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allgirls's Avatar allgirls 05:53 PM 09-07-2005
well it almost didn't was rescheduled because there was a birth but the birth went really fast so she got back to the office in they called me and I went in anyway.

It was pretty routine...nice because this week it was with the mw who delivered Sophia..she may or may not be at my birth..she has holidays booked in October which is why she is not my primary mw this time. So heartbeat was 135, measured at 35 wks(I have been a few days ahead the whole way, bp was normal...forget what it was,it's usually pretty low, urine was fine, no protein or glucose.

She also said baby's head is way way down..not 100% engaged but close...usually full engagement takes place in labour for women not having their first...of course baby may bounce up again but she thinks it's pretty settled in. I told her I could feel happened about 2 days ago.

Of course I also forgot to mention that I have been having contractions for the last 2 days and that I have been nauseated and actually threw up this morning

So I got the homebirth supplies...but there was no list of the things I need to buy.

My next appt is in 2 weeks and then I have to see them every week after...I have the next 4 appts booked and that will take me to my due date...

we are rolling right along!

Oh and my next appt is my home visit..nice!

jemaco's Avatar jemaco 09:10 PM 09-07-2005
Congrats on a great appointment!

Carolyn... I know you from somewhere else...
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 09:29 PM 09-07-2005
Originally Posted by jemaco
Congrats on a great appointment!

Carolyn... I know you from somewhere else...

Ok...I am so curious...I have no clue...I pm'd you!