

I also just don't have the energy to start fighting with everyone when I should be enjoying our new baby, so I have to pray that I go into labour before a week today and if not be in the best frame of mind that I can heal quickly so that I can get out asap.

My other fear now is that I shall have to be away from dd for a long time - we've never been away from each other over night so it's going to be really tough for her and me!

Just feel like everything is going wrong!
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 02:55 PM 07-19-2005
My midwife called to reschedual my appointment for tonight at 6 and then asked if I would be interrested in a sweep & stretch. Hell yes I am!

So hopefully that will get things going!!! I was actually surprised she suggested it but am SO glad she did.

Yesterday I tried spicy Thai food, walking stairs and power walking. Nothing. So considering I am positive about my dates since I was charting, I'm 4 days "overdue" and am hoping this baby is just comfy and doesn't need to be in there anymore, LOL.
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 07:39 PM 07-19-2005
Pom - If you have any strong feelings at all about the name, I would definitely change it as many times as you need to. If you have a feeling, and your dh agrees, then it's best to be sure your dd gets the right name. Just call the rabbi, I'm sure he won't mind. I don't know how people book him in your community, but isn't *everyone* being "squeezed in"? I mean, one can't know when a baby will be born, unless one is having an elective, scheduled c-section. It's all pretty much up in the air until a couple days before no matter who you are or how far ahead you book. I'm sure people change their minds all the time, especially if the parents already chose an English name and aren't totally focused on the Hebrew one. I know so many people who changed the name at the last minute. I'm sure the rabbi can pull a story relating to your dd's name out of his head with no problem, if that's what you expect him to do during the ceremony; he does this all the time.

I have no more time right now, but I really want to respond to Ewe and others. I'll be back later...
shayinme's Avatar shayinme 09:43 PM 07-19-2005
cresorchid's Avatar cresorchid 12:02 AM 07-20-2005
Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally posted my birth story. It's here: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...33#post3484833 and if that link doesn't work, look for "Chandon's Birth" posted on 7/19/05
Shanana's Avatar Shanana 12:02 AM 07-20-2005
Oh, Ewe, you shouldn't have to be dealing with this crap right now. I'm so sorry .

Violet, KWYM about getting freaked out at the idea of becoming a parent. I do that too ...

Pom, glad the bfing is going better. Sounds like she's growing like a weed!

Sending birthing vibes to all you mamas who are getting uncomfortable, frustrated and impatient .

I'm 38 weeks, 4 days, and still going strong. Still lots and lots of BH, and also the crampy, slightly uncomfortable contractions (mostly at night). Had 3rd and final visit with monitrice today. BP is great (120/68) -- I think being off work is really helping with that. I'm measuring dead on (38.5 cm), and she said the heartbeat sounded really, really strong. Babe is head down, and starting to drop, although not fully engaged yet. She's laying with her back to my left side, but a little anterior, and my monitrice is actually pleased with this position, and thinks she'll be able to easily swing into the ideal position once labor starts. I really think this is the way she has been sitting for quite some time, and it seems to be her "comfortable" spot, so despite the many hours sleeping in the recliner, it looks like we're not too bad off (whew!).

But we are running out of room in there!! Monitrice said she's not good at estimating weight, but suspects she'll be at least an 8 pounder. I concurred, and said no way was she going to be a dainty little 6 pounder :LOL ! I actually woke up with sore ribs this morning! She keeps her little feet tucked under my right ribcage, and apparently it's starting to take a beating! Peeing tons, and all day today couldn't eat too much at a sitting. Still not horrifically uncomfortable, but I hope she doesn't take tooooo much longer .

A friend took me "thrifting" today, and I bought TWENTY outfits for TWENTY dollars! Couldn't believe it! And they're all adorable and in like-new condition. Boggles the mind. I felt so guilty, like I was buying way more clothes than she needs -- but for 20 bucks, why not indulge?!?! :LOL BTW, I bought sizes from newborn to 24 months, so it's not like I bought 20 newborn outfits, lol.

I'm really getting excited to meet her, and feel like it's going to happen fairly soon. But still feeling generally pretty happy at the moment -- all things considered .

EDD 7/29/05
VioletMommy's Avatar VioletMommy 01:13 AM 07-20-2005
Ewe, hugs to you. I'm so sorry you're having such difficulty.

Shana-That was a good deal, and that's one very fun way to prepare for baby. Don't feel bad about splurging on your baby!

Well, I had a disappointing MW visit today. My bp keeps going up and up, and if I were seeing a regular OB, I'd be in the hospital now, being induced. I'm going in for testing tomorrow, an ultrasound, fetal heart print-out, and blood work to make sure baby is still doing ok even though my bp is skyrocketing. I'm post-dates now, at least, so I'm more ok with it if I absolutely need to be induced. Before the horrendous 'pitocin date,' which MW today said will be Monday, I am going to try anything, everything, to get going. Well, the full moon is on Thursday. Good timing! It's a little difficult for me to accept that something is going wrong, since this pregnancy has been perfect. It's frustrating to not have any control, which is all just an illusion anyway. I really did not want to rush the baby out in any way, as dh and I are sorta into astrology, I wanted the baby to be born on the date and time of her/his choosing. It's probably ridiculous, but I don't want to screw up my baby from the very beginning by forcing her/him to come out before s/he is ready. Well, how's that saying go? "If you want god to laugh, tell him your plans"? I think many of us on this board have heard some chuckling lately....
darsmama's Avatar darsmama 01:45 AM 07-20-2005
Ewe, I'm really sorry Sending you warm thoughts.

I had my 40w apt today, as today is my 'due' date. I am 3cm dialated and cervix is very soft. Having some contrax now, but nothing too crazy. I'm thinking tomorrow for sure
BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 02:20 AM 07-20-2005
Today is one of my due dates (according to LMP and the ultrasound I had in the emergency room because of hyperemesis ). It's not the one I hold by, however, as conception was impossible on the corresponding conception date (dh was out of town). Still, it's kind of fun to think this is one of my due dates. I have 2 more days until the due date I'm going by, not that it means much either. I have an expectation of a Friday/Saturday birth, because dd was born on Fri. night and one day after her due date. I'm sure G-d is laughing about that... No biggie, I can wait a bit more.

Big hugs for you, Ewe! Labor vibes, too. I am sorry you are being more or less forced into things you don't want. I thought a pregnancy was considered to last 41 weeks in France; why can't they let you go another week, at least!?! I guess it's the GD. Maybe you could just miss your c-section appointment, if it comes to that. They can't hunt you down at home. I don't think a few extra days or a week will make much of a difference. Anyway, labor vibes for you!

Jeanette - I hope baby turns if that's what you hope for. I don't know what I would do if I thought my baby was breech. I think babies know the best way to be born in the vast majority of situations. I can imagine being torn between having confidence in the baby's ability to choose her own way and my own desire to make the baby head the "right" way because of the current fear of the breech presentation.

mmgarda - Sounds like your mom is getting things done.

Shanana - Wow, it sounds like you found a great thrift shop. All the ones I've been to lately are expensive and rarely have things in "like new" condition. Sounds like a good investment to me. I'm also glad to hear you aren't too uncomfortable.

VioletMommy - Labor vibes for you, too. I'm sure your baby will still be born on the "right" day no matter what happens.

darsmama - I'm excited for you!

MF - I think you need Labor VIBES, too.
Pom's Avatar Pom 02:44 AM 07-20-2005
shanana - congrats on the score! i had similar luck just ibce -- 16 for $16...so much fun!


dars - how exciting! good luck w/ tomorrow!

violet - the date you get induced may be of the baby's choosing anyway -- you never know! the more i think about dd#1's induced birth, the more i think she would've come that day, anyway, kwim? and as far as induction goes... i haven't posted dd#2's stroy yet, but while it was waaaay shorter labor and 100% natural, i think i prefer -- ironically - the induced labor...i felt more in control, and had more the environment i wished for. you just bever know how thungs will work out!

speaking of astrology, i tracked down my mother's astrologer & found a birth chart is totally w/in our budget so i'm thrilled.

binah - the trick was that i don't know this rabbi --- he's the grandfather of a friend --- we're currently not w/ a temple & he's travelling to canada & israel this week! we only had 2 days we could do it while my family visited...so yeah, they are all squezes in i suppose, but this was really squeezed! but it was a lovely time -- and i'm glad we did it -- even though i was exhaused by cleaning the apt right up to people's arrival and panicking over what to wear! It felt really special and everyone had fun...and I kept the name as is...I really like the whole association and think my mom would've understood -- we chose Kinneret as a hebrew name, which means Sea of Gallilea...and she's a Cancer after all, and mom was Aquarius, and the sea is life and Veda is life and my mom's name began with a V, so I think it works...even if it is a stretch! Plus, my DD #1 is Zipporah, so I now have a bird and a sea, each lovely and its own element...anyway, I ramble!

The down side was that I leaked through 3 different shirts during the naming...ack! Just sent DH to Target for breast pads. I don't remember this from #1!

Maman -- WooooO! Get it going, girlfriend! I am happy for you.

Cresor -- Wow. Your story is really intense. I am glad you were able to let the doula's concerns not worry you...so strong!

Ewe (((hug))) I totally don't have the energy to fight stuff like that...hell, I didn't even want to call the rabbi to change a name, let alone fight a whole foreign system...sigh. I am willing your babe to get started!!!
MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 03:42 AM 07-20-2005
Well she tried to strip the membranes however my cervix was still very high and very posterior that she could only reach as far to get the tip of her finger in there and although I am about 70% effaced I'm just a fingertip or two dialated. I had bloody show afterwards and some more just now and have been having steady contractions all evening but they are still only 20 minutes apart - and pretty uncomfortable, too.

If I'm not in labor by tomorrow I'm going back again to try again. She said 3 days in a row has a very high success rate.

But she did tell me how to try and reach so maybe I'll go and try that. Hehe.
Pom's Avatar Pom 03:49 AM 07-20-2005
Erika - this could be it! My contrax started 17 minutes apart and went QUICKLY to 10 and 5...they had been awfully strong from the get-go and I couldn't figure out why they were lasting 2 minutes a pop...maybe you'll go fast, too!!!!

NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 07:14 AM 07-20-2005
I just had my 39+ week appointment. My usual midwife is on vacation, so I got to see someone else.

Everything was just peachy - including my BP, which tends to go up when taken by a new person. She commented on how low the baby was, and that she thought she probably wouldn't see me again next week. I'm hoping the same!
Valerie.Qc's Avatar Valerie.Qc 12:39 PM 07-20-2005
Hi all!

I missed you over those weeks without internet!!!

I gave birth to Anna on July 10th (37W6d) after my waters broke on Saturday (at the store ). She was 4lbs15 and perfectly healty. She nurses like a pro and was back to her birth weight at 5 days

Have a really slow Internet connexion and not too much time to surf the Net but I think about you all everyday!

NordicMamma's Avatar NordicMamma 01:18 PM 07-20-2005
Congrats, Valerie!
shayinme's Avatar shayinme 01:24 PM 07-20-2005
Valerie, congratulations!

Okay I am officially cranky, its been hot as hades here and with only a cool bedroom to retreat to, that does not make for a happy pregnant woman. Dh's office has AC but since he is the only guy with a income moving him off his computer and away from his phone, fax, etc is not a great idea. My computer is in my little sunroom office and quite hot. : Of course we never thought to get a AC unit for my office since I used to work primarily away from home.

Well baby is due tommorrow and not much activity going on. Yesterday I was having BH's a bit, last night had some minor back discomfort but nothing that makes me say yes, its coming.

I have my MW visit tommorrow and have decided against membrane stripping at this point, I am GBS+ and some of reading I have done on the matter leads me to beleive it may not be the safest course of action.

I am feeling lonely, with no close friends here its really hard to kill the time. I know people but they just aren't folks you call up and say hey let's hang out unless there is a reason/cause. Seems like the days are dragging on and the heat is not making it any better. My son is over his Dad's place so the house seems even lonlier, dh has been doing such a wonderful job of cleaning and tending to my needs that there is nothing housewise that needs to be done. I thought about baking but with temps in the upper 80's with humidity, that would be brutal. So I am just waiting for the baby to come, hope it soon cuz Mama is becoming a tad impatient.

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