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I have to preface this by saying I never had bloody show nor did I loose my plug, but I knew the day before it would be very soon. I had a migraine and no appetite even after the migraine went away. Dh and I knew it was only a matter of hours and it was.

Ian's Birth story

I was awakened by a contraction at 3:30 am on the 12th. Within a few seconds a felt a familiar pop. I jumped out of bed (didn't know I could still move that quick) just in time for water to start running down my legs. I yelled for Matt and told him my water broke. I was actually suprised I could wake him up, but he too quickly jumped out of bed. I waddeled around looking for a towel and dripping water everwhere. I lost my plug and didn't realize it till I stepped in a few min later lol. We called the midwife and let her know and I told her I would call her back when I needed her. I updated my boards, checked email. Contractions were far apart and very easy. Matt and I spent the next 90 min together getting things ready for the birth. Matt started filling the pool and I made frequent trips to the bathroom. I really wanted to sit on my birth ball but it needed to be pumped up more and our pump was missing. So I called my mom and asked her to bring her pump over. I looked down at my belly and noticed it was 1/2 the size it was before, I had alot of water! When she got here Matt pumped up my ball and we sat at chated a few minutes till the kids woke up. We sent them all over to my moms house and called my midwife again to have her come out to listen to the baby.

When my midwife arrived she did vitals and listened to fht which were fantastic. She checked me real quick and I was a 4 and completly effaced but my cervix was behind the babies head. She held it infront for a contraction which dialated me another cm to a 5. Matt and I then got dressed and went for a walk. The baby has chosen a beautiful day to be born as it was the first cool day in about 4 mos. Walking around the neighborhood was beautiful. I got to hold Matt's hand and I stopped to lean on him during contractions. It was like a date. Contractions were still very manageable and far apart. We went back to the house as I seemed to attract alot of attention from neighborhood dogs. We watered the trees out back and walked in a circle around the yard several times. We had to go back in to get the phone and I had an urge to clean. Nesting never hit during labor before lol. I also packaged up and shipped out some books I had sold on ebay. We did the dishes, laundry, cleaned up the game room and living room. The house was spotless! While I was cleaning the game room I swayed my hips back and forth to pick up toys. I didn't even realize I was doing it. Contractions suddenly started to pick up and come harder. I think they were about 3 min apart and lasting about 90 seconds.

We decided I better get back up stairs or I wouldn't be able to do it soon. I wanted to get in the pool so my midwife checked me again to be sure I had progressed and I was 5-6 and the cervix had slipped back behind the babies head again. So she held it forward during another conrtaction and I got in the pool. Around this time I got very sleepy. I got out of the pool after a little while and sat on the bed with Matt and took about a 30 min nap. After the nap Matt, my midwife and I had a talk for about 2 hours. I sat on a chair in my room and suddenly said that I need to move to the bed. When I stood up Matt was shocked to see the amount of mucous I had left behind. Well I knew what that meant. I looked at my midwife and said, "thats 2nd stage mucous isn't it?" she said it was and then I said, "Does that mean I will have to push?" Pushing for me is what was terrifying. I panic when I push and I didn't want to deal with it again. During our 2 hour talk I seriously wanted to transport because I couldn't see how I would deal with pushing again. My midwife tried to convince me pushing felt good and I would like it but I knew better lol. So we decided I wouldn't push I would just grunt the baby out. I sat on the bed and everyone got all the supplies ready. Here I sat thinking, "oh this baby isn't coming out I don't know what you are doing." LOL its funny looking back now as I was complete and the baby was right there but the contractions never got bad. They were totally manageable right to the end. I never felt transition. The conrtactions were about 2 min long now. I grunted through a few conrtactions, maybe 3. Then I could feel the babies head inside my pelivic bones and I knew if I just pushed the head would come out. So during the next contraction I started grunting and decided the heck with this and pushed. The head crowned with the umblical cord right straight across the top of the head (matt later said he was thinking those were the strangest looking ridges he'd ever seen on a head - till he realized it was the cord). My midwife told me to relax so she could move the cord but I was still having a contraction so I couldn't and just pushed the rest of the head out. the cord was also wrapped around the neck once and my midwife unlooped it. When she did it was obvious something was not right. The cord was completly flat and white. It was not pulsing but was limp. I was still trying to push but the shoulders were stuck. The head never rotated and I just could not push the shoulders out. My midife said that we had to get the baby out immediatly and I was pushing with all I had. Matt grabbed one leg, the assitant the other and pulled them back to my shoulders. My midwife reached inside and freed the one shoulder and then the other. I reached down to grab my baby but my arms just wouldn't work. I remember seeing Ian half out of me and the deepest shade of purple ever. My midwife just pulled the rest of him out and put him on my chest where he promptly slide off as I could not hold him. We quickly cut the cord and rubbed on Ian who gave a hardy cry just about 45 seconds after the birth. I asked my midwife what had happened and she said the placenta had detached. Fetal heart tones never suggested anything and we had just listened before the last contraction. I was so happy that we had Ian at home. I couldn't even imagine what the drs would have done to him at the hospital. I'm sure I wouldn't have had skin to skin contact or been able to nurse right away. And Boy does he like to nurse. He nursed for 30 min the first time, took a little break and went right back to nursing on the other side.

I do have to say I don't enjoy pushing out a head thats looking sideways. His head felt like the biggest head ever. the bone grinding on bone was much worse this time than in any of the births of my other kids and I had 3 kids with 14 1/2 in heads. And apparently when they were pulling my legs back I reinjured my SPD. Its all worth it but I am hobbling around like an old woman now. And yes I ate my placenta. One of the midwifes assitants blended it up with some banana and juice. I couldn't taste it at all. I have had a few glasses everyday and feel great. Too bad it can't heal my SPD!


Expecting #9.  Always busy hsing.
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Congrats!!!! Your baby has the same name as my brother and my husband. lol (NOT the same person, yuck! lol) Congrats Momma!!
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Michelle, what a story! Congrats again on the birth of your little boy! Can't wait to see pics.

Goldie, Mom to 5 my kiddos and forever loving on my fantabulous dh John.
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Thanks for the story!! COngratulations and welcome, Ian! (That was a name we liked, too -- good name)
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Oh what a wonderful story, thanks for sharing! I'm happy everything was alright. Sounds like nursing is going great!! Enjoy your new lil bean, and I can't wait to see pics!!
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Congratulations!!! Thank-you for the beautiful story! :

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, Ian. And thanks for posting your great birth story

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great birth story! congrats to you and your family!!
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I wanted to wait until I had some time to read your story so I wouldn't rush through it, and I'm so glad I did! What a wonderful birth story. It seems you dealt with labor so well. That's just what I needed to hear right now. Sorry about your little scare with the baby, but I'm so glad that he turned out fine.

Way to go!
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