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KaylaBeanie 10-19-2011 10:17 AM

*Spoilers if you're not caught up!*













With two weeks left, I thought I'd start a thread! What did everyone think about season 6 as a whole? Bones/Booth's (not shown) hookup? The pregnancy? What do you think is going to happen this season? With Gormagon, the Gravedigger and the sniper all gone now, we need a new villan who will be here for the long term!

Mama~Love 11-02-2011 01:34 PM

One more day til the season premier!!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I think it's awesome that they are together now, I've been waiting impatiently for it to happen joy.gif ! What a great season, although it was sad to lose Vincent Nigel Murray greensad.gif . But, it did help get B&B together, so some good did come out of the tragedy. I'm so glad the Gravedigger is gone, I HATED that woman!!

Here's a link to some spoiler videos, if anyone is curious: .

As for the new season, I think it'll be really, really good, the best one yet, as B&B are together joy.gif !

terrordactyl 11-02-2011 10:28 PM

how does everyone think they are going to portray her birth do you think she'll go to the hospital or maybe have a homebirth because she's so old worldly about women doing things for thousands  of yrs

motherhendoula 11-19-2011 02:13 PM

Thats an excellent question!  My daughter and i were wondering the same thing - she DID make mention of the fact that 'squatting was a a very efficient position for giving birth in"   - id bet it will be the standard ...she WANTS to do a homebirth - starts out at home, and then some rare , or ridiculous affliction will crop up and Booth will have to race her to the hospital to get some medicine / surgery/ mystical healing beads that are not available to her at home....

i mean Angelas birth was a huge dissapointment - 40 minutes of 'ouch!' and then voila!  baby boy - who was immediately whisked away to the people waiting in the waiting room for introductions! 

well - it will be one to watch!  if she has a slow, peaceful , squatting labor - home or hospital ...i will personally write a letter of gratitude to the network!   orngbiggrin.gif

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