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MayasMother's Avatar MayasMother 05:05 PM 09-12-2009
THank you for reading

Hesperia's Avatar Hesperia 05:27 PM 09-12-2009

What a lovely story of your labour. You had me laughing at throwing up in your daughters bucket!

It sounds like you feel fantastic (honestly, she was born THIS morning?), you really wrote a story that could put anyone at ease.

Thank you.

Happy Birthing Day sweet little family!
crukai's Avatar crukai 07:04 PM 09-12-2009
Congrats!!! :
Earth Momma's Avatar Earth Momma 07:13 PM 09-12-2009
congrats - such an inspiring story!!
gabeyho's Avatar gabeyho 07:25 PM 09-12-2009
what a beautiful story! It really brought a tear of joy and happiness for you. yay! congratulations!
mommy2three's Avatar mommy2three 07:47 PM 09-12-2009
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us and congratulations on the birth of your sweet girl. Have a wonderful babymoon...
ShwarmaQueen's Avatar ShwarmaQueen 08:45 PM 09-12-2009
Amazing birth story!

It's funny that you say you love Tea Tree Oil during pregnancy because I do too (along with Eucaliptus), and I thought I was so weird!!!
MayasMother's Avatar MayasMother 12:17 AM 09-13-2009
Thank you for all of the sweet comments! I wrote this the morning of, but the actual date was Sept 10th, Thursday.

My hips and lower back hurt but other than that I'm feeling great. I took the advice of a friend and washed/prepped my placenta. I cut it into very small pieces and put them in many small bags with about 4 pieces per bag. For the last two days I've put one piece in a fruit smoothie- there is no weird taste at all! :

I made a strawberry, milk, blueberry, sorbet, and frozen banana placenta smoothie. I'm going to keep doing this every day until I run out.

My husband has been a huge support through this. I feel very grateful :

Best wishes to all of you! You can do it. Listen to yourself and your baby.
Jemmind's Avatar Jemmind 12:42 AM 09-13-2009
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 02:42 AM 09-13-2009
Happiestever's Avatar Happiestever 02:36 PM 09-13-2009
Congratulations! What a beautiful story.
Chloe's Avatar Chloe 04:28 PM 09-13-2009
Beautiful and amazing story. We DO need to listen to ourselves and do what we feel is right. I love your advice at the end. I will be thinking of this and other things when I am in labor- soon. (My edd is Oct. 6th.)

This was an amazing story and very encouraging.

TinyBabyBean's Avatar TinyBabyBean 01:33 AM 09-14-2009
Congratulations! Beautiful and inspiring story. I love the part at the end about listening and how to tell fear from caution. I sooooo needed to hear that and I thank you heartfelt.

I wasn't sure if you meant she was really born face up as in posterior? If so my previous birth was that way as well. It is funny how I have sort of thought of that as a mess up in the birth but all turned out well I suppose. Healing time was longer for me though because of hemorrhoids and back pain as you mentioned. It felt like a bowling ball had smashed into my tail bone.

I really loved your beautiful birth story. Best wishes to you and your family.
mama in the forest's Avatar mama in the forest 11:59 AM 09-14-2009
Congratulations mama!! What a beautiful name she has too.

momto3wantingmore's Avatar momto3wantingmore 06:32 PM 09-14-2009
Wow, that is really all I can say. I have goose bumps and ITA with the listing to ourselves! Momma, you did awsome! Enjoy your baby moon,
weliveintheforest's Avatar weliveintheforest 06:35 PM 09-14-2009

Great story, thank you for sharing it.