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allgirls's Avatar allgirls 01:09 PM 02-15-2005
I am a little concerned as I don't feel pregnant. I have slightly sore breasts and odd queasiness...but that's it. I can't remember how soon I felt regular symptoms last time...I know each pregnancy is different but I guess I wish I felt a little more pregnant since last month was a loss...I will worry about this baby until I feel movement.

I am not even as tired as I feel I should be...of course it's early days yet. I don't remember when all my symptoms kicked in last time...I think it was right away but I am not sure..

Do you "feel" pregnant?

One thing though, I have lost my appetite a bit, have even lost a wee bit of weight but my tummy is already sticking out a tad(#4..we are not very tight in there anymore)

GenMomof4+1's Avatar GenMomof4+1 02:28 PM 02-15-2005
Each one is different. And if you have a 19 month old to chase after it may be hard to pay attention to your body too. I had one pregnancy where I didn't feel any early symptoms and all was well. This time I sure do feel it though. Lately I've been so sweaty even if I take a shower the night before I need one in the AM.
firstlovesnbaby's Avatar firstlovesnbaby 02:33 PM 02-15-2005
I am still very early. 7 weeks. My nipples have no gotten sore and I am very tired. I have a 2 year old though so tiredness could be from either!
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 05:03 PM 02-15-2005
yes, i totally feel pregnant. i'm also in my seventh week...and since probably about the week after i conceived, i had headaches and my sense of smell was increased MAJORLY. the week after that my boobs started growing and are now super heavy and sore. like SORE. and bigger =) (which is good because i'm an a...or was ) so yeah. now i've got like a billion symptoms. puking. all day nausea. headaches. tummy aches. everything. moody. blah.
it's so worth it though

this is our first.
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 05:44 PM 02-15-2005
Well, I definitely feel pregnant now but early on I was only hungrier and kinda tired. It kicked in at about 6 weeks, so not sure if you're there yet. But I have had plenty of friends who said they didn't feel pregnant til the fourth month or so and all was well.
aishy's Avatar aishy 07:17 PM 02-15-2005
Symptoms kicked in right away for me this time, and last time I remember (well I have a pregnancy journal I kept online so I refer back to it) they kicked in pretty early as well. I am pretty sure with the first two they didn't start quite as early but I don't know for sure. I had a pregnancy journal with my second as well, and it is in my (desktop) computer hard drive somewhere, I should look for it.

It does help ease your mind to have a few symptoms, I hope yours start full on for you soon

Forevermama's Avatar Forevermama 07:24 PM 02-15-2005
I just feel sick and tired. Nausea and vomiting kicked in yesterday. I'm 6w3d, and normally stay sick for the 1st 5 months Hoping this one weill be a little easier one me.
Serenity's Avatar Serenity 08:42 PM 02-15-2005
i started feeling nauseas at 5 weeks and it hasn't let up so i definitely feel pg
leahdbc's Avatar leahdbc 12:19 AM 02-16-2005
Originally Posted by Serenity
i started feeling nauseas at 5 weeks and it hasn't let up so i definitely feel pg
Me too! I most certainly feel pregnant - how could i not with constant morning sickness, urgh.
troymama's Avatar troymama 12:38 AM 02-16-2005
Hi! popping my head in from the August thread, but just so you know, I'm 13 weeks and don't feel one bit pregnant. (Except for the need to eat cottage cheese on toasted whole wheat bagel almost every morning - does that count?) Just saw the baby yesterday, s/he seems very busy in there so I know its all OK!
KermitMissesJim's Avatar KermitMissesJim 03:34 AM 02-16-2005
Heck yeah! All day, every day, I fight fatigue and nauseousness. Blech.
OliveGirl's Avatar OliveGirl 09:23 PM 02-16-2005
I feel a bit pregnant, but not as much as I did with my DS. I feel seasick/queasy at various times during the day and am really tired. The food aversions aren't too bad this time around and I'm craving salt like made. The first time around I think I lived on string cheese, peanut butter, and cold cereal during my first trimester because those were the only foods I could handle! So I have to say that I'm a bit worried because I don't feel too bad, but I'm just thinking positive thoughts that maybe I'm getting off easier this time around!
mauiwith3's Avatar mauiwith3 11:28 PM 02-16-2005
I am around 5 weeks and do not feel pregnant just tired.