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Posted By cynthia mosher 07-02-2014
Sticky: Child-Led Weaning
Favorites for 9 month old
So what's the average?
Will he really eventually wean on his own???
Goat's Milk & Folic Acid
Does this mean we are weaning?
Musings on nursing my co-sleeping 2 yr old
nightweaning leads to increased day demands?
slow weight gain, 12 mo old
Low supply- dehydrated 34 month old with flu
Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Through Natural Weaning
Feeling confused about combing solids and nursing in 12m/o
"Cheating" at CLW?
Feeling sad and conflicted
So, I wana do CLW, but how do you go about it?
breastmilk from a cup
I wasn't planning on being here, but here I am
Breastfeeding and severe hormonal imbalance...any help appreciated
Need information on why its ok to exclusively breastfeed for a year
Urgent BLW advice needed!
3 year old wants to exclusively breastfeed again
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