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So my son just turned 14 months. About a week ago he got a fever that lasted a day and found that he was teething. At that point he was still breastfeeding (twice a day). I was thinking of moving to one feeding throughout the day b/c it didn't seem like he was emptying me. Once the fever was gone he started a runny nose and his appetite wasn't that great for a couple of days. At that point he was refusing to breastfeed. His appetite has been back the past few days, but he still hasn't breastfed. I still offer it to him throughout the day, but he refuses to go on.


Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think he stopped himself for good? I'm not sure if I should keep offering and if so how long I should do this? I think part of me is still in denial and sad if he is for sure done with breastfeeding, b/c i know I'm not.  

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The fact is that a 14 mo old still NEEDS milk. So I don't know if your baby still has bottles, or drinks cow milk to meet his need for nursing. If so, it's your choice to continue trying or wean him completely.

I would continue to offer.


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I know that he still needs milk in which I do give almond milk during meals that he drinks from a cup. I have only strictly breastfed and have not done any bottles with him. I guess I will continue to offer to him and see what happens.


But has anyone else had a similar experience where their child has stopped breastfeeding by themselves like this without having to fully wean them off?

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Although my DD nursed longer (about 2.5), I have two friends who would have loved to nurse into the toddler years whose babes self- weaned at about this age.  Both are perfectly healthy, wonderful, affectionate, and well-adjusted girls.  One stopped during a heat wave before a year old because she is a touch/texture sensitive girl who just didn't want to be stuck to Mom anymore.  The other was just way more interested in all the other food she could have instead and simply lost interest in nursing.  All babies are different.  If you are worried about him getting the immunity and other benefits from breast milk for a bit longer, you could always pump and put some in a cup.  Sorry if you do not feel ready to stop as he seems to be.  It may be a bit sad and feel like he is growing up fast, but you have already way surpassed the average length of breast feeding and your LO can have other sources of nutrition. 

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I experienced a similar self-weaning during an illness. My DS stopped on his own when he was 3 months old while he was hospitalized for a severe UTI. He had been hooked up to IVs (pulled the first two out on his own duh.gif), catheterized, and had various scans and tests and simply had enough of being handled. The poor little dude would drink expressed breastmilk but just wanted to not be held to nurse. He had this whole demeanor of "Hands off!" The abrupt weaning was harder on me than it was for him. The last time he nursed was a few days after we got home from the hospital. guilty.gif

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My 14 mo. daughter is just getting over a week+ long cold or viral illness of some kind. For a couple of nights and days she was so congested that she couldnt nurse well since she couldn't breathe through her nose. I offered the breast multiple times a day and night, and she only took it a couple of times, and then got so frustrated that she couldn't breathe, that she just pushed away. I was terrified that she was going to quit nursing, because it seemed like that's where things were headed. (previously she nursed 3 or more times a day and also at night). Luckily, as her congestion lessened, she just decided to start up again. Phew! I wouldn't give up if I were you. Keep offering, and try different positions and locations..laying down, or rocking, or cuddled on the couch. Also try when they are sleepy...that's always a great time for a long nursing sesh.

Good luck!
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Just an FYI, it's my understanding that Almond Milk is nutritionally more like "almond juice" and is not really a substitution for milk (....being dairy-free now, I'm not sure how we'll approach that when my now 5 mo old gets bigger). You may want to look into goats milk if you want an alternative to human milk and feel he needs some kind of milk.

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