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Emery was born just after midnight on July 28. It was a beautiful, perfect birth, and far less painful than I imagined it would be. Here's how it went...
On Tuesday evening I went into the hospital with contactions that were 10 mins apart. Emery had shown heart declerations in MW's office, and she wanted to make sure that he was handling contractions ok. I was exhausted, however, since I had been having contractions all day and night that I wasn't able to sleep through. When I got to the hospital, the nurse told me that I'd probably be staying, since I was post dates. MW told me she wanted to break my water to get things going. But I was only 1cm dilated and wore out, so I requested a sedative in order to make it through the long road ahead. Before I got the sedative I started puking all over the place, really letting me know that this was 'real' labor and not a false alarm. The sedative just made me groggy for the next several hours, but it also helped keep me in the frame of mind of welcoming the contractions, since the pain they caused didn't bother me. After all that, Emery's heart rate looked excellent on the monitor, so MW decided that I could go home, since I was still only 1cm. I spent the day at home with DH and my doula, dozing between contractions, taking baths, and staying open and relaxed. By 8:00 pm, they were coming every 3 minutes or sooner, so we phoned MW and went back to the hospital. I was feeling very inward at this point. I did not communicate, I moved very slowly, and I was basically in a deep meditative state. I did not concern myself with how long it was going to take, nor did I try guess how much more painful it was going to get. "Birthing from Within" and "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" were godsends at this point, and I followed all of the advice I had read over and over. When we arrived at the hospital, I fully expected to be told that I was only 3cm or so, having been repeatedly warned that first-timers get overexcited about contractions, and think that they're intense when they've only just begun. I was ok with whatever the nurse would have told me. There was also a woman screaming when we arrrived, and since I wasn't making a peep except for low moans during contractions, I figured I must have a hell of a lot farther to go. The nurse examined me for quite a bit of time, looking puzzled. Then she left the room and brought another nurse in with her, to double-check. The conservative guess that I was between 6 and 7. What a shock! I figured that since I had made it that far, I could go ahead and forget my worries about asking for drugs. All of the pain was down low, and I felt no pressure or pain in my back, so Emery's great position was a huge part of my relative comfort. I've had menstrual cramps worse than those contractions. After the welcome and surprising news, I was set up in a birthing room, where my aquadoula was being filled up. I shouldn't have bothered, because I had no desire to get in it the whole time, and the only reason I finally did get in when I was feeling pushy was because I wanted Emery to be born in it. I had already realized that it was not going to reduce my level of pain, becuase I had tried baths at home, and they made my contractions harder and closer together. A good thing, and I'm sure that helped me dilate fast. I was surprised that the bath didn't comfort me, as I've been using them as long as I can remember for soothing relief of many situations. Not for labor, though! I absolutely loved the shower, though, and spent most of the time in it. By the time I got out and was feeling some rectal pressure, I was about a 9. I noticed a lot of bloody show at this point, which encouraged me. I was amazed that the contractions were easiest when I was laying on my back while being checked. I was totally dreamy, told dh how much I loved him and we shared some kisses. Transition hit while I was in the tub, and that was difficult, but doable. I bounced through the contractions and did focused breathing with my amazing doula, but it was hard to feel 'grounded,' since the aquadoula felt like a swimming pool. I felt like puking with each contraction, so I knew 'this was it' and that he was coming soon. MW checked Emery's heart rate, which started declined during contractions, so she wanted me out of the tub. Pushing was the most difficult, painful, grueling part of the whole process. I was laying on my side in bed, and I hated it. I didn't like it in childbirth prep class, and I certainly didn't like it during actual pushing! However, I was getting throroughly depleted at this point, was only focused on getting the baby out, and couldn't form enough of a thought to change my situation. MW and the nurses kept asking me throughout the labor if my water had broken or if I had felt any leaking. I hadn't, but I guess they couldn't feel the water bag around Emery's head, so they couldn't figure out what had happened to it. It ended up bulging out in front of him, a big bubble sticking out of my yoni just before his head. It never did pop, so after a few pushes my MW cut it. The contractions were coming kind of far apart, which I wanted, (man, was pushing hard work!) but was not good for Emery, since his heart rate was low. So we did nipple stimulation and belly rubbing to bring them on. I was't making enough progress in the side-laying position, so I went onto my back. Emery's heart rate was dropping to 90 during the pushes, so MW said that if I didn't get him out ASAP, I'd get an episiotomy. Yikes! So I pushed through any painful sensation I had, I pushed when I wasn't contracting, and I pushed through the intense stretching and burning. I pushed for a total of 57 minutes. Finally, our little angel came out, and to our surprise, it was a boy. It just 'felt' like we would be having a girl. I am so deleriously happy with our son of course, that I can't imagine having had a girl. The nursing staff at the hospital were amazing. They were nothing but helpful, did not interfere in any way, never offered me drugs, and were very cheerful and kind. I have some issues with doctors, nurses, and hospitals, and this birth healed some of that old pain. I am so amazingly proud of myself for how I handled birth. I looked at it as an opportunity to see what I was made of. It was also an amazing vision quest. I never once complained about anything, did not say it hurt, and had a smile on my face throughout the process. I kept thinking "hundreds of thousands of women around the world do this every day!" and other positive affirmations. I know that this attitude was instrumental in my amazing, perfect, totally satisfying birth. Emery is also perfect, with chubby cheeks and very dark eyes. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. He's very alert for a newborn, and is easily soothed when he fusses. He's a good nurser, but that's a relationship that takes some getting used to. I think I've missed his hunger cues a few times, then he gets overexcited, swallows air, and gets hiccuppy and gassy.
Best birthing wishes to all of the remaining mommies-in-waiting. Don't be afraid of labor, just jump in head first and do it!
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Wonderful story - thanks so much for sharing!
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...but Congratulations. Your birth story sounds AMAZING! Very motivating and inspiring. This is Baby #2 for me, and I'm looking for somewhat of a healing labor and birth as DS#1's hospital birth left me with some issues (nothing MAJOR, but issues nonetheless).

Cin Cin to your wonderful Birth, and may you have a Blessed Babymoon!
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Violet, so glad your birth went so well! Congratulations and welcome to Emery!! By the way, the tub didn't help me either! And I also had my easiest contractions while laying on my back being checked. They went so well I decided to try out a contraction laying on my back while not being checked. Big mistake!! Wowee, that hurt!


Mama to M (7/05) and S (5/08) my surprise !!!
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What a wonderful, peaceful birth! Congratulations, and enjoy your baby!
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What a wonderful birth story!

It sounds like you had the sort of euphoric 'I can't believe I am coping with this so well' birth that I had with my first. It was a life-changing event for me, and totally changed my view of my body. I was so proud of myself afterwards!

Congrats and well done!
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What a terrific birth story! Congratulations, mama!

At-home mom to a teenager, an infant, and three in between!
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Thanks mamas! Emery is great and is a vigorous nurser. I'm finally feeling sleepy after the couple days on high from birth euphoria.
Looking forward to hearing more about your babies and experiences on the other side!
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