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mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 04:50 PM 11-03-2005
I am so frustrated. I am 41 weeks and 3 days today. If anyone told me at any point in my pregnancy that I would still be "expecting" in November, I would have laughed them to the crazy house. Physically both baby and I are doing great. Mentally I am a basket case. I will be induced on Monday with Cervidil if nothing happens before that. I am trying to buy until Tuesday with my midwife right now, but she won't return my damn call. Don't they give special treatment to women who are almost 42 weeks pregnant????

I have tried almost everything at this point: sex, oral prostolglanding, eggplant, black & blue cohosh, nipple stimulation, walking, acupuncture...

It's very frustrating that my body is not responding to ANYTHING!! It's even more frustrating because people say things like, "Oh, I had acupuncture and went into labor that night." Or sex or whatever. Nothing is working. Now I am so depressed I am sure that is halting me even more. I cried myself to sleep last night after 3 hours of bawling and I have already cried for an hour today. I thought maybe if I made the baby feel sorry for me he would come out.

I'm so scared that they will induce me with the Cervidil and that won't work and then I'll get the pit drip, which will put me through the roof and then I'll want an epidural, which will slow things down and then I'll end up with a c-section. I'm not usually such a pessimist, but I think I am really depressed. Dh is trying to be supportive, but him telling me "there's nothing we can do" isn't really helping. And regardless of how sweet he is, he has NO idea how I am feeling right now. Hardly any of my friends have ever made it past 40 weeks so they have no idea either. They are also telling me just to give up on the idea of my peaceful, natural water birth at the birth center and focus on having a healthy baby doing anything it takes.


rosie_plus_one's Avatar rosie_plus_one 04:55 PM 11-03-2005
I was induced with cervadal at 41 weeks 6 days, and it was just the little push that my body needed. I started light contractions after 2 hours and they pulled the cervadal a few hours early because the contractions were coming a bit fast. I had a wonderful birth, and was so happy to have my little guy after waiting for so long.

Chin up momma - you can make the best of anything.
peilover010202's Avatar peilover010202 04:57 PM 11-03-2005
Oh Susan, you need big (((HUGS)))!

I thought of one thing I tried with my ds - evening primrose oil caps - inserted vaginally. It it supposed to thin the cervix. And, I believe it did the job for me - at 3 weeks before my edd, I inserted 1, then again 3 days later. 2 weeks before edd, my first internal, I was 80% thinned and 3cm dilated. Can't say for sure it helped, but my water broke 5 days later...

You may ask your mw if epo is something she might recommend....

Also, wanted to tell you for some peace of mind - I ended up needed pit because my water had broken and 20 hours had gone by with minimal dilation - they told me pit or c-section. Of course, I went for the pit - and still had a natural labor - no epi!! It can be done

bluets's Avatar bluets 05:10 PM 11-03-2005
wasn't quite in the same boat, but i was induced with pit and didn't get an epi. it helped that labor is fast in our family but also i refused to sign epi consent forms. that indicated to the nursing staff that i was truly serious about no pain meds, and they did a lot to help facilitate that desire. labor support and lots of change of position helped as well.
mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 05:18 PM 11-03-2005
Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I had pit last time after 17 hours of labor and it made me a nasty, nasty woman within about 5 minutes. I was not prepared to have it though, and perhaps that is why I felt I needed the epi.

I might add here that I have had NO contractions to speak of so far and on Tuesday I had NO dilation and a thick cerivx.

A question about EPO: Does it soften the cervix or thin it? I asked my midwife about it and she told me it softens it and my cervix is already is just thick.

Thanks for your help.
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 08:23 PM 11-03-2005
honey, I so could have written that post! (actually I think I did write something similar over in Nov) I completly understand how you feel, I've been overdue for so long now. I really need to get her out soon because of bp issues and the fact that I most likely have pre-e. I've tried it all, nothing I have done has produced ANY signs of labor. I just got back from the accupuncture and I'm actually experiencing something going on, I've had several contractions and either my water broke or I'm leaking a lot of fluids, I got home and my underwear was soaked, but I never felt anything like water breaking. I'm still reluctant to think this may actually be it, but still slightly hopeful. Nothing will work though if the baby isn't ready. Relax and focus on the baby comming out, talk to him/her, make sure there's nothing holding you back emotionally from going into labor. Trust me, I know how hard this is, doing all the stuff that works for everyone else but not you makes you feel almost like your body just doesn't know HOW to go into labor. I'm just not starting to accept the fact that she won't come til she's ready no matter what I do, and I've been due for over 3 weeks now. Everyone WILL go into labor at some point, it is literally impossible to stay pregnant forever.
*green*faery*'s Avatar *green*faery* 09:36 PM 11-03-2005

I'm in a similar situation, but I'll be 41w on Sat. I am not dilated, baby is still high and my cervix is not ripe. I spent last night at the birthing center and got Cervidil... but so far it hasn't done anything. They let me go home and wanted to try Cervidil again tonight and then Pit the next day if it didn't work, luckily after talking to my midwife we rescheduled for Sun for more Cervidil. The night at the birthing center was hell. I wanted to walk out and never come back! They had me on the fetal monitoring thing sooooo much, it was so uncomfortable, I think the stupid machine wasn't working right so they kept having to redo it and would leave it on for hours. The one good thing is I found out I am having contractions, I just can't feel them (this is my 1st) I've been taking epo since my edd. I don't want pit, they said I would have the monitor on the whole time if I had Pit.

I've really searched inside and I don't feel that I'm holding him back for emotional reasons and I did a lot of visualizations last night at the hospital. I don't know. I'm not that late, it's just frustrating when you find out your body is not even really gearing up yet!!!!

Hopefully this weekend will be productive
mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 10:04 PM 11-03-2005
bailey228 and *green*faery* and anyone else still waiting...

I'm so sorry you all are going through this too. I wouldn't ever wish it on my worst enemy.

All I want to do is relax and enjoy my last few days with my 2.5 y/o and hubby and that is exactly what I am going to do. I do have another NST tomorrow-I am allowing them 10 minutes and then unstrapping myself, then another acupuncture appt, and then one last check with a midwife at 3 in the afternoon. If there is any dilation I will have her strip my membranes or go ahead and pop that comfy bag of water holding him in there.

I have also talked my midwife into one last check on monday morning but if nothing is going on it's hospital and cervidil for me.

Hang in there ladies. They will be in our arms soon!

alegna's Avatar alegna 10:21 PM 11-03-2005
Not in your group, but had to respond.

You're not even overdue yet. Normal gestation is 37-42 weeks. In your shoes I would not do any tests, much less induce. Relax. Babies come when they're ready.

mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 10:52 PM 11-03-2005
I have no option after Monday. On the day you are 42 weeks they induce. I am not comfy with UC, so it's my only option. Also, I am positive on my date of conception.
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 11:01 PM 11-03-2005
Have you tried castor oil???

There's an option I wouldn't want to do but as a last resort (I was almost there!) I would down the bottle!!
mamas2atti's Avatar mamas2atti 11:08 PM 11-03-2005
I plan on doing that tomorrow night!
mzfern's Avatar mzfern 11:21 PM 11-03-2005
Saw this on the "New Posts" and I couldn't read without responding. Hugs to you Baby, baby, it's time to come out now!
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 11:27 PM 11-03-2005
I would take oral EPO (evening primrose oil) but not take it vaginally. I think taking EPO vaginally caused my 1 hr 15 minute precipitous labor that was NOT fun and extremely difficult to manage (Ive had 2 children no meds already, this labor was like a runaway horse). My midwife's textbook said that it only recommends EPO for first time moms and/or women who have a history of not dilating or effacing and needing to be induced. If you have had short labors, for instance, you should not take it vaginally, as it may cause "a loose cervix". Thats just what her textbook said. And truly, an hour and 15 minutes sounds like a great awesome short labor, but it was not. It was fairly traumatic.

It may be that you are a goode candidate for EPO. I would speak to a midwife in your area about it before I took it though.
alegna's Avatar alegna 01:00 AM 11-04-2005
Originally Posted by mamas2atti
I have no option after Monday. On the day you are 42 weeks they induce. I am not comfy with UC, so it's my only option. Also, I am positive on my date of conception.
You always have an option. They can't induce you if you refuse (or don't show up) They WILL attend you when you show up in labor.

Stand strong mama. Induction (or breaking your water) at this point is asking for a section.

*green*faery*'s Avatar *green*faery* 03:38 AM 11-04-2005
Originally Posted by alegna
Not in your group, but had to respond.

You're not even overdue yet. Normal gestation is 37-42 weeks. In your shoes I would not do any tests, much less induce. Relax. Babies come when they're ready.

My midwifes are pushing me a little due to my bp going up and my swelling in my legs/wrist/face...but no protein in my urine or anything. They must have asked me 20 times last night if I had a headache or am seeing spots! I'm not really standing up for things as much as I thought I would, but it's my first baby and I have family from out of town starring at me Of coarse it's my decision, I could always just say no, but I want this baby out too!
mamabeth's Avatar mamabeth 11:59 AM 11-04-2005
Just wanted to send you a and support. Hope the baby comes soon. I went to 43 weeks which almost gave my backup doc a coronary but just know that you can refuse any procedure and they cannot drop you at this point...they have to give you 30 days notice or else it's abandonment. I tried everything as well...I think these babes just come when they feel like it.

I hope the baby shows up soon though...I know it's so very hard.
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 04:43 PM 11-04-2005
thinking of you!! hoping the weekend brings a baby!!