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beautygirl42's Avatar beautygirl42 08:15 AM 04-10-2011

Hi all--


I am moving to Frankfurt this week and was wondering if anyone can recommend an organic supermarket/specialty store that sells (fortified) organic coconut milk an yougarts? I have a 17th month old who doesnt drink milk and I prefer not to give her soy milk. Here we use So Coconut Milk and Yougart (they sell it at whole foods) which we love but they dont sell in europe :(. It is fortified with B12 which is really good.


Thanks everyone!!!

Plaid Leopard's Avatar Plaid Leopard 05:01 PM 04-11-2011

Hi-I am not familiar with Frankfurt, but most German towns have Naturkost market and/or a Reformhaus where you can find all sorts of organic and vegetarian foods, as well as natural health and beauty products, supplements etc. DM Markt also sells organic products (no refrigerated foods though).

Here's a link to one Naturkostmarkt

and Biomarkt

and addresses of Reformhaus


hope that helps!

P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 12:03 AM 04-12-2011

I also don't live in Frankfurt, but I can tell you that the coconut milk craze has yet to reach German shores. I was surprised when we visited the States last December to see it everywhere.


My friend Terri, who posts here regularly, just made her own coconut milk yogurt....she may post here soon and tell you how it went / how to do it yourself. Coconut milk itself is everywhere, sold in cans (organic available at most health food stores) as used for Asian cooking.....but it's not sold as a drink like soy or rice milk. You can then get yogurt cultures and make it yourself.


Good luck and welcome to Germany!

Terrilein's Avatar Terrilein 01:52 PM 04-12-2011

Tada! Yes, I made coconut yogurt recently and it was kinda so-so. I used this recipe more or less but without the sweetener and adding agar agar to help firm it up. it didn't turn out looking as nice and creamy in the pic. It set up really well, but when stirring it, it was like tapioca - just really lumpy. So go really easy on the thickeners. It also looked a little gray which isn't really appetizing and it had a very discreet coconut flavor which was ok with me. I was expecting it to taste too strongly of coconut. But this all might have been due to the coconut milk I was using. I only had two tetra packs (400 ml on special sale from Aldi recently, so not a regular item there) and 1 REWE brand can of coconut milk to hand. I can't seem to find tetra pack coconut milk anywhere else, and I did try an Alnatura supermarket. I want to hit up Basic Bio next time I'm make it. I'll have P.J. try one tomorrow and fill you guys in. My baby wouldn't eat it though, and my daughter is so sceptical she hasn't touched them either. greensad.gif


And speaking of Alnatura and Basic Bio . . . there are 4 Alnaturas and 3 Basic Bios in Frankfurt. So, you've got it pretty good.

beautygirl42's Avatar beautygirl42 08:45 PM 04-12-2011

Thanks everyone! I feel better now! I was wondering what I was going to do without WHole Foods here in NYC :). i am actually bringing a case of SoCoconut Milk with me just to make me feel better--probably a months worth or so until I find my way around the natural/organic markets and find a good alternative. I dont speak German, so that worries me a bit...:)



P.J.'s Avatar P.J. 08:25 AM 04-14-2011

I tried Terri's coconut milk yogurt yesterday, and it had a weird coconut oil taste. Sorry, but it wasn't for me. Then again, for a first attempt not bad.


And, no sooner had I made that post than I found a coconut milk DM market. It was about 350ml in a small tetra pak. I didn't read the label so I don't know how pure it is, but it was where the health food stuff /aisle at DM is. GL!


ETA: DM is a chain drugstore. I think they have them in Frankfurt too.

Terrilein's Avatar Terrilein 01:37 AM 04-15-2011

Glad you pinpointed the real taste problem for me! Maybe it was only oily on top, you know, like how milk separates? I'm having a hard time trying to convince myself to just make my müsli with it already and throw some fruit in to boost. I'm more likely going to make a hair mask out of it.  lol.gif


And yeah, beautygirl42 , you're going to find DM EVERYWHERE. So don't worry, we've got you covered. thumb.gif

oceane's Avatar oceane 04:11 AM 04-19-2011

welcome to Germany! :) There is actually no fortified coconut milk available here, and yogurt alternatives are hardly ever fortified with vitamins or calcium even (it drives me nuts). We do have a large number of fortified milk alternatives. Calcium is in most oat, rice and soy milks, vitamins only in milks made by the alpro brand soy milks as far as I know (available in most larger supermarkets like Rewe, Extra).

Thus, you will definitely have to pick a different b12 source if you don't want to give soy milk!

MaverickMother's Avatar MaverickMother 06:16 PM 07-28-2012

I know this is quite an old thread but anyway, we are vegan and moved to Frankfurt in April 2012 with our October 2010 son. Would love to connect with other vegan families, so if anyone is still reading, please come say hi!