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I wrote this hours after she was born - they put some mighty strong stuff in that IV bag. LOL I'm glad I wrote it so soon after - I've already forgotten some details.

Georgia Louisa's Birth Story, 12:19 PM, July 19, 2004

Excuse the typos - Not exactly an ideal typing situation here - posting from the hospital! So, to wrap up our day: Never say I'm not thorough! We came here at 7 last night, and by 2 today I had experienced birth by induction, totally natural birth up until crowning, and a C section. We're all content with how it went down though, not to worry.

The induction: I started contracting as soon as we got to our room last night - HUGE with a water view, since we had the birth tub and it was the only room that accommodates it! LOl. We didn't end up using it since I liked the shower, labored so darn fast, and wasn't pushing super effectively except when I was on my left side with these harness/rope things on each of my feet so I could focus my waning upper body strength but for the cost we got the nicest room in the place. Jess came with us, and we met our very cool nurses, and had the cervadil placed. I took a short acting sleeping med (clears the body in 4 hours) thinking I would need the rest for today, since Patty said she didn't expect anything to start until we had been on the pictocin for at least 4 hours this AM.. Three hours into the cervadil, with not much sleep, though I did feel like I got some relaxing rest, I finally woke up E. Contractions were strong and like clockwork, 2 minutes apart but I was so scared that I would somehow jinx them that I sat there for an hour barely breathing and finally called Jess, doula, for reassurance that I wouldn't/couldn't make them disappear if I got up out of bed! *grin*

Laboring naturally, and very, very quickly: Contractions picked up really, really fast and before Jess even got back to the hospital they had pulled the cervadil since I was contracting 1 min apart max. I was able to rest and recover much better between contractions a few minutes later. My body was def. with the program from then on, and I dilated to ten in about 4 hours, along with my water breaking spontaneously with a VERY loud POP. Only problem was little G being squirmy as she is, they couldn't get a single decent trace all night and kept making me try diff. positions walking/sitting/standing to get her to stay still for a solid ten minutes. Yeah right, they don't know this baby and her stubborn ways. Labor was hard, painful, all of the above but I managed it well with my support team and without any medication and got the star treatment on the L and D floor for my lively banter for the first half. I felt really in control the whole time and so glad to have gotten out of most of the induction! I labored all over our suite, birth ball, shower, walking, rocking chair, hanging on E. I DID have classic transition when my cervix fully dilated in the shower. I even bit poor Jess! And you should hear some of the choice epithets I shot at E!!! Things got dicey in the last stage - I pushed, and pushed, and pushed all over in all sorts of positions for four hours. Baby, who had dropped to plus one station with dilation and contractions, did not move an inch. And I was WORKING. So, I was absolutely jello, dehydrated from vomiting the whole time (what do you expect?) and I was too weak to effectively do any of the alternative positions we tried from then on. Baby seemed ok, when we could get a heartrate to appear on the Doppler (was still moving and grooving all over the place evading the monitor) but from what the midwives could feel that head was just hung up on pelvic bone and was not going anywhere, even with all the tricks up their sleeves. The topic of a c section came up.

C: I felt like I had proven to myself that I could do natural labor, but the midwives and doula and I decided after another hour of really hard work that since we hadn't made any progress in those five hours, we would do a C section. The only other alternative discussed was to delay a hour or two longer by getting an epi and keeping on pushing to see if somehow we could get some movement but we weren't sure exactly how long she could hang out in there without going into stress. I was a little scared, but I felt ok about our decision- if my body could dilate fully and bring a baby down to plus 1 in five hours I felt something was up with my pelvis/baby's size being post-date. Followed my intuition, and we went upstairs.

The next 15 minutes were the absolute worst of an otherwise perfectly survivable experience! I was getting super strong pushing contractions still, pushing all over in uncomfortable places, spilling amniotic fluid all over every room they pushed me through, yelling and screaming for doula and E who had to wait until I got my spinal to come in - yikes. That was really, really hard, as I wanted to have a somewhat level head on my shoulders for the surgery. MW and I muddled through though. The MW back up doc was excellent, as was the anesthesiologist, and Georgia and I were both in our room upstairs an hour and a half later. They used a spinal block and we both responded really well to it, though I'm quite nervous about regaining sensation and seeing what actually happened as a result of this triad of labor experiences! Sort of "what lies beneath" as I keep getting up the nerve to look under the pile of blankets and bandages and ice packs! I'll be on my feet tomorrow and I am already sick of clear fluids! We¡¦ll probably stay in hospital till Friday, not only to heal up but to get a good nursing routine down, etc. This hospital has really nice private suites, and with the full rooming in we feel comfy enough.
ETA: Once I did heal up enough, I still can't see the incision. Baby was SO BIG that now I have a flat pancake belly that's sitting low over everything down there. It's tight and numb but not necesarily painful with medication. I am on Keflex for some redness since the medical students were worried about infection - it's a teaching hospital - and my surgeon, though he doubts any infection, didn't want to stop it once they had started it b/c of antibiotic resistance issues. Walking is tough, but I do it in small doses, and I think most of the pain comes from my bruised tailbone - that was from the 9 hours of labor, not the C section. MW is taking out my staples (yikes!) on Tuesday....she said there are 20!!!!!!

E was/is great such a papa bear. When G came out, he was def. shocked that it was a girl! I was a little surprised, but he was too funny. He grabbed her and off they went - no one ever gave her anything to supplement, tested her blood sugar, or bathed her, held aloft as she was by a state attorney -grin!. She's so sweet she smells delish even with some blood in her hair. She's going to take a bath with me when Patti the MW comes tomorrow to get some of that out. Basically they rubbed her down since she was the color of a overripe plum at first, weighed her: 8 lbs 12 ozs, not huge, but wait till you see her! She's def. postdate and wow, looks like a 2 and a half week old which she sort of is. NO meconium so no suctioning needed- what a good girl. Not super wrinkly, more in the pruney category, and she came out without ANY vernix left. I don't know how she had her head hung up on my pubic bone, but all the 2 inches forward 5 inches back she was doing didn't affect her head (fact that she was more mature also probably did that since her head couldn't mold and squish its way out. She has a round noggin absolutely covered in black hair.) I think she'll have olive skin, and who knows what will happen with her eyes. She actually looks mexican, funny since it's one of the few races not represented in her ma and pa! She's awake now for the first time I've been with her, so nice to see my baby looking around and squirming, even if I can't really pick her up. I just had the nurse come in and position her so I could love her up a bit . To keep her with me 24/7 E also has to be with me 24/7 since I'm out of commission and he was finally asleep so I didn't want to wake him.

Much crazier then we had planned, but I know I can do natural labor now, and even progress quickly, so with any future babies I feel like our options are open. Now just to put off getting knocked up again before my scar has time to adequately heal! Thanks for all the love and support all!!!!
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Yowza! What a birth story! That is some ride.

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Wow! What a birth story! You went through just about everything under the sun, but it sounds like you're doing great! Congratulations, and glad everyone is healthy and happy!!

EDD 7/29/05

Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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