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Television > Anyone else hide their TV when it is not in use?
wemoon's Avatar wemoon 08:25 PM 10-03-2004
I stopped doing it for awhile, I'm not sure why.... but now I've started hiding my TV with a pretty sheet when it is not in use. I really like it much better than seeing this black, blank screen. Just wondering if anyone else does? I would really like to get one of those cabinets where there are doors that can be closed so the TV can go away when I don't want to see it.

chersolly's Avatar chersolly 08:45 PM 10-03-2004
We have a 60" in the tv room, so it's too hard to hide. I did buy an oriental screen to place in front of it, but it seemed to almost cut the room in half.
scrapadoozer's Avatar scrapadoozer 10:41 PM 10-03-2004
My DH is making an entertainment center with doors that will cover our TV when it is not in use. We are currently using the bare-bones frame of the entertainment center to hold our electronic junk and I do not like looking at that black, blank screen either. So to answer your question, we will soon be covering the TV when it isn't on and I am looking forward to it!
UrbanPlanter's Avatar UrbanPlanter 03:00 AM 10-04-2004
I've been thinking about doing this for a year or two - maybe I'll just get to it! I've thought of hanging something, or getting a shoji screen, or replacing the wall unit with one that has doors that close (time to go to Ikea?) --- or, my bigger fantasy -- just ditch the whole media system (except the stereo)!!! Then there would be no tv to hide Just a wall of books, and music to play! And more room for the turntable!
philomom's Avatar philomom 03:04 AM 10-04-2004
Mine is in a cupboard that I close up when not in use. It works well.
merpk's Avatar merpk 05:10 AM 10-04-2004
We cover ours with a colorful spread ...

It works well. And when it's covered, the kids really don't think about it. Or if they do, they don't tell me about it ... :LOL
tinybutterfly's Avatar tinybutterfly 02:38 PM 10-04-2004
Well, until 4 years ago we only had one T.V. in our house and I liked that. It was in a hutch thing with doors, so easily "hidden" when not in use. When we moved here, I finally broke down and agreed to a T.V. in the family room in the basement. A very bad decision. It's in an open shelf thing and my dh has this whole home entertainment thing going on down there. At this point I have quit covering up the upstairs T.V., except now and then when I want to pretend we just don't have one, but that doesn't work very well...Anyway, no more T.V.'s in our house, no matter how much my dc beg to have one in their rooms. Tons of their friends have T.V.'s, computers and games systems in their own rooms. I really had wanted to be a no T.V. family... Sigh. Sorry for the ramble. TB
Attila the Honey's Avatar Attila the Honey 04:42 PM 10-04-2004
we finally figured out a tv situation that works for us. We have the tv in the living room only tuned to the station that we play dvd and movies on, no channels. Then, in our bedroom we have a tv hooked to a vcr with the channels tuned in. But, that tv is facing the wall. lol! So, if we want to watch a show, we tape it and watch it on the main tv at a later date.

But, in both cases I hate having that little clump of electronic equipment sitting there. I'd love to find a way to cover it that looked good.
Lyra's Avatar Lyra 04:30 PM 10-06-2004
We have a small 13" TV which we unplug & unhook from cable and actually put away in a trunk when its not in use. That way, it becomes a bit of a PITA to take out and set up for viewing. It works really well for us because we end up only watching stuff we really want to watch--maybe a couple of hours a week. Otherwise, even covered by a tablecloth or behind cabinet doors, we find it far too easy to get sucked into watching it. A happy medium (for us) between no TV at all & too much.