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clockworkhobbsy's Avatar clockworkhobbsy 02:13 PM 07-11-2011



My wife and I are both Americans (originally from California) living in Paris. We meet informally with a few other people that are into the attachment parenting style on the weekends for a few hours.


Is anyone in the mothering universe interested in meeting up?



Lysa Parker's Avatar Lysa Parker 12:52 PM 07-15-2011

Wish I had known earlier! I was visiting Paris in April. I'm the co-founder of Attachment Parenting International and would have loved to meet your family and any other families. You can also get on the API forum and connect likely connect with European families that way too. Hopefully I'll get another opportunity to come to Paris.

All my best,

Lysa Parker

ewe+lamb's Avatar ewe+lamb 01:44 AM 07-21-2011

Hi - I have a group in the 15th, we don't meet so much during the summer - big vacances time here - but we meet twice a month from September on, we are also starting the Parenting Workshops from Faber Mazlish if you would like to join us - everyone is welcome - most of the stuff we do is in the 15th as I mentioned - but PM if you would like more information.


Maria Dempster's Avatar Maria Dempster 07:16 AM 07-28-2011

Hi Jeremy,


I happened to come across this website by accident. My husband and i also live in Paris and it would be great to meet up with other people who are following attachment parenting. We're both from Scotland. Please let me know when you are arranging another meet up and we will try to come along. 


Best wishes,



umsosofati's Avatar umsosofati 05:51 AM 06-02-2012

hi i am american recently moved to france; i live in agnettes; i  practice attachment parenting, have been doing so since my first child over 10 years ago and more so now since my baby of two years is a high need baby like Dr. Sears Hayden;  I also have two little girls; Anyone out there have a high need baby too? It would be lovely to meet , are you guys having any meetings and if so where and when; I am here for the long run so if you say until the fall I am up to it; if anything my email is [email protected] ;

nosreves's Avatar nosreves 03:42 PM 07-03-2012

i've been to the API website, and it there don't seem to be any AP groups listed for France.  i realize that this thread is a bit old, but does anyone know of any support groups that still exist in the Paris area?  my wife and i are expecting our first baby in december, and we've been getting a lot of negativity from friends and family here regarding co-sleeping, cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding and AP in general. it would great to have some like-minded people around to help us navigate the very new world of parenting.  suggestions?