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[deleted to remove personal information]

If you'd like to read our story, please PM me!
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Congratulations on Riley's birth. I can imagine you have a lot to process from your birth experience. You were so strong and clear about what you needed to birth your babe. Amazing story..

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thankyou for sharring your story it was beatiful. congrats on your baby boy.
lots of love
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Wow, mama, what a story! Congratulations on your baby boy!
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Thank you for sharing your story Michelle. I am sorry that you didn't get the birth you had hoped for. You are such a strong Mama for having the presense of mind to know what you needed to do to be able to birth your babe. You made the hard choices and I am soooo proud of you! Great job and congrats on your healthy boy! Is he a little peanut like Allissa? I can't wait to see him. Take care and happy babymooning sweetie.

Goldie, Mom to 5 my kiddos and forever loving on my fantabulous dh John.
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I'm sorry it was so hard! I'm glad you were able to get the support you needed for you and Riley. I noticed you mentioned being in the shower, but not the tub. Did the shower just seem more appealing?
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Wow, what a story! Congrats on your new baby boy!!
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What a story! Some of it reminded me of my first son's birth - no one tells you that the epidural makes you not feel contractions but once the baby starts to descend, you feel everything in your pelvis! Not a pleasant surprise, huh? And the resident putting his hands inside you as the baby was crowning - that happened to me, too, and I screamed, "Get the F out of this Fing room and don't Fing come back!" Even dh was embarrassed by that! And the peeing afterwards - so annoying that you need help. I really feel for you that you were separated from Riley for so long - that must have been excruciating. But now you have him home and you can just work on being a mommy/baby dyad.

My first labor took a long time, too, but this time it was only 2.5 hours, so don't despair that your next time will be bad, or that you will need drugs the next time. I didn't! And that surprised even me.

A million hugs and happy feelings-

DS1 2004 ~ DS2 2005 ~ DD1 2008 ~ DS3 2010 ~ DD2 born at 31 weeks Oct. 2014
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Huh it's very interesting to read about your epidural. I didn't feel a thing at all with mine especially when I couldn't walk. Those I knew who could feel things had light/walking epidurals and could still use their legs etc. I guess everyone is different. Posterior labor does suck that's for sure. Madelyn's was the worst for that but all four of mine were. It's just how my body likes to birth I guess so I don't know that I'd say unnatural but certainly not fun. :LOL I can really relate to not being able to sit. Did they have you try on your hands and knees at all? That didn't move my babies but did at least help get rid of that need to jump out into traffic. Did they figure out what caused Riley's breathing problems?
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Congratulations! And I too know about the epidural thing. It helped so much with the contraction pain but I still felt a ton of pain down in the nether regions once I got to about 8 cm. And the doctor was pissing me off because he kept calling it "pressure" - pressure my butt! (Literally!)

Tamara: hs'ing Christian mom of five here and five in Heaven. Joyfully awaiting Punkin, coming mid-Sept!
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Wow, you did such a great job! So was the baby's breathing ok after a little while? Did you get to keep him with you after that?
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