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Trying to keep busy, anyway! Congrats on your sister's baby and I'm sure it's so hard to know she has her baby already. And that sounds great about the plug and bloody show! I hope it's very soon for you.

I just talked to my best friend who had her baby at 39 weeks and it definitely makes me jealous to know that some people go early...I'm just not one of them.

We're going apple picking tomorrow but not sure how much I'll be able to do. I have been really active this pregnancy but am just sort of shutting down. Guess that's okay at 40 weeks, right?

Hope the new babies and mamas are doing well and nursing is improving for everybody!
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Katt: Sending ELV's your way! (Being optomistic for you!) I hope things start for you soon!!!

Mamabeth - have fun apple picking!

MIchelle: What an intelligent ds you have!

Trijosie-mama: It must be difficult aith a new baby and a house guest, but it sounds like you're doing well!

EVERYONE WHO HASN'T HAD THIER BABY: - Hang in there! The last few days/weeks are the most difficult part. In a nutshell - waiting sucks!

Everyone who HAS had their baby (or babies!): How are you feeling? How long did it take for you to feel "normal" again?

Today is my first help-free day. Coren is 6 days old, dh is at work, the kids are home with me and it's been a roller coaster of a day so far. I was up w/ Coren at 4, dh and kids came downstairs at 5:30 and we went out for breakfast at 7 - I REALLY needed to get out of the house! Breakfast was great - the kids loved "taking Coren out" for the first time! Coren even pottied at Friendly's (we're ECing - I held him over the toilet). Then, still feeling relatively good, we went to Salvation Army Thrift Store. The more walking I did, the worse my hips/back were, so we headed for home pretty quickly (I'm having massive back and hip issues still ). Then I took a nap w/ Coren and woke up to the phone and to dh running around getting ready for work because he didn't pay attention to the time. He didn't bother saying goodbye and dd had a major fit because of that. I called back the person who called and gave her the OK to stop by in the next hour or so (she brought me a meal, some toys for my kids and some other stuff!). In that hour I convinced dd and ds to put clothes on, cleaned up the house a bit, nursed Coren, pottied Coren, and then I flipped on the TV to see if there were any updates on Rita - to find out that the water in my town is contaminated and we have to boil it for the next 48 hours. UGH! Called my sister - she's going to drop off a couple of gallons of Spring water on her way home (she lives in the same town!). Then my friend arrived, and my day vastly improved. Lots of food, gifts for me, Coren and my kids . Her son and my kids played very nicely for over and hour while she and I sat and chatted. She left and I called dh at work - he'll pick up more water on his way home - and will be working first shift on Sunday - which means I have to get the kids up and ready for church, bring them to church, then to my parents' house (dh was supposed to do all the driving and helping with the kids Sunday). We need the money - but I need his help! Ugh! But, the good news is - Sunday night dh is driving me to a local mexican restaurant where Coren and I will be hanging out with a bunch of mamas, eating good food, sipping a margarita and having a great time! And tonight after dh gets home, I'll have a Guinness, pop in a movie and relax for a while as well! Oh...and did I mention that dd fell asleep at 3:00 - when she naps, she goes to bed late and tonight is not the night for her to be going to bed late!!!

Not sure what my plans are for tomorrow, as things were so today! Dh leaves for work at 4:30AM and gets home at 3:30 pm - LOTS of time for me to try to entertain my kids! I wish my body didn't hurt so badly, or I'd take them to my grandmother's house - I have the energy, but not the hips/back for it! Am I "supposed" to be driving yet? I remember hearing somewhere that you're supposed to wait a week or two after having baby but don't remember the time frame or why...???

Gotta go heat up dinner - I'm starving and just realized I didn't eat lunch!!!

Mama to A (12), Z (11), H (9), C (5), A (3) and 4 angels. 

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Mamabeth - Have fun Apple picking! That sounds divine!

Katt2005 - It will be soon! Enjoy the little while you have left.

trijosie-mama - its ok, some bleeding is normal with the cord stump. Ian lost his a few days ago and it still bleeds occasionally. It normal. My kids all did that even when I used sposies.

mom2threenurslings - I hear you on the hip and back pain. I have so much to do and by the end of the day all I want to do is get a massage and take some tylenol. This has been the longest week of my life waiting to see the chiro!

I've left the house exactly twice since Ian was born. And it was all of 30 min. I want to get out but we haven't gotten a van yet that seats us all. So I can't leave unless dh is home and when dh is home hes working! Well except at night and then I am too dang tired and in pain. My mom has been great about sending help over. She hired a cleaning crew for me and has sent my brothers over to help.

What I would really like is someone to come over just to talk to me. Good thing I have you guys! I would go so brain dead without some stimulation.


Expecting #9.  Always busy hsing.
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I feel almost normal. I would like to be able to nest with Miles, but Maddox just won't let me stop and relax. He has been demanding Teletubbies : and I have been letting him watch it : : just to get some peace. I tried to nap today during an episode but ds ran around the bedroom just often enough to keep me watchful. :

Dh went to work today and has been gone 10 hours. All the other days he was only gone 6 hours so it is tougher. I still can't figure out how to get both kids to nap together b/c I have to force ds to stop running around to take a nap, so he screams and squeals and kicks and freaks out. So then baby wakes up and cries. I got it to work twice in 12 days. I really need a nap.

Last night I freaked out on dh b/c he didn't put ds1 to bed and I wanted to go to bed with ds2 but I can't get in the bed until ds1 is already asleep in it. So I tried to put us all to bed together, and it didn't work, b/c ds1 was way overtired and when I put the light out, he crawled to the end of the bed and was about to fall off. I ranted at dh and he agreed to put ds1 to bed every night. We will see if it lasts. Plus, I miss putting ds1 to bed when he was my only baby and we would snuggle. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I hate the idea of putting ds1 to bed, and then coming back out to get ds2, b/c I am so tired that I would fall asleep with ds1. Okay I don't know if this is making any sense. We only have one bedroom and one king bed.

We were supposed to go out to dinner for dh's brothers' birthday, but even though I started getting everyone ready 2 hours early, we still would have been an hour late. Miles' cord stump fell off and it was funky and I had to clean him up.

Funny this is so complaining, b/c actually I am happy and having a lot of fun.

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Lilli- I have lots to complain about, but am also having lots of fun at the same time!

Amanda- I say listen to your body...if you think you may be doing a little too fast, slow down...if you think you'll be fine driving, do it... I started feeling "normal" after two weeks, but now that its almost 4 weeks, I realize that I don't feel "normal" yet....does that make sense??? I think another 2 weeks and I'll feel like I'm relaly MEEEEEE again...just with a baby (this is the first!)

Every is awesome...I don't wanna jinx myself, but for the past 4 days, hes been sleeping the WHOLE night, waking up to nurse about 3 times!!! But he has been quite fussy occasionally during the day...
I am trying to leave California by November to go back to Guam...HOME...ahhhhh... I can't wait... Family, the beach, friends, hot weather, relaxation.... oh, and STRESS of finding a place to stay, and a JOB. DP won't get there for at least a month after me, so I am going to try to get a part time job...
I'm worried about pumping and having nipple confusion if I'm working a 4-6 hour shift or something.... My mom gave me a bottle for a week and I never went back to the boob....this terrifies me and I want to prevent it so bad...

Anyway, DP is down in San Diego, and I decided to go down there and surprise him (I'm near San Francisco). It will be an exciting adventure/trip for me and Every... just need to pack wisely for the long trainride and whatnot... any tips?

Creating Art. Living life on Guam. Sharing my Journey.

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Originally Posted by Galatea
Plus, I miss putting ds1 to bed when he was my only baby and we would snuggle. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I hate the idea of putting ds1 to bed, and then coming back out to get ds2, b/c I am so tired that I would fall asleep with ds1.
We've gotten into a routine where I nurse DS2 (if he's awake) and then DH holds and rocks DS2 for the 30 minutes it takes for me to get DS1 in bed, tell him a couple of stories and wait for him to fall asleep. Then I come out and nurse DS2 for a while until he falls asleep, and then he gets put into his amby cradle.

I am managing not to fall asleep while snuggling with DS1, but it is a bit tough some nights.

Sorry for the late reply -- don't know if this will help you out or not.
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