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October 2005 > has anyone picked or narrowed down names yet?
Harper's Avatar Harper 05:43 PM 06-09-2005
My daughter's name will be Astrid. We haven't come up with a middle name yet. It was a relief that she was to be a girl because we couldn't figure out a boy's name!

But the chances of her picking Randolph or Esther are slim to none, y'know?
Maybe but Madonna's Kabbalah name is Ester and hasn't Britney been wearing her red string bracelet a lot recently. (Oh why oh why do I know either of these things. : )

*green*faery*'s Avatar *green*faery* 04:13 AM 06-10-2005
We find out next week the sex of the baby, but we still want a couple boy and girl names picked out. I have meet way to many people who say there doctor was sure it was a girl/boy, but then came out the opposite! So just in case...

For a girl, so far...
Violet Catherine (Catherine is my moms name)
Meadow Catherine ( we have dreams of having a vineyard some day and my husband likes the name Meadow Cat Vineyards, hehehe)

For a boy...
nothing??? We can't find a boys name we really like! We have a few middle names we like, but our favorite is Tosh (after Peter Tosh, the musician)
Any suggestions for boys names? We like different, crunchy, earthy boy names. My very favorite is Ocean, but I know its pretty feminine and I wouldn't, but I love it! Oh, and the first name needs to be two or more syllables (our last name is 3)

edd 10/29/05
erth mama's Avatar erth mama 04:25 PM 06-10-2005
Those are great names you have goin on! I have a friend growing up whose name was Meadow and it suited her so well and it is such a pleasure to say. Interestingly my good friend now has a 3 year old she named Tosh, I have never heard this anywhere else, I love that name too. Both names are unique but not so out there that the kids will be truamatized. For Ocean I was thinking about that the other day and was looking it up in different lauguages, The only one I remember right now was Kai- Ocean in hawaiian.
OliveGirl's Avatar OliveGirl 03:19 PM 06-14-2005
DH is being a stinker about discussing names. Whenever I bring up some of my favorites, he either hates them or is totally ambivalent about them. And he hasn't suggested anything yet. Gah!

We're having a girl and so far I like:

IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 03:32 PM 06-14-2005
I thought I posted on here, but I guess not. I did a huge name poll a while back on the main pregnancy board, but it didntn get much response.

We are having our third daughter. We like classic names, aside from classic we are more open to unique names than modern/common/trendy names.

Our first two daughters are:
Grace Ellen Amelia
Lillian Hazel Judaea

Our formula for the name has been first name being a name we just like, middle name honoring a family member, and second middle honoring a family friend.

The complete name I like best right now is Laura Katharine Mallory. Laura because I like it, Katharine to honor a woman at church, and Mallory to honor one of my immigrant ancestors from England. We would call her Laura Kate. I love it, my daughters love it, and the baby responds to it. I would guess that this will be her name, but I will keep a list open for when I see her.

I also like:

Genevieve Margaret Mackay (mick EYE, Scottish family name). I'd call her Evie or Eve.

Magdalene Sophia Elisabeth (Magdalene to honor a family friend, same for Sophia, and Elisabeth is a family name). We would call her Maddie rather than Maggie, as the family friend we would be honoring is someone we see several times a week and goes by Maggie!)

Victoria Blue (Blue was my grandma's remarried last name)

Miriam Elisabeth

Emmaline Anna Rose (anna for my mom ann, and rose for another relative)

Gemma Florence (Gemma becuase it's LIKE Emma but not exactly, and Florence to honor my childhood friend Flossie and my great grandma)

Abigail Bronwyn Machaira

Annika Rose

Felicity Fallon Emmaline

It's so funny to look at these names and think "wow, in October, Im going to have a child with one of these names! And I dont know which one it will be!"
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 09:58 PM 06-14-2005
Laura Kate is very cute! I also love Annika Rose .

We thought we had narrowed down to two names, one for a boy one for a girl. Now we have a list of names for boys and girls and we like them all. So we are in the same boat. Not knowing which name until the babe is born.

For girls:
Abigail Jordan
Angelica Grace
Autumn Olivia
Haley Grace
Sara Elizabeth
Sara Angelica
Savanah Cate
Savanah Grace

For boys:
Avery Alexander
Cullen Avery
Jonathan Avery
Jonathan William
Trevor Alexander
*green*faery*'s Avatar *green*faery* 02:37 AM 06-17-2005
Well now that I know I'm having a boy, I'm on a quest to find his name. I can't seem to find one!

erth mama~ We really like Kia, but with our last name we want a two+ syllable first name.

I like earthy, unique, crunchy names. I've looked on the past post about crunchy names, but still haven't found one. Any suggestions?? I also like some old fashion names and ethnic names.

boy: edd 10/29/05
Declan'sMama's Avatar Declan'sMama 02:47 PM 06-17-2005
I have a distant past male relative who's name was Stormy. I also thought of Journey. We are having a girl so these are out for us. Hope it triggers something. Good luck!
Czen:)'s Avatar Czen:) 05:10 PM 06-17-2005
Declan'sMama - I always thought of Journey as a female name. In fact if we have a girl we are planning on naming her Annike Journey. Has it been used as a mans name in the past?

ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 08:47 PM 06-17-2005
I've only heard of it as a girls name.
With different spelling.
Jurnee I think...
something like that :LOL
Czen:)'s Avatar Czen:) 08:56 PM 06-17-2005
I just realized I mis-spelled my baby's name and she isn't even born yet! The name will be Annika Journey! -this is me assuming it will be another girl!

Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 09:44 PM 06-17-2005
Oh I just love the name Annika . Annika Journey, that is such a great name. My DH is so picky about names. He cringes when I put together names like Autumn Sky, or anything out of the ordinary. He calls it "hokey". Anyway, just rambling. Beautiful name.
magickmama's Avatar magickmama 09:56 PM 06-17-2005
Originally Posted by Worldshakerz
My DH is so picky about names. He cringes when I put together names like Autumn Sky, or anything out of the ordinary. He calls it "hokey".
My name is Autumn!
Czen:)'s Avatar Czen:) 10:05 PM 06-17-2005
Thanks for the positive feedback Worldshakerz! We haven't told anyone IRL because I expect some negative comments (especially from the inlaws!). Its nice to hear that someone else likes it as much as we do!

Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 10:21 PM 06-17-2005
magickmama, that's hilarious. He does like the name Autumn though! He just doesn't like it with the middle name Sky. The thing that's "hokey" to him is that with the name Autumn Sky the first name is describing the second name. Anyhow, I love your name . We may go with Autumn Olivia if it's a girl.

Czen, we're not telling anyone IRL either for the same reason. Yeah, what's up with the inlaws? LOL
*green*faery*'s Avatar *green*faery* 03:09 AM 06-25-2005
I know I have plenty of time, but I am obsessing over finding a name. I can't find one! I've looked at a few books and tons and tons of websites, but nothing stands out! The only two we really have on our list, bit I don't feel that they are his name, is:
Jayden Tosh
Ocean Tosh

I want to know his name!!
I got a new book today called "Cool Names for Babies", I should have just looked through it at the store, because I found nothing. Boys names are hard!

#1 edd 10/29/05
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