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Unassisted Childbirth > How long did it take your baby to cry after birth?
mataji4's Avatar mataji4 02:19 AM 09-28-2009
I don't remember any of mine crying after birth...coughing and making a little noise maybe. My fourth went to sleep immediately after birth- we were like "is he okay?" but he was breathing fine and his little heart was beating strong!

AbbieB's Avatar AbbieB 04:17 AM 09-28-2009
DD was a long, slow labor and delivery. My hormones had me feeling very high. DD looked at me and blinked a bit before breathing. She did not cry until I lifted her out of the water and onto my shoulder, definitely over a minute from her birth. I remember starting to think, it was time for her to breath and she did.

DS was a short, straight forward labor and delivery. I was bummed to not have a high like I did after DD. He cried almost right away. I do think I held him higher up immediately, although I did not plan to do that.

I wonder if the intense hormones helped DD enter the world a little more peacefully.
AugustLia23's Avatar AugustLia23 12:08 AM 10-03-2009
My UC babe didn't cry at all, not until the next day anyways. He actually didn't do much of anything, and we weren't in the water either. He was an excellent color, just pooped from my long labor(29 hours if you count my 20 hour stall at 10 cm dilated). No real attempt to breathe either. After rubbing his belly, I put my heart to his chest, and heart a perfect strong beating heart, better and faster than finding a stethoscope, IMO. That was all I needed to know for sure that he was okay. I always knew he would be, but when he came out seemingly asleep, I admit I got a bit nervous. It all worked out perfectly.
lunamegn's Avatar lunamegn 04:26 PM 10-03-2009
My babe didn't cry right after birth. But he was a great pink color so we knew he was fine. I was still in labor land time but I sat there and held him for a while after he was born. He only began crying once we cut the umbilical cord (once it stopped pulsing) and I handed him over to Dad so I could stand up and shower. He was born in the bath tub although there was no water in it. But it did make for quick and easy clean up!
gossamerwindweb's Avatar gossamerwindweb 06:37 PM 10-03-2009
my son sneezed about 30 seconds after birth... and I knew he had to be breathing to sneeze! He only fussed slightly maybe a minute later. But was pink, eyes open and moving around the whole time.
Jacksonmom's Avatar Jacksonmom 09:47 AM 10-05-2009
I can honestly say that I don't remember my first 3 (hospital births). But, my 2 ucs didn't cry at birth. They both just looked at me and snuggled against my chest. Perfect, really.
ScarletBegonias's Avatar ScarletBegonias 02:49 PM 10-07-2009
both my kids (#1 mw hb, #2 UC) were crying before their head was all the way out.

the uc i just attended (weird, long story), the baby took over a minute to cry, ans then it was very quiet. she was perfectly healthy and is a very mellow, sweet, happy quiet baby.

hth! and i hope you have a peaceful birth!
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