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Oh boy! Am I ever feeling sick! I get about a two hour break from noon to 2pm daily, but otherwise I'm sick all day/night and I'm only 6.5 weeks along!

I can only eat very specific food and all other food makes me wanna hurl.... speaking of which I've vomited twice already. Dh had to make an emergency stop on the side of the road the other day so I could vomit out the car door.

My stomach cannot get empty or else I'm in big trouble - which is tricky seeing that I can't bear the thought of most foods. All it seems I can stomach are carbohydrates (breads, rice) and fatty foods... takeout is glorious. That's very odd, because when I'm not pg, that food grosses me out!

DS told his daddy yesterday that the baby in my belly should go to jail for making me so sick! Too cute!

Well, it's all for a good cause so I don't really mind.

Take good care,
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Jennifer, I always felt better after puking. But, that's how I am when I'm sick too. If I feel nauseous, I don't fight it, I get it out! I always get better faster that way from things like tummy bugs. Once, dh and I were sick together (I think it was from bad food...yuck!) and I puked and he didn't. He felt terrible for almost 3 days and I was better in 24 hrs. Course....aren't men babies when they are sick

With my first pregnancy I was incredibly nauseous and I found that if I just drank a big glass of warm water when I felt the nausea coming on, I could puke and get it over with. Then, I'd feel better for hours. Also, it kept me from dry heaving which just killed my insides and made me crampy.

So....I'd say....if you're feeling pukey...see if puking will help...if not...avoid it! I think everyone is different!!

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Yes, I have had mild to medium nausea for a couple of weeks but just enough to remind me there is a little sprout growing inside me! I hope it stays like this, usually quelled with carbs that I don't normally eat which I'm sure will go straight to my hips!

Happy, busy mama of 2 - A (9/05) and W (2/08)
Acupuncturist to pregnant and post partum mamas!
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With my first pregnancy, I was soooo sick! Vomiting from wk 8 all the way until the 3rd tri, then the nausea just hung out until I gave birth. This time around I've been dreading wk 8, b/c I'm afraid that's when it will start up again. Well, just yesterday, I've started to feel a little quesy. I think it's starting already. I'm hoping it's not too bad this time around. It's nice to have m/s, just so you know your pregnancy hormones are strong, but last time it was so bad, my DH kept telling me maybe we should just have one baby, b/c he felt so bad for me through my first pregnancy.
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hope everyone is hanging in there!

I have been soo nauseated the last couple of days :Puke everything smells funky too. I have dry heaves in the morning as well which are lovely.

btw I was reading something in my pg yoga book something i had never heard of before and it was saying you should eat peaches,apricots and nectarines to help with ms. it's worth a try I guess!

Blissful Mama to DD-(5), DS-(6) and someone new due in November!
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Originally Posted by rainbowmoon
btw I was reading something in my pg yoga book something i had never heard of before and it was saying you should eat peaches,apricots and nectarines to help with ms. it's worth a try I guess!
Hmmm, I wonder if it is the extra beta carotene that might help. I say that, b/c I notice the fruit you posted are all orange based. I guess it is worth a try!
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"I have now taken 10 home pg tests since Friday! I'm afraid I have an addiction to peeing on sticks."

That is so funny, I think I may have the same problem. Maybe we should have a support group for stick-pee-ers. With this new pregnancy, I started testing too soon and got a very faint positive, almost an evaporation line. I took a few more and they kept getting more and more positive. My husband, still in shock, wanted me to take another one. I finally had to stop and say "How many sticks do I need to pee on before you realize we're pregnant! Hey, this is number 5, not like we are new at this or something!
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