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I'm just home from the hospital now with Geoffrey Kian Peng (Kian is his "generational" name -- his big brother is "Kian Meng". Geoffrey means "peace", as does "Peng."). He was 8lbs 2 oz at birth.

I was woken up by my contrax on Saturday morning at 4 am. They were 6 minutes apart no matter what I did (got up, walked around, went to the bathroom, went back to bed). So I waited until DH and DS woke up, around 6:30, and waited until they'd had breakfast. We called my mom and dropped DS off with her on the way to the hospital.

I was starving because I didn't eat because there was a pretty good chance that I wouldn't get a vbac, and I knew that if I had a c/s, they'd want me to have an empty stomach.

They checked me over in labour & delivery at the hospital. My contrax faded away when I was on the monitor, but came back when they unhooked me. They also tried to figure out the baby's position, and ended up getting the ultrasound to check -- he was oblique, not engaged, and I had zero chance of a vbac because of his position.

I also remember the obstetrician asking me how tall I am -- 5'2" -- as he was asking about why I had an emergency c/s with DS1. I found out later that's because they have ratios for mom's pelvis size to newborn head size. Because DS1 had a 90th percentile head, that's probably why he bounced out of my pelvis and was shoulder-presenting.

They also told me that I couldn't have the baby with me in recovery if I had a c/s, so I tried to pump some colostrum for dh to feed to the baby in that time, and boy, did that bring the contrax back -- 3 minutes apart, pretty strong. No colostrum, however.

We then went for a walk around the hospital to see what the contrax were doing. Still about 5 minutes apart. When we got back to L&D, we saw the obstetrician who was on duty that day. He told me that they'd be getting me into the operating room shortly as there was no wait for it at the moment. It was better to get me in now, when there was no wait and I had a reasonable amount of energy, than to let me keep on labouring and have me show up at 3 am, exhausted and still in need of a c/s. "There's no percentage in waiting" was the quote I remember.

So off we went to get prepped. I got shaved for the cut, and DH went and got into surgical scrubs. They took me to the operating room and I got a spinal, which actually was more effective than the epidural that I'd had with DS1. There was quite a lot of conversation across the screen, with the two surgeons commenting tersely about things that I didn't really want to hear. Then I heard "my, what a large head" from the pediatrician (and he should know large baby heads! Turns out that DS2 also has a 90th percentile head). They showed me the baby (very blue) and then took him away for a puff of oxygen and then he started crying, which totally reassured me.

I did fine in recovery -- no shakes this time, and I was conscious and able to make conversation with the nurses there for the entire time. I think I whined a little bit too much about wanting to see my new son so they let me go a little sooner than they might have otherwise.

They wheeled me into my room and I saw dh and ds2, and I was so happy to be there and starting to be able to try to nurse.

Oh, and if you have to have a c/s, ask for indicid. They didn't give this to me last time, but they did this time, and man does this take away the pain. Every time the nurses did a "pain check," I was a 0 or 1 on a scale of 1-10, and it's because of the indicid, which is basically ibuprofen in a magic bullet suppository. Getting the suppository sucks, but the pain relief is worth it. We're back home today, and I'm moving mostly normally, thanks to the indicid.

DS1 seems to have adjusted to having baby brother home, but we'll see how long his patience lasts. Over the last 4 days while I've been at the hospital, he's been sleeping with DH and has really bonded with daddy (finally, after 2 years!). So if I sleep with DS2 and nurse every three hours through the night, I'm hoping that he'll keep on sleeping with daddy, rather than trying to come back to me, and having DS2 wake him up every 3 hours for nursing time.

Oh, and while I was in the hospital, a massive fire started in the bog about a mile away from my house. (News story here) It's blanketed the city with smoke (today and tomorrow's weather forecast literally says, "smoke"). I've been freaking out about bringing baby back to a smoky house, but it actually wasn't that bad. It turns out that the ashes and smoke are rising straight up and the winds are then blowing the smoke well away from the immediate location of the fire, so those of us closest to the fire are actually experiencing some of the fewest bits of fallout -- bizarre!

So that's my story. I'm sorry I didn't get a vbac, but another obstetrician came by to check me out, and said that I might have caused myself and the baby some serious damage if I'd tried for a vbac -- and then had to have had the c/s anyway. The nursing staff were all fabulous this time around, and I think I was one of their low-maintenance patients after the first day and night. They kept coming into my room just to chat and joke, rather than do things to me.

I'm glad I actually went into labour, so that I know that he was ready to come out when he did, and wasn't taken too early. Geoffrey is nursing like a champion, and my milk came in yesterday afternoon (48 hours after delivery), so he should be making those lovely breastfed poops anytime now. He's lost 9.5% of his birthweight since birth, and has had about 10 HUGE meconium poops -- I didn't think one little baby could have that much poop in him!
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to the world, Geoffrey!

Happy Babymoon!

How wonderful that you got to go into/experience labor, even if you didn't get the vbac you wanted .

Mama to A (12), Z (11), H (9), C (5), A (3) and 4 angels. 

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Congratulations! I am glad that you are happy with your birth and that you are comfortable.

DS1 2004 ~ DS2 2005 ~ DD1 2008 ~ DS3 2010 ~ DD2 born at 31 weeks Oct. 2014
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Congratulations and welcome little guy!!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Geoffrey. I am glad your birth went well and you found the "magic bullet." :LOL
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Congrats Mama! Welcome to the world little Geoffrey! happy babymooning. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope that your recovery is quick.

Goldie, Mom to 5 my kiddos and forever loving on my fantabulous dh John.
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Congratulations wenat!!!!

Baby Geoffrey Kian Peng! What a beautiful name you have!
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Congratulations and welcome Geoffrey!

Marie-Mom to two boys and a girl.
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congrats to you and your family!!
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I've posted a photo of Geoffrey here.

We went over to visit a friend and her 2-week-old today. Geoffrey's head is waaay bigger than her kid's head. In a way, I'm glad I didn't have to push that through a 10-cm dilated cervix.

I'm still working on accepting the c-section, but honestly, having this sweet kid around is worth anything. So far, he's totally good-natured and pretty much just sleeps or eats. He's got one waking period of about 1.5 hours, which should be starting in a few minutes, but other than that, what you see in the photo is what I've been getting. He's totally cuddly, and fits so well in my fleece pouch -- totally looks like a pea in the pod because the pouch is green!

He's so totally different from DS1, who wouldn't nap more than 30-45 minutes at a time (more often 30) and was soooo cranky when he was awake. (Which of course I now attribute to the dairy allergy -- the poor kid just wasn't happy inside his own skin.)
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Oh what a sweet little baby! He's adorable!
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Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Geoffry!
Thanks for the beautiful pic. DD can't get enough of babies lately, and now she's had her "fix" for the morning...

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