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October 2005 > What's in your newborn diaper stash?
amanda2b2's Avatar amanda2b2 11:51 PM 07-27-2005
This is what I have so far. I have a few things coming from another MDC mom as soon as I get her a MO in the mail. and Ithink I am going to order another dozen preemie prefolds. This is my first time using cloth on a newborn so feel free to tell me if I need more. We didn't start Ashlie in cloth till she was 8 months old and we just waited till Aidan fit into her diapers before switching him.

AIO's (4)
aqngelwraps aio
honeyboy aio
1 vk Aio
xs HH

Fitteds (12)
4 wahm nb fitteds
nanipoos nb
batik nb
nb poochies
2 size 0 Kissaluvs
1 Dappi newborn
Lukes draws small contour
mommyhearts fitted small

8 dyed indian infant prefolds
3 dyed preemie CPF

Covers (5)
fmbg nb shell
nb woold cover blue
nb wool cover red
1 abycadabra cover
1 prowrap newborn

Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 11:59 PM 07-27-2005
We have nothing for the newborn stash yet. We are getting down to the wire here and crunching numbers to just pay our new midwife at least half of what's due before the baby is born. I will probably just end up getting a good stash of chinese prefolds and then I'd really like to make some fitted type diapers if I can swing getting a sewing machine.
onlyboys's Avatar onlyboys 12:36 AM 07-28-2005
Thus far, I have made about 5 newborn dipes, and I have 2 bummis covers and one bumpy day print cover.

I just ordered the VB pattern so I should be cranking them out soon!
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 12:37 AM 07-28-2005
i have a dozen newborn Schnooglywears on the way, about 8 KL 0's , several random pockets and fitteds, and about 1 1/2 dozen CPFs. I've also got tons of random covers that people have given me. I'm hoping not to buy anything else.
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 12:44 AM 07-28-2005
I have about 30 DSQ flat diapers and about 25 fuzzibunz smalls.

I need a few new kinds of diapers, Im asking for the for this baby at showers/as gifts if people actually want to give me what I want instead of registry junk.

I need mediums and larges as far as covers, since I only CD'd till she outgrew the smalls last time!
movingon's Avatar movingon 01:01 AM 07-28-2005
For a couple reasons, we haven't even started. :

My friend wanted to throw a shower for me, and another friend promised to lend me the hand-me-downs from their daughter, who is just turning a year old in Sept. I wanted to wait until then to fill in what I can't get.

We also just moved into a new place and it seems like every time we move, the expenses get exponentially higher and we haven't recovered yet, the finance company is having our house auctioned off at the beginning of August (there's so much emotional baggage going with that house... sigh...) and I'm consulting with a new midwife the first week of August, too.

I do hope I get lots and lots of hand-me-downs. And thankfully, I can sidecar the crib that my b-i-l had in storage for the time my s-i-l was babysitting.

I am still in shock I'm even pregnant, after years of thinking my son would be an only child... so much to do!

Ah well... this too shall pass...
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 01:25 AM 07-28-2005
I have 12 brandy new motherease along with 4 covers and 6 liners
a dozen flannel fitted diapers that are really nice but I have no idea what brand...there is no label and someone gave them to me...I think they might be home made...I also have a ton of flannel to make some prefolds as well...but I might be ok with the dozen I have sothen I will use the flannel for larger diapers...we will see.
runes's Avatar runes 01:59 AM 07-28-2005
So far we have:

6 Fuzzibunz
6 Microterry inserts
12 Newborn CPF
6 Premium CPF
6 Regular CPF
10 Kissaluv 0's
3 S Under the Nile organic fitteds
bunch of Snappis
3 NB Bummis SWW covers
1 S Bummis SWW cover
1 S Bumpkins cover
1 S Prorap cover
1 S Rolie Polie Baby wool cover

I might get another dozen or so of UBCPF's and I need to buy cloth wipes and then I think we're set for a while. We're also planning to EC, anyone else also thinking about this?

I LOOOOVE looking at hyena dipes but I don't think that I'll end up a true hyena myself. Slings, on the other hand...oh, my goodness, there are so many gorgeous ones out there!!
amanda2b2's Avatar amanda2b2 03:48 AM 07-28-2005
I love checking out the hyena diapers also. Some are so cute. I even got this babe a pair of longies from Irish Baby knits not exactly hyena but I had to wait 7 months to make the custom list.I plan on saving them and giving them to her for her babies. I love babybloomrs and wish i could find one of those cheap. I refuse to pay 25- 30 dollars for fitted or AIO diapers. If I can get them second hand for a decent price I will but I use cloth to save money not to break the bank.lol
FitMama's Avatar FitMama 04:57 AM 07-30-2005
Just wraps and all the washcloths from DS that I'm actually still using to clean his toddlin' bum. We use a service since I work outside the home. I have a decent stash for toddlers, but nothing for newborns.
Patti Ann's Avatar Patti Ann 01:56 PM 07-30-2005
No newborn stash here. I sold it after Fiona outgrew them because dh said she was our last. I do have mostly girly dipes loaned out to a friend right now, so we'll see if I need them back. Lots of lukes drawers, ME airflows, one sugarpeas wool cover, aristocrat and bumpy wool. My hyena diapers haven't really held up well though. SOS, sugarpeas prints etc.

This time I think I will use ME Sandies again and airflow covers. They now come in size small. I might also get a few kissaluvs size 0's. The size 1's I had were never terrribly absorbant, but I will be changing a newborn much more often. I've never tried prefolds, but I just love the simplicity of fitteds and how they keep those explosive BM poops in. Anyone have any great recomendations for something I should try for this one? Nighttime diapering?

amanda2b2's Avatar amanda2b2 11:48 PM 07-30-2005
Patti I use happy Hempys for my toddler at night I use a wool cover or wool pants over them. I have never had a leak. I am not buying any specific night time diapers for the baby just yet becasue I figure I will be up at night changing her.
onlyboys's Avatar onlyboys 02:39 PM 07-31-2005
For the first couple of months anyway, I do changes throughout the night. I mean, I'm generally awake most of the night in increments anyway.

I'm so excited about making my stash. It's the first time for me.
oetien's Avatar oetien 04:43 PM 07-31-2005
-double post-
oetien's Avatar oetien 04:44 PM 07-31-2005
I don't think I have all I need yet!

I only have..
12 cpf infant size
6 newborn fitteds (up to 12 lbs)
6 infant fitteds (6-18 lbs)
24 infant fitteds (12-20 lbs)

and the covers:
4 bummis sww size S
5 proraps size M

I'm really2 cheap, coz I have no $$
What do you think I should get to complete my stash?
MerelyGod's Avatar MerelyGod 01:33 PM 08-01-2005
Ooh, I always wanted to post on one of these threads and now I finally have a stash to post (which is good, because I'm due in a week!).

I've never used any of these before except the infant prefolds, so I can't wait to try out all the different covers (my plan is to order my favorites in the larger sizes). I'd love to find a Kiwi Pie (I'll never be a good hyena) and I'm debating whether to get a Fuzbomb, but they're so pricey I may wait and get it in a larger size like I did with the Mai Mais (OK, except I didn't wait and medium was all she had in stock).

So far I have:

24 Preemie prefolds
24 Infant prefolds
12 Kissaluvs 0
6 Snugglebottoms without velcro

NB Covers
1 Nikky wool
1 Nikky poly
1 Litewrap
1 Tiny Hinnie
1 Bumpy wool cover
2 Bumpy day covers

SM Covers
1 Merino Sugarpea
2 Jersey Sugarpeas
1 Polar Baby
1 Bummi SWW
1 Stacinator stretch
1 Doodlebottoms

MD Covers
1 Mai Mai BB merino
1 Mai Mai BB wool

30 Cloth wipes
6 cotton doublers
2 small and 1 large duffy sacks
kerc's Avatar kerc 05:37 PM 08-01-2005
nb stash...dh and I were talking about this last night. Last time we used some covers + prefolds and then we had kissaluvs size 0. I sold both the kissaluvs and covers in a "need $$ for next size up" kinda moment.

I'm making about 10 fitteds for this baby. I've sewn about 10 honeyboy style pocket diapers.

We also have about 20 fitteds size small I made for dd, 15 fuzzibunz size smallish and a handful of mediums.

to anyone who's said they have like 12 cpfs: My advice would be get the infant sized ones and get like 24 ish. The tiny ones are handy when they are itty (also sold in above mentioned sale), but we used infant ones to stuff pocket dipes and as doublers until about 2 months ago. We finally had to move up to bigger diapers because dd would pee all at once and soak right through the diaper at daycare.

The infant sized prefolds and also the "normal" sized (white? I think) prefolds are handy as burp cloths, for stuffing your bra against nursing leaks in the night, etc.
counterGOPI's Avatar counterGOPI 08:33 AM 08-02-2005
so far i have like 50 prefolds, 12 fitted NB, 12 doublers,3 AIO NB and 3 fitted covers NB.. i still need a lot more,huh? im still so confused with what i need to buy that im afraid to buy anything!!
Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 03:53 PM 08-02-2005
My main stash consists of 24 unbleached infant prefolds and 4 small mother-ease air flow covers.

I also have 6 Kissaluv 0's, 3 small Fuzzi Bunz, several newborn and small Bummis covers, a dozen or so flats, and a sampler of other diapers and covers.

Should be plenty! I have my prefolds and covers stacked on a shelf in the dining room so I can admire them all evening long. So cute and soft and fluffy
kerc's Avatar kerc 04:12 PM 08-02-2005
Originally Posted by counterGOPI
so far i have like 50 prefolds, 12 fitted NB, 12 doublers,3 AIO NB and 3 fitted covers NB.. i still need a lot more,huh? im still so confused with what i need to buy that im afraid to buy anything!!
personally I wouldn't buy anything else except:
small diapers of some kind
perhaps a few more nb sized or small sized covers
snappis if you think you're going to be a snappi kind of family

Wait until you've done it to know what works for your family (and this particular kiddo)!!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 10:12 PM 08-02-2005
Oh my...
I do not know what I have- whatever is cheap!
I have about
11 fitteds
4 aio's
5 proraps
How many covers is good.
Should I get smalls- not nb?
I am so confused- and what are snappis-
Oh my.
I need to do more research and just stop buying what is cheap and even cute!
oetien's Avatar oetien 11:02 PM 08-02-2005
Originally Posted by Emilie
Oh my...
I am so confused- and what are snappis-
check this out!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 11:41 PM 08-02-2005
OK- so there is some type of fastener on the snappi that clips to the diaper?
that sounds great.
I will try to get some.
akemi's Avatar akemi 12:46 AM 08-11-2005
So far I have
1 Motherease One Size
1 Medium Airflow (I ordered this but I think I should have gotten small, I don't know what on earth I was thinking!)
3 Fuzzi Bunz Seconds that I won on Ebay but don't actually have yet
20 Indisposable fitteds from Ebay (also not received yet. I bid on these because they were cheap, but after bidding I did some research ( doh - wrong way around I know) and it seems that lots of people think that they aren't that absorbant. The interior is a rayon/polyester mix which doesn't really sound all that absorbant either so I guess we'll see)

A friend is also going to send me her used popolinos which are apparently like motherease and some covers, so I'm kind of waiting on that to see what else I will need.

I want to buy some chinese prefolds, but do I need infant or preemie? Aren't preemie just for .. you know, preemies?

I've been knitting soakers using the LTK patterns, and I have 3 ribby hybrids and 1 ribby wrap completed so far. And one tiny birds soaker. I taught myself to knit just for these I hope my baby can tolerate the wool! (I'm allergic to it myself, but I used merino and it bothers me a lot less)

Also I wanted to get some cloth wipes, but they seem like they would be easy to make so I was thinking about doing that... without a serger it might be difficult though?

I'm getting obsessed with diapers though
kerc's Avatar kerc 05:17 PM 08-11-2005
Originally Posted by akemi
Also I wanted to get some cloth wipes, but they seem like they would be easy to make so I was thinking about doing that... without a serger it might be difficult though?
not at all. use the turn and topstitch method:
find some fabric. Cut fabric into squares (I use 8 x 8 inch). Put right sides of fabric together, stitch around 80% of the way around. Turn right side out. Then topstitch all the way around, tucking the ends into the hole you just turned. I ironed and pined the first ones I did.

I made about 80 percent of ours that way. I just got a serger this winter and it is easier, but it isn't terribly hard to begin with.

I prefer flannel on one side, some kind of fabric like terry (old towels) or velour on the other. My dh prefers all flannel.
onlyboys's Avatar onlyboys 09:11 PM 08-11-2005
Akemi, if you wanted to do a trade for fitteds, I'd love some knitted covers. I'm making some PUL ones and I have some wool to work with, but I'd LOVE to trade with you for some knitted ones.

I can make side snapping, or front snapping, and I mostly work with sherpa and hemp because of absorbency, but I'd use whatever you needed.

Let me know!

Maybe a dipe swap for those of us who are making our own would be fun!

akemi's Avatar akemi 11:14 PM 08-11-2005
onlyboys, that sounds fun but I'm not very confident in my finished product As I said, I taught myself to knit to make these, and the whole gauge thing just threw me for a loop so I figured I would just make them and since I'm starting at newborn, they'll fit sometime! (hopefully they're not too small from birth)

They also take me quite awhile to make, but if you're still interested we could give it a shot
akemi's Avatar akemi 11:18 PM 08-11-2005
OH, I forgot to say, I got my indisposables that I won on ebay but wasn't sure I really wanted today in the mail. They seem to be ok. I thought that when it said interior was rayon/polyester they meant the inside of the diaper. Apparently it's the stuffing that is that mix, the entire "surface" of the diaper is cotton, so at least it should be soft. They seem kind of hard right now, but that might just be because of storage or something. And I have a feeling the seller might have bleached them before selling or something because they just have that feel :|
I'll wash them and dry them a few times and hopefully they're useable!

Kerc, thanks for the instructions on making the wipes. I'm definately going to give that a try, I for sure should be able to do that even with my minimal sewing skills! (and for way less than $1 per wipe I'm sure!) My DH will be happy to see me at the sewing machine as he complains about the space it takes up since I've only used it once in the two years since my mom handed it down to me :
Bookworm's Avatar Bookworm 12:44 PM 08-12-2005
Regarding the wipes, you can also use a zig-zag stitch to put the two layers together wrong sides together. That's what I did and they turned out well. You want to use a pretty tight stitch to prevent fraying.

I hope we're going to have enough dipes.

We have 18 organic prefolds, 3 newborn Bummis covers, and I'll probably wind up making about 4 of the newborn size Very Baby All In Ones.

I'm also making 24 Very Baby All In Ones (well, a few will be fitteds instead, but totalling 24) in size small, rather than newborn. They're a bit of trouble and I hated to make so many of something she will outgrow so quickly. Of course, the smalls look awfully tiny too... But I don't want to count on these at first since they probably won't fit for a while.
p.s's Avatar p.s 05:26 PM 08-12-2005
About three homemade wipies. Just can't decide yet...
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