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Katt2005's Avatar Katt2005 02:42 AM 10-13-2005
How long did yours last, and did they disolve like they say?

I don't really know all what happened when I delivered, but I realized I must have torn pretty bad, because I have stitches IN me and about a 2 inch line of stitches running up my, well, I don't even know how to explain it. Just not where you'd have an episotomy. And they won't go away. I'm 18 days pp and they actually look like they are unraveling and hanging, not disolving. Is this normal? Should I call my Dr? Its not swollen down there and doesn't even hurt at all. And my bleeding is basically gone. And I am so ready to um, dtd, BUT these stitches won't go away!! :

Autumn Breeze's Avatar Autumn Breeze 10:37 AM 10-13-2005
With Jack my stitches were still there at 4 wks pp (schedualing conflict with the Naval hosplital, and they made my 6 wk pp 2 wks early) and I had what I was told to be a 2nd degree internal tear (up my vagina, not just along the perineum) . But by 6 wks pp they had dissolved. I do not know what they looked like prior to being gone however.

With Kate, no stitches, so I still can't help ya there! Since your checking, do the tears/cuts look to be open, or do they look healed? I would still personally wait for the stitches to be gone before DTD, but if you aren't swollen, and when you move around if the tears stay closed then I guess do what you want.

My mw suggested to me waiting until at least 6 wks to dtd since I tore in 3 different places.
letabug's Avatar letabug 11:15 AM 10-13-2005
I'm not from this forum...just peeking in to see how you're babies are doing compared to my friends baby With my first I had stitches well past my 6 week apt which developed scar tissue around them, they hurt REALLY BAD, the doc at the naval hospital (which I am leary of) said that if they didn't go away they would do surgery to remove them b/c they were trapped in scar tissue, fast forward 18 months and here comes ds #2, I tore throught the same spot and fixed the problem myself. I also had an internal tear as well as a large tear going up! With DS#2 they started to unravel by about 3 weeks pp and were almost completely gone by 6 wks. And I am that gross, I saved a stitch from my oldest and my youngest
Katt2005's Avatar Katt2005 02:49 PM 10-13-2005
They seem to be healed. They don't open up. I seriously feel like I need to trim up the stitches, the threads or whatever that are hanging are kinda long, LOL.
Its jsut weird, cause I seriously didn't know I even tore til I looked and was like, "where's the epis.?" And "where did all this come from?" And the more the swelling went down, the more I saw. And I just want to know its normal for them to unraval.
Katt2005's Avatar Katt2005 03:00 PM 10-13-2005
Okay, well I just called my Dr. and they want me to come in tomorrow morning. So, I take it, this is not so normal.
MomtoJunebugs's Avatar MomtoJunebugs 04:30 PM 10-13-2005

I'm 2.5 weeks pp, and I noticed my stitches unraveling too. It bugged me for a couple days, then went away. My bleeding hasn't totally stopped, but I thought that since they weren't bugging me anymore, they had dissolved. Hmmm, now I need to go check. Just wanted you to know that you aren't alone in the unraveling stitches thing. I figured it was just me healing. No pain or fever or anything. Let me know what the doc says.

Katt2005's Avatar Katt2005 02:02 PM 10-14-2005
Well, the dr actually took out all my stitches! He said that area doesn't always disolve the stitches when your healed, so they unraveal instead. So I'm okay and no more stitches!!!