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Mommay's Avatar Mommay 02:08 AM 01-07-2005
I did the Bradley Method the first time around, but got the book about birthing from within after hearing some good things about it. I've started to read it, but I was wondering if others have read it, and if so, do you think it's worth the read? What were your experiences with it?

~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 04:02 AM 01-07-2005
I looked through it but didn't totally read it.

It was too ooey-gooey for me. I didn't feel like drawing a picture to depict my feelings about my caesarean....
mtn. mama's Avatar mtn. mama 04:13 AM 01-07-2005
This is a book that I keep in my lending library to give to the mom's I work with. Although some may feel that they are not into the creative exercises, the advice that is given on how to breathe and visualize through labor are very good. I encourage my moms to take a look at those sections as they near their edd. So, if you have the book or have access to it, it is worth the read for that reason alone. Enjoy!
canadiangranola's Avatar canadiangranola 09:24 PM 01-07-2005
I loved it the first time round, and actually did a childbirth course based on that philosophy. I'm an artsy fartsy girl to begin with though, and I really liked the idea of marking my pregnancy journey with some of the artistic exercises. I still have a clay model of myself birthing that I made during the course, it's actually on my computer desk as I type ...the baby and the arm gor broken off so i've been meaning to bury it in the backyard and let earth reclaim it, but that's a bit off topic.

I think the read is for sure worth it., If you are plannign for a drug free childbirth, you need some concrete techniques to help you through it (as you know form bradley, i would assume) ...the book has lots of ideas for different techniques. I also find that the section on facing your birthing fears is a valuable one, ironically enough, moreso now that I am facing a second...the first time round I wasn't scared...but now I know what I'm in for :LOL

Anyway, I left my copy at the hospital after ds was born, and will be getting another copy early in my pregnancy this time.
Mommay's Avatar Mommay 11:43 PM 01-07-2005
I already like stuff about it. For instance, the book talks about addressing your number 1 question and your worries. Tonight, my husband and I wrote down all the stuff we associate with pregnancy and birth and then we evaluated what assumptions we were bringing into this journey. We also did a "worry list" and talked through all the worries that we had.

You'd be surprised how much you may not know about your own worries and dh's. Even after ds's birth, I think there are issues that were left unturned. If anything, the book helps you to talk in concrete terms. I'm into Zen, so I can tolerate some of the artsy fartsy elements.

Anyway, let me know how your reading goes this time. Perhaps we can discuss as time goes on.