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Jules is having a hard time sleeping on her back. In the morning I can usually get about an hour of back sleeping out of her. During the rest of the day, she'll sleep a maximum of 10 minutes before fussing herself awake, swaddled or unswaddled, in her crib or on our bed, with a sleep positioner or not, and as of today, even in my arms. At night we're cosleeping, so she nurses to sleep on her side and then rolls onto her back for maybe two hours at a stretch, but of course that's with me snuggled right up next to her. So, what do you think is the lesser evil here?

--Trying to get her to take a pacifier in the hope that it will help keep her sleeping more deeply (though I hate them passionately, this poor thing is constantly sucking on my breast or her hand, or whatever else happens to be handy)

--Letting her sleep in her bouncy seat all day long, which our ped office has stated is a bad habit, and is not good for development (and I've read a few stories online about mamas whose babes needed some PT after being allowed to sleep in their bouncer for six months)

--Letting her sleep on her tummy, which we did with Bella, but which terrifies me for obvious reasons (God forbid something did happen, how would I ever live with myself?)

Lots of mamas have told me that they let their babes sleep on their tummies, which really makes me start to wonder about the Back to Sleep campaign stats. In fact, out of the 5 mamas I personally know well, we all let our babes sleep on their tummies. But still, that's hard decision for me to make again We think she does have a touch of silent reflux, so I tried elevating the head of her crib mattress and it made no real difference. I'm getting desperate, and I don't believe she's getting enough/quality sleep. I would love opinions, hints, tips, tricks, anything you've got.



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I posted this in the cosleeping thread but it seems to be relevant here.

Re "back to sleep" - the issue is not so much that they would suffocate b/c of not being able to turn their face away from the mattress, but that stomach sleeping is much deeper and sounder b/c they can't flail around (why parents and babies like it!) SIDS may happen b/c babies get into a deep sleep, and have an episode of apnea (they stop breathing), but b/c they are so deeply asleep, and their nervous systems are not mature, they do not wake themselves up and start breathing again. BUT the benefit of cosleeping is that the mom's breathing stimulates the baby's breathing and their biorhythms are in sync all night, thus the reduced risk of SIDS. So, if you are using a crib, you should not put baby on his tummy, but if he is in bed next to you, it shouldn't matter.

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Melissa, I was going to point you to that cosleeping thread, but it seems Lilli responded here too.

Just to let you know, you're not alone. Meilana will not sleep on her back. She sleeps in my arms, curled up on her side or her tummy. I feel like we're both getting quality sleep, but it's not too deep for it to be dangerous to her. I'm still trying to figure out permanent sleeping arrangements for her too...for now I say, take it a day at a time and do what works for you.
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Lance sleeps on his tummy at night-but he's on my tummy when he does it. Ped says it's ok like that. I would be uncomfortable with him on his tummy any other time. SIDS scares me!

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It sounds to me like Jules is having a very typical reaction to sleeping on her back - most babies do not sleep well in this position. SIDS is very scary and I can relate to all of your worries. We let our son, 4 months, sleep on his tummy. If we are home, and can keep an eye on him, we will put him in his crib. But at night, he is in the bed with us. It is an extremely difficult decision to make, and you will have to make a million of them in the life of your child. You just go with what works best for you and your family. It also sounds like you are informed and responsible about your decisions - not just blindly making choices - smart mama!

There is a part of me that is curious about the relationship between vaccines and SIDS - particularly the fact that most occurrances of SIDS are between 2-4 months of age. . . Also the same time that most vaccinations begin. Not that I am against vaccinations, neccessarily, but I have my suspicions.

Another alternative is to have her sleep on her side with the help of a roll-preventer. You can buy one, or just simply roll up a couple of towels and wedge them between her and you/hubby/bed.
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Since it hasn't really been mentioned, I will say that my dd2 sleeps with us, but she sleeps on her side. I would not be comfy with her on her tummy at this stage because she sleeps on her own blankie so all I have to do is move the blankie to feed her on the other side. I wouldn't want her to smother in her blankie. She sleeps fabulously on her side. She is so just like her Mommy. lol

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I had been wondering the same thing. With our big clumsy dog and small bed co-sleeping is not an option. So dd sleeps in a cradle right next to the bed, I usually lay her on her side up, with her back leaning against the edge of the cradle and then put a rolled up blanket an inch bellow her chin. I've been swaddling her as well and she sleep for about 3 hours, atleast thats how much time is in between feedings. 5 yrs ago with ds I let him sleep on his belly, I didn't sleep otherwise, half the time he was sleeping with me, either right next to me or on the bed next to me, so I didn't worry. I do worry now and probably won't put her on her belly for a few months. A large part of me thinks, it doesn't matter wether they sleep back side or belly, but I couldn't handle the guilt if something did go wrong and she was sleeping on her belly.
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So far Chloe does most of her sleeping in the bouncer seat instead of the bassinet. Why is this bad? My other daughters also preferred the bouncer seat and they have very round heads. I would think laying in the bassinet/crib would make her head flater than a bouncer seat.
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