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Monkey's Avatar Monkey 07:56 PM 03-04-2004
ok, dr phil is ok, i really just enjoy how frank he can be, but today i didnt listen in but saw his wife robin adviceing or so it seemed and got erked?

what are your thoughts about her bieng in the show??


thanks, im just having a hard time with this one:LOL

yoga's Avatar yoga 08:11 PM 03-04-2004
I think it's cute how they work together. A part of me thinks they have trust issues if she has to go to work with him every day, but *shrug*. Not my marriage...

I think she's just as qualified to offer advice as Phil. Just b/c she doesn't have "Dr." in front of her name doesn't mean she has no sense.

Of course, I don't think Phil has much sense, so take this as you will.
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 08:13 PM 03-04-2004
thanks, all and evey opion welcomed here

kerikadi's Avatar kerikadi 08:36 PM 03-04-2004
IKWYM I think she's a Stepford Wife or a robot with batteries in her back :LOL

treelover's Avatar treelover 05:28 PM 03-06-2004
she was advocating washing children's mouths out with soap and a toothbrush as a punishment on a recent episode. she says when her children said "dirty" things that they needed their mouths cleaned.
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 05:34 PM 03-06-2004
i saw that one

CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 10:20 PM 03-06-2004
too and when he said he thought it was horrible I wondered if she did it while he was at worK? since he said that and that he STILL disagrees with it..
but I did like that he told the lady who said the parents should bite their toddler to stop it she was wrong
( umm hey lady in some states that may be a neglect or abuse charge duh)
Those things always remind me of Geraldo Rivera one time...

edited to add the answer to original ? LOL
She creeps me out personally-not sure why
To me she always has this look on her face like he better not get an inch of his leash kwim?
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 10:41 PM 03-06-2004

stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 12:13 AM 03-07-2004
I saw an entire episode they did on women and hormone/ pms/ period/sex issues, and she was the one who hosted. She had many wonderful, alternative suggestions, and was so thorough and knowledgable- I'm wondering if maybe she's a therepist or something?
Fianna's Avatar Fianna 01:01 AM 03-07-2004
I saw one episode where she was talking about how when Jay was a toddler he watched another child have a tantrum in a store to get some desired item. So he tried it in the grocery store, pitching a fit so Robin would get something he wanted. She gave him one warning that if he didn't stop, they would leave the store immediately. When he didn't stop, she left her shopping cart in the middle of the aisle and marched out with him. When they got home she carried him to his room, put him on his bed, and refused to let him get off the bed for the remainder of the day, which sounded like it amounted to a considerable number of hours. At one point he was crying and calling out to her because he had to go to the bathroom. She took him, I think, but put him right back on the bed. She was bragging about how he never pitched a fit again in public. That story *really* rubbed me the wrong way. A bit overkill, don't you think?
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 01:25 AM 03-07-2004
imagine the ENERGY that took... :
redhookmom's Avatar redhookmom 02:27 AM 03-07-2004
That grocery store fit story bothers me on so many levels.

She just left her grocery cart full of stuff- how rude!

She could afford the time to make another trip to the store-how nice!

There has to be a kinder, gentler, more effective way to deal with a fit!!!

I am having a fit right now and having to sit in my room will not help.
mountain mom's Avatar mountain mom 02:51 AM 03-07-2004
On the surface she seems all politically correct and smart but soon the facade fades. Although she had alot of information correct in the hormone show she also had alot of incorrect information particulairly regarding herbals. On the surface she seems all shiney and smart but look alittle deeper. I think the doctor is including his family as a tax write off. :LOL

Edited for grammer:
yoga's Avatar yoga 01:59 PM 03-07-2004
Originally posted by CerridwenLorelei
To me she always has this look on her face like he better not get an inch of his leash kwim?

I guess I don't watch the show often enough, b/c I have no idea about the shows y'all are mentioning. They both sound a bit touched in the head, IMO.

I think it's obvious neither of them advocates attached parenting. Or, at least, they're not good examples of it.
BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 04:06 PM 03-07-2004
I do like, though, the way they seemed to "team parent" when their kids were little; ie. they had good communication and respect for each other.

I remember the show (pregnant teen family series) when he told the girl it does NOT matter how much you weigh and then he told everyone how much R gained (guessing it was like ????60-80) and they both smiled and laughed.

They seem pretty content w/each other. Yeah, they're mainstream but they're not cruel or disrespectful of kids.
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 04:09 PM 03-07-2004
Yes I agree there children seem to be ok. Its more about her though, Im sure she is a sweet woman but I just cant put my finger on what it is that BUGS me about her?

I'm really appreciative of everyones comments

Thank u so much!
dolphinkisser's Avatar dolphinkisser 08:23 PM 03-09-2004
maybe it is because she comes across as having the perfect life with the perfect kids and the perfect marriage and the perfect looks without one hair out of place and no money troubles...blah , blah blah...
I think it is a good idea for her to be on her husband's show...it gives him more credibility when he can personalize his suggestions and also it puts a little more balance to the show. Who better to understand women's problems than another woman.
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 03:21 PM 03-10-2004
So Ive been thinking about this, last night...

I feel a little guilty cause I really dont like ragging on people. But I think Ifigured out my delemma.

Ok Yes, she "seems" to be perfect.( we know no one is) but she appears it. I just get this creepy creppy feeling that she is someone you DO NOT WANT TO CROSS.

Like behind closed doors she is a maduesa...

ok glad I got it off my chest. thanks everyone for helping me out with this one

eta I guees its not her ebing 9on the show, giving advice its just her :ignore
Cranberry's Avatar Cranberry 03:28 PM 03-10-2004
Whenever I see Mrs. Phil I think she looks like a guy in drag. Maybe it's all the makeup?
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 03:30 PM 03-10-2004
: : : :
Cranberry's Avatar Cranberry 03:36 PM 03-10-2004
Like that one, did you?

(It also bothers me that she sits in the audience during every show. Doesn't she have a life of her own?)
Monkey's Avatar Monkey 03:40 PM 03-10-2004