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View Poll Results: If your child self weaned, at what age?
less than 2 yrs old 61 100.00%
2-3 yrs 53 100.00%
3-4 yrs 58 100.00%
4-5 yrs 32 100.00%
5-6 yrs 18 100.00%
6-7 yrs 4 50.00%
7-8 yrs 6 75.00%
8 + yrs 5 62.50%
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Child-Led Weaning > If your child has self weaned...what age?
josh&davesmomme's Avatar josh&davesmomme 01:58 AM 01-30-2007
I know the "natural" age of weaning is between 2.5-7 years, for those who've already had a child self wean, what age did they wean.

ChinaDoll 12:42 AM 02-01-2007
Emily just eventually stopped asking sometime around 3.5 years old. After she turned 3, she was only usually nursing once a day, and then started skipping days/weeks until she just finally stopped asking.
FreeRangeMama's Avatar FreeRangeMama 01:48 AM 02-01-2007
My oldest ds weaned about a month before he turned 4 and my middle ds weaned right before he turned 3.
BlueSkyJennifer's Avatar BlueSkyJennifer 03:15 AM 02-01-2007
Mine have yet to wean, but I am very interested to see some more responses to this poll, please
Ilaria's Avatar Ilaria 03:23 AM 02-01-2007
25 months for ds and 19 months for dd
eclipse's Avatar eclipse 04:01 AM 02-01-2007
just over four years for DS1, just over 2 years for DD. DS2 is still nursing at 16 months.
falcon's Avatar falcon 04:08 PM 02-01-2007
Ds self-weaned about a week after his 3rd birthday. At that point, he had been nursing once a day for about 6 months, I was beginning to think he was going to be hanging on to the before bed nurse forever
tsume's Avatar tsume 04:32 PM 02-01-2007
Isaac self weaned at 20 months a couple weeks shy from my EDD. That was the same time I started producing colostrum and he didn't like that at all. He was fine, mommy was a wreck.

The younger two are still nursing strong!
Peony's Avatar Peony 07:33 PM 02-01-2007
DD1 weaned herself right before her 4th B-Day.
ColoradoMama's Avatar ColoradoMama 08:21 PM 02-01-2007
Only one truly self weaned and that was around 2 1/2 years old. Technically she still asked a few times after that, but she didn't really nurse - just held on for few seconds and then was done. The other two actually nursed LONGER than she did though - until 3 1/2.
josh&davesmomme's Avatar josh&davesmomme 03:01 AM 02-03-2007
I didn't answer my own poll though it's in my signature....Ds1 weaned June 4, 2006 at 51 1/2 months I was both sad and relieved- tandem nursing was a challenge for me, but I still miss nursing him very much. DS2 just turned 16 months and I just can't imagine he'll ever want to wean- ofcourse I didn't think my first would either...It really is true, they really do stop nursing in their own time, when they outgrow the need!
KarenEMT's Avatar KarenEMT 04:37 AM 02-03-2007
DS#2 self-weaned at 4 yrs, 1 month when I was pg with DD. He said the nursies were "broken" (my milk supply was very dwindled). I believe he would have been closer to 5 yrs old for self-weaning had I not gotten pregnant.

I offered him the opportunity to nurse after his sister was born but he was truly done and would not even try anymore.
treemom2's Avatar treemom2 09:32 AM 02-03-2007
DD self weaned at 17 months. DS is 27 months and still going strong--no end in sight!
veganf's Avatar veganf 12:22 PM 02-03-2007
My oldest was 3.
My second son was 2 (although I was 16 weeks pregnant and had excessive morning sickness, so my supply may have been gone).
UUMom's Avatar UUMom 12:47 PM 02-03-2007
#1 A little over 3 and 1/2 years

#2 15 mos ( thought child 'self weaned', but no way in retrospect)

#3 A little over 3 and 1/2 years

#4 Over 4 years and more
mother_sunshine's Avatar mother_sunshine 08:20 PM 02-03-2007
Dd weaned at 7 1/2 years.
mother_sunshine's Avatar mother_sunshine 08:30 PM 02-03-2007
I just wanted to add that dd has 2 friends (whom she met here at MDC) who nursed as long as or longer than her. And, when dd was 4-5, I met 2 women online who nursed their dc past 7yrs (they were a huge influence on my decision to trust dd's needs and my instincts). And I've met several wonderful women since then who have nursed as long, or nearly as long as (or longer than) us.

I just wanted to add that because I don't think they're around here anymore to add their votes.

eta: I see someone already added their vote as I was writing this post.
josh&davesmomme's Avatar josh&davesmomme 08:54 PM 02-03-2007
YOU, mother sunshine were my inspiration to allow Josh and now David to lead the way! If I had not *met* you way back when on the "other" board, I'm not sure if i would have given it serious thought, but YOU and your dd and your experiences encouraged and inspired me
mother_sunshine's Avatar mother_sunshine 08:59 PM 02-03-2007
Thank you Lish. I felt like such a freak on that board, I had to eventually leave, but I also felt like I needed to share my experience in case someone was listening (present or future). I never want anyone to feel the way I did....to feel like you're the only one. I'm so happy to hear that you were influenced.
Cinder's Avatar Cinder 09:02 PM 02-03-2007
Janelle was 4 years and 3 days old the last time she nursed...I hate to say when she weaned cause every time I've thought she was weaned she's asked to nurse again...but it has been almost 5 months now...

Kincaid was 23 months old when he weaned.
mudmama's Avatar mudmama 11:47 PM 02-03-2007
My first, now 6, did not self-wean. I knew nothing of the sort and easily weaned her at 13 mnth. My second though, now 2, self-weaned at 19 mnth. I didn't even realize it happened at first. He just stopped asking for it at bedtime. I recently offered it to him after a bump. He put it in his mouth, thought for 3 seconds, then turned away and said "No." Funny. I miss it.
Meiri's Avatar Meiri 01:16 AM 02-04-2007
See the sig?

DS was a month past his fifth birthday the last time he tried to nurse. Had tapered down to at most once/week by then and had forgotten how.

DD nursed about once/month for the 4 months after her seventh birthday, then simply didn't ask anymore. I did offer once after that when she was feeling really sick. She latched on and the total relaxation response of her body was rather amazing to see, but she let go after a few seconds and just stayed on my lap.
dinamom's Avatar dinamom 01:36 PM 02-04-2007
My oldest was just over 5. He had slowed down considerably and was nursing very quickly. My youngest is not yet 4 and nurses infrequently. I hope he goes to 4, but I'm not sure he will.
UrbanPlanter's Avatar UrbanPlanter 02:27 AM 02-05-2007
I think the average age of weaning is 4.7 years
liam's mom's Avatar liam's mom 02:30 AM 02-05-2007
3 years, 5 months.
soygurl's Avatar soygurl 06:40 AM 02-05-2007
I don't have any kids yet, so I voted for myself... when I self-weaned. I voted 5-6. I remember nursing 2 or 3 times after I turned 6 (though it was dry nursing after around 4 when my mom ran dry. I still count those last years because it was the comfort of ''ninny" that was important to me... the milk was secondary). I also had a "pen pal" (our moms wrote to each other and her DD and dictated little notes to each other) who was over 7.5 when she weaned (I don't know how old she was exactly).
Nature's Avatar Nature 10:21 AM 02-05-2007
Originally Posted by mother_sunshine View Post
Dd weaned at 7 1/2 years.
You are my hero :
mother_sunshine's Avatar mother_sunshine 04:35 PM 02-05-2007

fuller2's Avatar fuller2 03:38 AM 02-06-2007
DS weaned at around age 3.5. Very gradual--he went from 2x a day to a couple times a week to every couple of weeks to....well, guess he weaned! (He will be 4 next month.)

He did tell me several times in the last few months, "Mommy, I'm weaned!" (even though he was still nursing occasionally.)

I remember telling him what weaning was when he was around 2.5, and the look of sheer incredulity on his face. Like, "WOW, Mommy, why would anybody do THAT???" But he did it.

He still gets that old besotted look if he sees me getting out of the shower or something, and he still uses a pacifer, so I guess he's not totally weaned...but. It was completely painless. I was sad thinking about it when he was 2, but by the time he was 3.5 it was like I was forgetting about it too. The nursing relationship really does take two people.
arratt's Avatar arratt 02:54 PM 02-07-2007
DD1 weaned just before her 4th birthday
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