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babykaoss's Avatar babykaoss 10:43 PM 09-09-2009
At 2:14 am on Thursday Sept 3rd, after just over three hours of active labor, my beautiful boy was finally born, by candlelight, in the room he was conceived in, into his daddy's hands.. The pain was mindblowing, out of this world, and worth every second.....intense, yes, painful too, but totally without any negativity, fear, or intervention.....just the loving hands of his daddy.....he is so beautiful and perfect in every way, just a life altering, magical, and yet so perfectly normal human experience. I have been doing a large smoothie with chunks of fresh placenta every day, and have had the smoothest recovery and FASTEST out of all three babies, and this one is my biggest babe! He's nursing, pooping, has already gained 4 ounces, and I just love life right now. It feels amazing.
We're in love. He's 7lbs 10oz and 20inches long.


Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 10:52 PM 09-09-2009
KristaDJ's Avatar KristaDJ 11:10 PM 09-09-2009
4Blessings's Avatar 4Blessings 11:18 PM 09-09-2009
Congrats! Love the name (I have a Dominic too)
fyrebloom's Avatar fyrebloom 12:24 PM 09-10-2009
Welcome Earthside Dominic! Congrats mama!:
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 02:14 PM 09-10-2009
Yay! Congrats! :
Astraia's Avatar Astraia 02:50 PM 09-10-2009
Congrats, it sounds lovely- candlelight, daddy's hands. Beautiful!
MelW's Avatar MelW 09:01 PM 09-11-2009
I'll congratulate you here on MDC, too! Way to go and welcome baby Dominic!
BroodyWoodsgal's Avatar BroodyWoodsgal 08:37 AM 09-12-2009
I have tears on my cheeks reading your post...thank you for spewing out so much lovely joy for us to gulp down! What a great day for you...HOORRRAAYYYY!!!! Kiss those angel cheeks for all of us mamas still waiting to meet our babes!!
babykaoss's Avatar babykaoss 01:22 PM 09-12-2009
Thank you so much only regret at this point is, WHY didn't we have all three kids this way?!