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Can we talk about Pre-E?

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I feel fine and normal. I think I really got wigged out for no reason. I did a lot of journaling last night, first real hard copy for this pregnancy, and I think it recentered me very well. Getting all the stuff out that we have been through this past 20 mos was very good "therapy".

I didn't feel like I had gotten all hyperchondriac, but after looking at our very eventful past 20 mos, it would be surprising if I didn't. I also had a discussion with my friend that has had several twin PG losses, other M/Cs, and a baby die at birth after losing the 2 others early on in the PG (so triplet loss). She has gone through a lot more than I have, that is for sure, but still has 12 beautiful children to show for it. I asked her if she got paranoid after the losses, and she said most definitely. It kind of goes with the territory. But, after evaluating things, seeing the dr and making sure all was okay, she could rest and relax. She had to use anti-anxiety meds at times, but I think I should be able to avoid that.

I do have a mild anxiety disorder, on top of all the past stress, which comes and goes. My DH has a better faith in God and in life in general (for the most part), and sometimes it is just about reconnecting with him. He works A LOT and if we start letting life take over, and not spending enough time together, I think I get off center and start having lots of fears and doubts. We are suppose to have a family day on Thurs, so I think that after, we will HAVE to make some time before he goes to bed to really talk. He will be able to settle me even more, and I don't mean in a s*xual way. Of course, I am sure he wouldn't mind that either.

TY to all the ladies, I have learned so much, and you are so kind to spend the time talking to me about this. Kymberli
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How are things going?
I've a history of pre-e as well. and this last pregnancy I kept finding myself going back an forth over worrying about it happening again. Swelling for sure isn't the only sign. but there are ways to naturally monitor and treat PRe-E as it stems form the liver primarily. but... if you know yu may be dealing with it, it is good to monitor carefully and have some kinda back up care ready and in placeif you need it.
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I wonder if pre-e lends itself to making one anxious? I mean it's dealing with blood pressure and so forth. I have terrible anxiety this last pregnancy. I'm still dealing with it PP. hhmmm interesting thought.

anyhow please don't take offense to anyone's comments. everyone just wanted you to do what you need to do to be healthy nd have baby be healthy. i'm sure nobody was implying otherwise.
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I havent seen it posted yet, but...

Magnesium deficiency is a HUGE cause of pre-e and HBP as well as headaches and migraines.

I'd bet that you are low in Mag, try taking an additional supplement around 500mg should be a good place to start.

Here is a link with the info about mag deficiency and pre-e.

And another on other symptoms of mag deficiency.

Oh AND, a big reason for stillbirths and m/c is Iodine deficiency. Japanese get 13.8mg which is 13,800mcg and we are told only 150mcg is what we need each day. Yet they are smarter, healthier, thinner.... I made the change and added it to my supplement list and have seen amazing improvements in my health.
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Thanks for that info. I will be looking into Mag.
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Interesting about the mag thing. I had actually went on mag as a supplement because for a week, my calves had "charlie horses" in them SOOOO bad I could barely walk. Now, if it had been one leg, I would have suspected a blood clot, because of my history. But, being in both legs, I figured a cal/mag supplement would do it. After a week on, I was all better. It may not have been the mag supplement, but to my knowledge, I have had the headaches through this whole pregnancy, and I don't remember if they lessened during that week or not. I don't think I noticed any difference. The "charlie horses" haven't come back since I went off the mag. I do have some, I may go back on now that I have the BP monitor and see what happens.

Currently, I have a TERRIBLE cold. Ugh. Whine, whine, I know. I have had bad tummy pains with the side effects from that (if YKWIM). I have terrible congestion, my BP is slightly higher more now that I have been sick, but not terrible. I have had heat flashes and sweatiness with a low temp, I have been chilled the next hour, with no fever. Typical bad cold stuff. A slight cough, slight sore throat. UGH. My 20 mo old baby started it I hope it doesn't get worse for him, because he lands in the hospital so easy, and I don't really want to be in there pregnant. And, he just weaned totally last week, and I have no more milk, even if I wanted to put him back on.

So, besides the terrible cold, I feel fine. I was just praying that it wasn't the swine flu with all the talk on here and everywhere about vaccinations in the fall, the flu making its rounds still. Ugh. Anyone know what is going around right now in MO? I don't even know the symptoms, but I know that I am at a higher risk if I were to have it. Ugh. Kymberli
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It's probably viral. My kids stepmum is down with swine flu, though, so it's worth being vigilant.
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OP...I think you are right, that a concious refocusing of your spiritual/mental self is in order. It sounds like you've been having a lot of stress and interactions with the medical community lately and I think that could be keeping you a bit off center and making it hard for you to feel the level of peace with UCing you'd like.

I yourself, calm yourself and focus on what your end goal is...UC is not the end all, like you said, you want to walk away from this with a healthy mama and baby...which, you just want to make sure that if you do end up needing help, you do what you need to do before hand to get the KIND of help you want and that it is not intensly traumatic, last minute emergency care, you know? If you stay on top of this and do end up needing help...better to know ahead of time and give the heads up to whomever you need to, so you can try to induce and deliver vaginally, than show up in the ER in labor with horrendous BP and find yourself with no option but an emergency c/s because the ER OB's are waaaaay too wigged out to consider anything else.

I'm not totally convinced that you are dealing with actual Pre-E.....but if I walked into an emergency room and they took my blood pressure at the level you originally posted....I would be extremely concerned....that's just ME, but I'd be concerned. I may at that point, drop my plans for a UP, so that I could have the monitoring that I would need in order to feel completely cool with planning to UC. You know? reiterate...I think there is much reason to more closely monitor your health in this pregnancy...I don't think you need to automatically scrap any plans for a UC...but I would say that UP at this point may do more to hurt than help your chances for a peaceful UC. I just sense that maybe working with someone who can keep an eye on things with you will help you to feel less anxious, maybe? I don't know...

You can only do what it is your heart is telling you to do.....what worries more than ANY of the symptoms you've posted, is the nature of some of your recent posts. Your body is screaming worrying things at need to come to a centered and honest place within yourself, so you can truly determine whether these intuitions are a reaction to the anxiety producing situations you've had to navigate with your familys health over the last year or so....or if your body is really trying to communicate to you that everything is NOT know?

GL honey...I wish for you a blessed and peaceful what you have to do on this end of things to get there, be honest with yourself and get help if you need you can keep your plans for a UC alive.
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TY ladies again so much. Especially the long thought out (and thought provoking) post

I do have back up care, I wanted to reiterate that. When I lost the twin baby, we decided that if it was a confirmed twin loss, we would stay with the MW/OB practice. I did that for several reasons. But, as I have UCed several times before, scrapping that idea entirely, just because we chose back up care, is not something I am willing to do too half heartedly. KWIM? So, the MW/OB are there for me.

I have been checking my BP, even throughout this terrible cold (not the swine flu PTL). It went up a little during the cold/congestion, and the highest reading I got was 82 for bottom number. I redid it, and it was still 79. That was late at night. Next morning, normal. It is high for me, but still not alarming. And, the strange part is that the times my BP has been the highest, I don't have the headaches or blurry spots. I check my BP when that starts coming on, and it is the same as at the MW office of 110/60-5. Weird. Maybe it has to take some time to go up, I am not sure.

Now, the congestion is mostly over. I do have a little gunk in my chest, but nothing unusual, no fever. The cough and sneezing can cause my scar area to hurt. That is weird. My BP has returned to the office normal. (I say this cause my pre-pg is usually very low.)

So, yes, I am keeping a close eye on things. And, so far, I am doing fine. I think that I am more centered now. I don't feel that the baby or myself or in any danger. I don't think it is early Pre-e, but I am going to keep checking my BP regularly just to be safe.

TY ladies. Kymberli
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I think you need to have grace for yourself right now. Thinking you have a leak is quite common in many pregnancies for many people. I would say three things: Get on a good calcium, mag, zinc supplement for the leg cramps and any possible early signs of labor. Up to 8000mg a day. Get on a good iron supplement: floradix is great. Even if your iron tests fine one day, it can fluxuate and is worth being on it for good recovery after birth anyway. Thirdly, the protein thing is not a myth and will work for Pre-E or any signals of it as long as you are taking in a helathy protein. Boil a few chickens, eat the meat you like and make soup or chicken salad with the rest. It's best to eat as much of it in one day as you can. I have seen and heard of many people being totally Pre-E FREE after doing this over several days. I, myself have done it in the past. Hang in there...don't let forum people dictate the outcome of your birth or your experience. They are not there with you and have no idea what you are going through. Congrats on your wonderful babies and your UC!!!
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Thank you so much. I am doing pretty well. I have been "nesting" of sorts, and am not even but 22 wks. LOL Baking, now I went to JoAnns for cloth diaper fabric. So much fun!! I am on vitamins and more protein now, have been doing that for a while. And, either this is just a really juicy pregnancy (for lack of a better word), or that high leak is back. But, it isn't as bad as it was last time. And, it isn't a yeast infection or anything. I am puzzled about it all. It does seem to come with some ctx on both occasions. So, maybe my ducts are just over producing or something. But, it is aggravating. I do have a friend that had it happen to her several times in one pregnancy (confirmed by strips and all), and the baby went beyond full term. Another PG of hers it happened early too, and that one lasted until 35 wks. So, it doesn't seem to be as detrimental when it is a high leak, I guess. Kymberli

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