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1st time momma 18 50.00%
2nd time momma 7 19.44%
3rd time momma 3 8.33%
4th time momma 7 19.44%
5th (or more) momma 1 2.78%
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October 2005 > How many first time Mommmies do we have?
amanda2b2's Avatar amanda2b2 01:59 PM 07-29-2005
What pregnancy is this for you? I have three kids. Brandon is 8 Ashlie is 3 and Adian is 1.
This will be number 4 for us.

Carsonsmama's Avatar Carsonsmama 02:05 PM 07-29-2005
This is number two for us.....and hopefully more to come!
onlyboys's Avatar onlyboys 02:32 PM 07-29-2005
#4 for us too! This is our last as well.

Rach's Avatar Rach 03:37 PM 07-29-2005
Number 2 for us!
Our second girl. :P
Patti Ann's Avatar Patti Ann 07:06 PM 07-29-2005
Number 4 for me. This will also be our last. A nice even number. I'm 1 out of 4 and dh is 1 out of 4. Seems like a good number for us.

teachinmaof3's Avatar teachinmaof3 09:12 PM 07-29-2005
4th time Momma here. First boy and last baby.
Czen:)'s Avatar Czen:) 09:44 PM 07-29-2005
I'm pleasently surprised how many 4th timers are here! We are expecting #4 and from the reactions I get you'd think DH & I are a couple of freaks. I'm getting sick of hearing "wow! 4!!!!". We have 3 girls and I'm also tired of people saying we are trying for a boy. 4 girls would be great!

I admit though that I'm glad this is the last. I sure don't enjoy being 30 weeks pregnant! And I know my attitude is probably not going to improve over the next 10 weeks.

Santana's Avatar Santana 12:07 AM 07-30-2005
5th baby for me!
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 12:53 AM 07-30-2005
third baby for me
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 12:56 AM 07-30-2005
#3 for me!
RyvreWillow's Avatar RyvreWillow 12:57 AM 07-30-2005
#3 for us, and i was pretty sure this was going to be our last, but i many moms around (here and elsewhere) with 4 are making me wonder! I refuse to think about it too much though, at least for another year. We're holding off on that vasectomy we planned though
Bookworm's Avatar Bookworm 04:16 AM 07-30-2005
Baby number one!
Sagesgirl's Avatar Sagesgirl 09:29 AM 07-30-2005
Number three for us, though if this one is a boy (after two girls) I will seriously be pushing for a fourth, just so it doesn't look like we stopped after trying successfully for a kid with a penis.
erth mama's Avatar erth mama 02:00 PM 07-30-2005
1st time Mama here.
tattooedjess's Avatar tattooedjess 03:49 PM 07-30-2005
This is my second pregnancy but the first time that its progressed this far (I am almost 30 weeks)
p.s's Avatar p.s 10:25 AM 08-01-2005
First time mommy!
Juliacat's Avatar Juliacat 11:26 AM 08-01-2005
This is our first.