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akind1's Avatar akind1 11:03 AM 09-01-2009
I've been going over my wanted birth supply list as I need to order it soon; I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas if it is too much or if there is something I'm missing?

Cord Clamps
Chux pads (10) - or should I order more?
2 plastic backed sheets or shower curtains
10 maternity pads (can always get more from the drug store)
1 Perineal irrigation bottle
Sitz Herbs from Wishgarden
Cordcare salve also from Wishgarden
Birth Pool in a Box
air pump
drain pump

For example, do I need any addtional hoses/adapters for the birth pool? or anything else? I have already ordered some shepherd's purse to have on hand, JIC. We've plenty of towels and will buy a cheap-o pack of washcloths.


Katrina - due 11/7/09

pjs's Avatar pjs 05:01 PM 09-01-2009
I'd get a drinking water hose (the regular ones have lead) and you may need a faucet adaptor. We also got a fish net for the tub (a pooper-scooper). Also just the regular stuff like dipes, wipes, nursing pads, lansinoh, etc.
Astraia's Avatar Astraia 05:40 PM 09-01-2009
Does BPIAB come with a hose n' stuff? If so, I wouldn't worry about it- I'd test what you have and what it comes with first to make sure they work, but I don't think I'd bother with spares. The extra adapters you can buy from a local hardware store, so no need to order online or anything like that.

Other than that... sounds good! I had extra chuck pads for sleeping on in case of pad/boob leakage and baby vomit, etc, but that's just me.

Do you have scissors to cut the cord, or a knife? (even something at home you designate for birth is fine).

Did you want anything specfic to eat/drink/wear/use during the birth or immediately afterwards?

I kind of like long lists... makes me feel more prepared
akind1's Avatar akind1 08:16 PM 09-01-2009
I forgot to add the scissors! thanks for the reminder

This is basically what I need to buy list (esp. online) - eat, drink, and wear (I'm thinking I'll not be wearing much )

I love long lists too! I like to be prepared, but I think I wear DH out with all my lists
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 01:27 AM 09-02-2009
Here's my supply list:

Shepherd's purse, Angelicia, and Witch Hazel tinctures/extracts
Rescue Remedy
Arnica tablets
Vitamin K
16 oz Sitz bath preparation from
sitz bath basin from drug store
chux pads
super-absorbant panty-liner pads
large, comfy underwear
bulb suction
infant size ambu bag
hand-held mirror
lansinoh lanolin breast cream
embroidery floss (to braid & tie off cord - I also have a couple of cord clamps on hand for emergency cord clamping as a last resort)
cord scissors
hose adaptor for bathroom sink (possibly)
a couple large bottles of hydrogen peroxide for clean-up
baby hat
diapers and clean baby clothes
baby scale
stretchy fabric to make maya-wrap style sling
old towels, washed and warmed
back massager
heating pad!!!
exercise ball
extra-strength tylenol
camera with fresh batteries
"cheat sheets" for DP:
My tabbed copy of Emergency Childbirth
birth affirmations/birth music

I have some of this stuff from last time, some of it I just bought, and some I have yet to get. Of course, you can get by with a lot less stuff, I know I did last time. HTH!
prescottchels's Avatar prescottchels 01:30 AM 09-02-2009
lol Well if you like long lists here's the mother load!!
I tried to find the actual thread, but had no luck. The following list is one I copied into Word, from the last compilation someone did of suggestions that mamas had posted in a thread here on MDC called The Not So Basic Homebirth Supplies List. Here goes...

Birth Supplies: Page 8 compilation through Page 12 Forum
Comfort during labor:
Positioning Help:

Exercise ball
Kneeling pads (garden store)

Pain Management:
A large heating pad
Rice sock with lavender
TENS machine

Food and Water:
Broth, miso soup, juice, chocolate, popsicles, frozen grapes
Energy drinks: coconuts (coconut water), sports drinks, LaborAde, Smartwater
Bendy straws
Ginger for nausea
Food for support people: Meals, Tea/Coffee/Juice, Quick Energy Snacks: Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Nuts

Wash clothes
Crockpot with warm water
Crockpot with warm washcloths
Bowl with ice water
Bowl for throwing up in
Ambiance: Music, candles, matches, essential oils, Incense
Camera, disposable camera, photographer, batteries
Air mattress
Hair ties

Birth affirmations
A list for support person with: where to find things, things to do
Emergency Numbers: MW, Doctor, Hospital, Babysitter, Support People, Breastfeeding
Birth Plan
Supply List

Gravol to get some rest during early labor
Arnica (trauma)
Cimiciuga (back labor)
Carbo veg, hornbeam, oak back (exhaustion)

Water birth:
A blow up kiddie pool, birth pool, tested for leaks
Warm towels (drier, oven, heating pad)
Soft tub mat
Blow up pillow (possibly filled with water instead of air)
Cheap pillows that you can get wet
Underwater camera
Hand held shower head
5ish lb dumbbells for support
Fishy net for scooping out floaties

Cleaning during labor and delivery:
Tarp, old shower curtain
Plastic to cover bed
Cheap sheets
Chux pads
Heavy duty garbage bags
2 big freezer bags for placenta storage
Paper towels
Peroxide for laundry with usage instructions
sticky plastic for carpet (home improvement store)
extra sheets available for after birth. (extra soft, flannel, high thread count for extra luxury
Preferred cleaning supplies: antibacterial, all-purpose cleaner etc.

Rescue Remedy (for ring of fire)
Birth stool
Large flat bowl for placenta
Large cookie sheet with sides to set up a "birth tray"
Flashlight (extra batteries)
Oils for Perineum: Almond, olive

Infant care:
Heated towels, blankets, hats (drier, oven, heating pad)
Space heater
Olive oil (makes muconium easy to clean, also for perinial massage)
Cord Care: WishGarden Cord Care

Post-natal care (stashed in bathroom when applicable):
Frozen maxipads (frozen on bowl for shape)
Soaked in herbal bath, witch hazel
Frozen condom wrapped in flannel (rubbing alcohol, dish soap, Caro syrup makes flexible)
Peri bottle (for Peri cleansing)
Soaked cotten pads
Sitz bath: The Wishgarden Sitz bath,
Bowl of water to urinate in
Solutions for above: honey, nori, witch hazel, comfrey root, goldenseal, tea tree oil, ...
Depends, pads, adult diapers, sea sponge wrapped in flannel
Dark colored panties (Some suggest boy-cut style)
Empty toilet paper roll for directing urine
Frozen Meals: Meal for right after birth
snuggly warm robe
nightgown (breastfeeding, stain friendly)
post-birth entertainment: books, movies etc
peppermint oil for urinary retention
stool softener: Prunes, colace
Witch Hazel: Hemorrhoids
Alkalol: relief from allergies, colds, sinusitis, chronic congestion, and throat irritation. (desolves mucus)
Arnica: (Homeopathy:soothe muscle aches, reduce inflammation, and heal wounds)
Iron Supplement: Floradix or liquid chlorophyll
Afterease, Wise Ways Merry Mother, New Mother tincture (for afterpains)

Post-natal ease:
Frozen food
Disposable plates, cups, etc.
snowymom's Avatar snowymom 07:42 AM 09-02-2009
Great lists! I need to make mine soon

Serenyd, may I ask where you found those great birth sheets for emergency? I have not seen them before and they are really neat! I am currently expecting my 8th baby, 2nd uc..thanks!
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 01:02 PM 09-02-2009
Originally Posted by snowymom View Post
Great lists! I need to make mine soon

Serenyd, may I ask where you found those great birth sheets for emergency? I have not seen them before and they are really neat! I am currently expecting my 8th baby, 2nd uc..thanks!
I don't know, they belong to sunnymw, and she posted them a while back. There is a link on the UC resource thread.
fyrebloom's Avatar fyrebloom 02:31 PM 09-02-2009
The cheat sheets rock! I have emergency childbirth too but that's nice and quick. Thanks!
Astraia's Avatar Astraia 04:34 PM 09-02-2009
Prescottchels- awesome list.... but bowl of water to urinate in? What's that for?

I might steal your list and modify it slightly - and the cheat sheet idea, too! I've seen it in here before at some point, but I forgot about it.
prescottchels's Avatar prescottchels 02:36 AM 09-03-2009
Originally Posted by Astraia View Post
Prescottchels- awesome list.... but bowl of water to urinate in? What's that for?

I might steal your list and modify it slightly - and the cheat sheet idea, too! I've seen it in here before at some point, but I forgot about it.
lol I had to go look at the list to see what part of the list it's in... I'm assuming peeing in water would burn less post-partum if you were to have a tear or skid mark than just peeing regularly...? I think some people use a peri bottle to squirt the area while peeing too... whatever works.

Steal away!
rjruiz_415's Avatar rjruiz_415 02:48 AM 09-03-2009
Here is what i acutally USED at my birth:

kiddie pool
pool liner
pool hose(s)
debris net (yep, i pooped-lol)
embroidery floss
bowl for placenta
peri bottle
prescottchels's Avatar prescottchels 02:39 AM 09-04-2009
I just happened on the link to the list I posted. Ha! I knew I had it. I'd just forgotten where I stuck it
So now you can sub and have context and anecdotes and the whole 9 yards
akind1's Avatar akind1 09:56 AM 09-04-2009
Thanks! I need to print these off. I told DH about the lists and he rolled his eyes, esp. when I said they are not so much for me, but for him, because I may not be able to articulate well in labor. He's defo on board with homebirth & UC but I think he thinks that it'll just happen and he won't need to do anything but catch! (which might be true, but I think I'll need more support than that! silly man . . .)

NuzzleNudge's Avatar NuzzleNudge 11:10 PM 12-24-2012

Ah The Benefits of Pinterest! Here is a Supply list I compiled. :D

Voondrop's Avatar Voondrop 07:44 PM 12-25-2012

Thanks Nuzzle Nudge, I love pictures!

NuzzleNudge's Avatar NuzzleNudge 12:38 AM 01-02-2013
Originally Posted by Voondrop View Post

Thanks Nuzzle Nudge, I love pictures!

Me Too! I love being able to just stare at it all. Feels like I am all ready already! (Soothes the nesting urge!)