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ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 12:51 PM 11-07-2005
can we have a thread where we all post pictures? i'm too lazy to go through the entire board to find the babies

bath time
bath time #2
nudie pants
happy haye
chubby baby
heads up
the pooping face

MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 02:02 PM 11-07-2005
he is sooo lovely!~
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 02:18 PM 11-07-2005
Great idea...he's gorgeous!

Here is my sweetie!
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 06:20 PM 11-07-2005
she is beautiful!
Mandalaia's Avatar Mandalaia 10:31 PM 11-07-2005
Kahlan's pictures are in her photo gallery:
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 10:39 PM 11-07-2005
Originally Posted by Mandalaia
Kahlan's pictures are in her photo gallery:
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 12:30 AM 11-08-2005
kahlan's hair is sooo awesome.
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 01:08 AM 11-08-2005
ryleee...he is so sweet looking. That poopie face picture made me laugh. Piper does that face too and she also wrinkles her brow.

Allgirls and mandalaia, you have some gorgeous baby girls.

Here's my sweet baby girl:

Sweetie Piper

Jakob and Piper
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 03:49 AM 11-08-2005
Great idea!! Here's my little bug

ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 07:36 AM 11-08-2005
what cute kids we make
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 06:21 PM 11-08-2005
lovnbnhome's Avatar lovnbnhome 09:41 PM 11-08-2005
Martina is so sweet!! Does she have reddish hair?
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 11:07 PM 11-08-2005
Originally Posted by lovnbnhome
Martina is so sweet!! Does she have reddish hair?

You bet! It's strawberry blondish...very light and definitely red!
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 11:59 PM 11-08-2005
allgirls...sweet sweet picture. Pretty in pink . My DD has that same light strawberry blondish color...I had that color when I was little too but darn it turned dark brown. I hope my DD keeps it, its so darn cute.
Rach's Avatar Rach 03:16 PM 11-09-2005
Rylee! In the second bath pic, it looks like he's shocked the frog is on his boy parts!!
April, does Piper have green eyes?
Martina is a little doll!! So cute!
Kahlan really is Daddy's little girl...look how big that onesie is on her!
White is a good color on Noah!
Beautiful babies everyone!!!
Rach's Avatar Rach 03:22 PM 11-09-2005
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 04:26 PM 11-09-2005
the frog pictures make me laugh.
more pictures in my signature!

i love the kids.
ana is cute, no gas, just LOVE!
Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 06:01 PM 11-09-2005
All the babes are so beautiful, kisses to each of them.

Here are some pics of both my dd's:

Kayleigh pretty in pink

Sweet sleep after a shower

Proud momma

Why am i in this thing????

Happy halloweeny

Jaguar Lyssa

Sorry for so many, can you tell im a happy and proud momma
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 09:49 PM 11-09-2005
we have that same bouncy seat in our bathroom, i put haye in it when i shower.

beautiful kids =)
Bookworm's Avatar Bookworm 12:39 PM 11-10-2005
Awww, everybody's so pretty! Such a happy due date club with such happy babies! Yay! Here's the new love of my life, Jane:

So far, what we know of her personality is that her favorite things in the world are the boobs and the mobile above her changing table.
She knows the sound of my slippers and has a Pavlovian hunger response, so if I want to take a bath or eat a snack while hubby holds her, I have to take off my slippers.
ryleeee's Avatar ryleeee 01:46 PM 11-10-2005
holy smokes she has a TON of hair!
it's super.
lspelle's Avatar lspelle 07:37 AM 11-12-2005
They are all soooooooooooooo cute!!!

Here is my little prince!
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 11:25 AM 11-12-2005
Rach, Piper has dark blue eyes. I think the are just reflecting some green from the blanket in that picture

Wow, so many of your babies have such full heads of hair! So adorable!
emmasmommy's Avatar emmasmommy 04:04 PM 11-12-2005
Everyone has such beautiful babies!!!

Here are a couple pictures of Annika

Big Sister Emma had a tough time converting her stroller back to the pram for the new baby, so this was her solution

Not very happy in the swing!

Peacefully sleeping in the pram/portable bassinette (taken just a few minutes ago)
elizaveta's Avatar elizaveta 08:36 PM 11-12-2005

Here's an album with alot of pictures of my dd.
JillyD's Avatar JillyD 09:36 PM 11-12-2005
Finally - i have gotten some photos up...
Here are a couple pictures of Rowan
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 11:36 PM 11-12-2005
aww beautiful babies!
Worldshakerz's Avatar Worldshakerz 12:55 AM 11-13-2005
emmasmommy, what a cutie you have. The last picture of her reminds me a lot of my DD

JillyD, Rowan is a cuite pie too.

elizavita, you also have a great looking kid. I also have to comment on the excellent skills of the photographer..would that be you? It's looks like you know a bit about definitely have a good eye.
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 03:41 AM 11-13-2005

cute babies!!!
elizaveta's Avatar elizaveta 04:55 PM 11-13-2005
Originally Posted by Worldshakerz
elizavita, you also have a great looking kid. I also have to comment on the excellent skills of the photographer..would that be you? It's looks like you know a bit about definitely have a good eye.
Thank you! Yes, I take all the pictures. I love taking them. It bothers me alot though because I love taking pictures outside because the lighting is better but it's been really cold to run around outside with a baby!
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