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October 2005 > Well, I guess I'll go first then!
teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 04:56 PM 02-02-2005
So sorry to hear of your losses......

andreac's Avatar andreac 05:11 PM 02-02-2005
s greensleeves and ilovelife, I'm so sorry for your losses.
P-chan's Avatar P-chan 07:47 PM 02-02-2005
Hugs to greensleeves and ilovelife--I wish you all the best.
erth mama's Avatar erth mama 02:33 AM 02-07-2005
Hi all !
I just found out this afternoon that i am pregnant with my first! You all are the only ones i've told ( other than my partner). I am kind of in shock even though it was a planned conscious conception. Went for a walk by the sea and cried at the beauty of the world. thanks for being here, I plan on keeping this a secret for awhile, so being a part of this group will be great. nice to meet you all on this sacred path.
erth mama's Avatar erth mama 02:36 AM 02-07-2005
omigosh, i am so sorry ....i posted to the wrong one, i dont use computers alot.
I am so sorry for your loss, i have had a loss in the past as well.
again i am soo sorry about the wrong posting . much love
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