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Uuugh, i'm at 30 weeks now, and it all still feels very unreal. i don't know why--i mean, after having two other kids, you'd think i'd be used to the idea! But i'm completely unprepared. No nesting, nothing is ready. I haven't bought anything; i really don't need to, as there are enough odds and ends of clothes and blankets, etc left over from when Willow was a baby (you know, there are plenty of the necessities that i didn't feel were nice enough to give away). But i don't have the crib or swing any other big baby stuff in the house yet (they're at my grandma's, in storage); i don't even have room for that stuff if i wanted it here, though i keep telling myself i'm going to clear a spot in our bedroom for it. It was alot easier when i had a whole room to use for a nursery with the others! I guess maybe seeing the whole thing evolve, from the furniture to the full dresser drawers, made baby's arrival seem closer and closer. I haven't made a sling yet, haven't bought diapers or anything like that. The bag isn't packed (should it be by now?).

Every time i see pregnant ladies, or someone with a baby, i feel jelous. It takes a conscious effort to go "you know, i'm having one of those too." It's not that i'm not aware of the baby growing in me; i feel her move around all the time, and i think about her all the time, i daydream about the holidays with her, but i don't know; i don't feel like i know her yet.

i'm just kind of floating through this right now.

i'm posting alot today, lol, me me me me me!!! i'm just feeling so crappy right now; not physically, just, i dunno, i want to run away for awhile! There are so many LITTLE things that are just adding up and weighing me down right now; it's like the whole world is imploding on me, one little pebble at a time.

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If anyone had come into my house last week, they would have said anyone who ever let their house get that dirty doesn't need to be having children! LOL, I thought the nesting instinct was just going to skip me altogether! Week 32, I woke up in the night, realizing she was REALLY TRULY coming, I was going to be a mom, and I needed to get my butt in gear! Last night my husband and I pulled the bed apart so I could really get it spotless underneath. Before he got home, I was organizing my light bulbs by wattage. : I'm finally making lists that mention things like diaper ointment. Oh, and I finally got a diaper bag. Before this hit me, I thought I might put it off so long none of it would ever happen. Maybe it'll hit you too in the next week or two? Surely it will!
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it's just hitting me now...a little person is coming to stay...I have been nesting for a while and I think I actually over did it and got really burned out. I am trying to take it easy now for a while but yesterday I washed the new cloth diapers I bought and got all Sophia's baby blankets out. I am soon gonna hit the garage for clothes but I am waiting until the weather cools a bit..it's very hot up there.

I ws thinking the other day...this baby could come now and I amready...sling hanging in closet...diapers...boobs...that's all I need.

The big thing is to organise for the birth...I will be 37wks in 6wks which is full term..last time I got the homebirth kit ready at 35wks...I will probably do the same this time. If I go in labour at 36.5 wks Iwon't be going to the hospital.
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I guess i'm kind of feeling the same way. I keep going to myself, or sometimes out loud to DH, "I can't believe we are going to have a new baby soon!"

We are so not ready right now. I'm still arguing with DH on whether or not we are going to use cloth with the baby. We are back and forth in cloth with DS right now, he's kind of mid-potty training. Sometimes he's in cloth dipes when we go out, sometimes pull-ups. We live in an apartment complex and have to use the laundry center to do laundry, but we never use it. I do laundry at my mom's house to save money. But we only have one car, etc, etc and DH needs it for work so I'm usually over there once a week, sometimes every other week to do laundry. Anyhow maybe we will do what we did with DS, start out with disposable for the first month or two and then change to cloth. Don't know yet. I really want to use cloth, I just need to convince DH to spend the money on the initial newborn stash and also get him to help me a little at least in the beginning.

I've been nesting fof and on. I did recenlty for like a week straight and now I've just been so tired things are getting a litte messy again. I think I need to start going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier and get things done before DS wakes up.

We have nothing for the baby at all...well, a loving home and mama's breasts I need to get a new sling or make one. And decide on the dipes and do something about it soon. And get a few newborn outfits. That's all we really need. More than anything I need to get ready for the birth itself...I still really want to get curtains put up instead of the mini-blinds, and I need to get birth supplies etc.

But all that said, it still does seem hard to believe --- even though I have a very wiggly baby in my belly --- that I will actually have another baby in my arms in the very near future. I'm 4 weeks away from the full term 37 week mark, only 4 weeks away!


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I am going crazy with nesting instincts but don't have enough energy to act on them. Just scrubbing the kitchen counters wears me out. Most of the stuff I want done involves climbing ladders, and I'm a little to clumsy for that right now. I'm still working 40+ hours a week, mostly with my 30 month old in tow, so time at home is usually rest time.

This (second) pregnancy is so different. Last time I had a major purchase to make each month (i.e. carseat, cloth diapers, a crib that was never used, etc.). In some weird way this consumerism made my pregnancy go by pretty quickly, especially near the end. And there were always cute little boy clothes on sale to purchase.

...But now, with boy number two on the way and me being such a sentimentalist saver there is very little material stuff I "need" for my new little guy. Of course you can never have too many cloth diapers.

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I feel the same way. Though this is my first. I'm NOT prepared at all. The only thing I've gotten for her really is diapers and I'm still not even half way prepared with those. I did buy her a few outfits but all of them are in the States now and I won't get them until October or so. But as far as everything else goes, I've got nothing. My Mother In-law supposedly got her (the baby) alot of things - mostly clothes.

And I only feel lazy. No nesting. I just moved into a new place and EVERYTHING is a mess. No curtains (we just stuck blankets up) on the windows, no real bed, no real place to put clothes, etc. I've had no energy to do anything.

Emotionally I don't feel very prepared especially since I have nothing baby-ish around me to remind me. I sort of feel like it's all just a really weird dream and not going to happen. I'm really confused.

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Though I'm definitely nesting, I tend to do that this time of year anyway (summer vacay). I agree that all you need is dipes and boobs, but easy for me to say because I have bins full of DS's old baby clothes all ready to go.

We do wash toddler dipes at home, but we use a service for infant dipes. So I need to get on the phone with the service and get set up again. Other than that, we're probably ready.
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