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September 2005 > Anyone still around?
mom2threenurslings's Avatar mom2threenurslings 12:40 PM 11-12-2005
Or am I the only one who checks here for posts whenever I can?


PrincessCass's Avatar PrincessCass 04:11 PM 11-12-2005
Yep I'm still around but I'm hoping the walking will help get it?? hehe I can't bring myself to unsub to this one. Maybe once DD is a year old I'll reconsider
Katt2005's Avatar Katt2005 06:29 PM 11-13-2005
I'm still here! I check in a couple times a day..LOL!!
curlyfry's Avatar curlyfry 12:22 PM 11-15-2005

I'm still around, and check here for new posts occasionally. Just having fun discovering other forums, too!
counterGOPI's Avatar counterGOPI 10:00 PM 11-18-2005
kaulini beanie and i are still here(thats been her nickname lately since we always called her our 'lil bean' in the womb)we ere just away for 2 weeks
Autumn Breeze's Avatar Autumn Breeze 11:12 PM 11-23-2005
I look when I remember too :
Melaniee's Avatar Melaniee 06:57 PM 11-26-2005
I'm here!

Maybe we should do an update thread?
hemo-mommy's Avatar hemo-mommy 07:17 PM 12-05-2005
I'm here! I peek in sometimes.