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I missed friends tonight, What Happend? Did anyone see Will ang Grace?
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Well, I will admit that Friends can still make me laugh at times. Will and Grace I've never cared for that much. I have a couple close gay male friends--well, really only one that I'm close to now--but he agrees with me that the show can be demeaning which is why he doesn't watch it. I know that most will disagree with me, but these are just my feelings (and my friend's). Plus Jack and Karen both just get on my nerves after awhile. Yes, we're insensitive users, but you must love us. I'd have kicked them to the curb long ago. I do love Rosario

The mother in Raymond does things that remind me eerily of my own mother (except for the cooking and cleaning parts), which is why I still am drawn to that show at times.
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I like Friends...but I only see the reruns on Fox. I've never followed a season while it's airing for the first time. Though I have seen episodes and jumped up and screamed when Joey was on one knee and Rachel said son nearly peed his pants in shock.

So maybe I'll think this season is pathetic when I see it next year. I'm enjoying the reruns, though. I don't think the show would be entertaining for me if they centered it so much around the baby. And I think Rachel is becoming more mature and Monica is on her way to complete psychosis. Can they make her weirder? Seriously.

My uncle who lives (barely) in New York says he can't watch the show. Mostly because he knows they can't afford those apartments. That makes me think...why is the girls' apartment so much bigger than the guys'? Are there really apartment buildings with such imbalance? Hmm...

And Raymond. Holy crap I love that show. It's such an're not meant to take it seriously. I think my husband dreams of one day becoming Frank. Though I know he doesn't want me to turn into Marie and I also know he's just not funny like Frank is.

Nobody tell him that, though. Thanks.
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i too heard the formula reference

what bugs me most about friends is the language! it doesnt bother me personally, but my dd is usually around given how early the show is on and i dont appreciate it for her sake

no one seems ot have a clue what to do with chandler & monica. most of the stuff is ross/rachel/joey and when they do try c/m it strikes me as being weak (esp if you see old episodes where chandler used to have snappier lines)
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Originally posted by Umm Zaid
. Lately, though, when I see it, I see the nagging harpy, the dopey, insensitive, sex starved husband, the chauvanist father, the nosey, overbearing mother, and the entire show is just insult after insult after insult. And I just don't find it amusing anymore...

Oh, I thought this was a description of Friends. Those stock characters: nagging harpy--Monica, dopey husband--Chandler, chauvinist father--Ross, overbearing mother--Rachael. Add in kooky neighbors--Phoebe and Joey, you've got Friends. :LOL

(I still like it tho, Friends that is. Hate Raymond.)
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Lately Friends does not appeal to me because the habit of casting ONLY skinny, skinny women with protruding bones is bad for my body image and self esteem. (There are healthy skinny women and healthy round women but this show does NOT show a healthy balance.) Not healthy role models I want for my daughter either. When I watch Friends I feel fat and inferior. A couple years ago there was a big outcry when there were billboards for Friends with photos of just the women and the words "Cute Anorexic Chicks."

This is also true of many other shows. Courtney Thorne-Smith (now on a sitcom with Jim Belushi) was once quoted as saying she left Ally McBeal (another show where I loved the writing, hated how it made me feel fat) because the working environment was not healthy for HER body image. If a woman with that beautiful a body feels bad then we are all at risk.

re: American idol: am I to believe that the Rubenesque goddess Frenchie was REALLY fired because of posing nude when the slimmer Nikki in the first season was a stripper and nobody cared? Yeah, and I have a bridge to sell........

Take the time to heal from your marriage before you move on with someone else. Make a list of all the qualities you would like in a new partner and then work on growing that way yourself. ~mandib50
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I think the weirdest thing was that early in that episode they had Joey and Ross agreeing about how now that they had seen Rachel pumping they were both over feeling attracted to her at all. (THANKS! Breastfeeding women really needed that.) Then later in the show they are talking about formula in the fridge. It's like they want to get in every baby related joke they can think of whether it makes a shred of sense or not.
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Will's boss (from White Nights) is Gregory Hynes.

I watched Friends on the night before Valentines. Something to do while doing my 3 kids school valentine stuff (totally different rant, that!), and dd who is 8 was there too. Chandler made a comment "fried chicken is fricken", which she has taken to saying. She also has my 2yo doing it too. The one time I watch it with her around and this happens.:
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