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Sarah Faith's Avatar Sarah Faith 12:34 PM 10-06-2009
I have been on these boards during pregnancy doing a lot of reading (less posting because I didn't have my own experience yet) you have been a fantastic resource and I wanted to share my UC story with you. My EDD was 9/26

He's here! My intuition was wrong and it is a boy. We have NO names and are talking about it right now.

Tuesday (9/29) at around 3 I listened to a fear release session (hypnobabies) and did the birth visualization. When DH got home I felt like we really needed to go for a walk, we instead went to the grocery store because it was dark. I started noticing some strong ctx then at around 7:30 but there wasn't much pattern. We got home made tacos and sat down to the new simpsons I was getting some fairly strong ctx at this point and suddenly I jumped up and ran into the shower b/c I felt like I couldn't cope without the water, this was around 9ish.

After the shower I started timing ctx, they were around 5 min apart and lasting around 1min for about an hour but then they were 2min apart and lasting 30seconds, it was strange, but I decided we needed to call my parents at 11:30, these were strong and coming regularly although not in the normal way. By the time my parents got here at 12:30 I was set up in the birth pool, I just couldn't cope with the contractions on my own, I was really struggling with going loose and limp-these were much more powerful than I remember them being with DS1. My mom "kept watch" while DH slept for about 4 hours, she was actually really amazing, during a few ctx that were really hard she was rubbing my back and it felt great. I would occasionally get out and listen to hypnobabies on the birth ball because I was afraid the water would slow things down too much if I stayed. I was peeing constantly, literally about every 10min I got up to pee. I think this was good because it meant I was hydrated and I have heard having a full bladder can hinder labor. Ctx on the toilet sucked though, my hypnosis did not work as well this time (as my last birth)for sure. At around 4:45 (I think) I was getting bad, I was saying that it was too hard and I just needed it to be time to push, I cried while having a few ctx leaning on DH (standing outside the water). I kept telling the baby that they needed to make it time to push. I got long breaks between these but when they came they were SO intense and instead of moaning as before I would say crazy things, I would either pray to God to make it pushing time, cry out to the baby, and at one point I said "oh my oh my oh butterfly" so weird I know! I got a bit belligerent too, at one point my mom tried to talk while I had a ctx and I said "shut up please" I apologized profusely afterwards, a little later on she tried to get me to hum instead of talking crazy, and I said "shh, don't tell me what to do!" She wasn't offended and said that my belligerence was a good sign. At some point in here I threw up too. After that I got back into the water and tried to cope however I could. I wouldn't let DH leave my side, when he did once I started crying and I was squeezing his hand like mad.

It felt like a while, but it couldn't have been long before I started feeling sorta pushy feelings but when I pushed it did NOT feel good, so I waited even though it was a bit unbearable, suddenly the urge to bear down became unstoppable. I was pushing down hard and I even stuck my hand down to support my perinium b/c I was afraid to tear because of how hard I was pushing but I couldn't control it. I also was screaming like a banshee. After only a few pushes I could feel tons of pressure in my perinium and then I felt just inside me a tiny bit of head (very cone shaped) a few pushes later and DH was telling me that the head was right there and how good I was doing, I felt the hair and I could look down and see that the baby was almost crowning. I needed to stop pushing between ctx but was afraid of losing progress. Luckily not much was lost and I pushed out the head shortly after, DH was still reinforcing me and then told me just another push and I could grab the baby, I did and brought him up onto my chest. He gurgled, lifted his head to look at me and then decided to take a nap. I had someone check the time 6:12AM DH was worried b/c he didn't cry (DH was assessing his apgar) and though I insisted that his breathing was fine he wanted to suction him to make sure, that got him crying a bit, but he seemed tired! After a few moments DH wanted me to get out so I would deliver the placenta on the bed, I was planning on this myself and I did.

He is 21inches long (I think longer, we didn't get a great measurment) 14" head 9lbs 11-13oz (I don't have a baby scale, so it isn't exact) **based off his weight at the doctors the next day it looks like he was probably closer to 9lbs 8oz**

maritimemum's Avatar maritimemum 12:55 PM 10-06-2009
Congratulations! Enjoy your baby moon and snuggling your lil one! Share his name and pics if you get a chance! with less the 8 weeks to go i am thriving on them hehe!
Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 02:29 PM 10-06-2009
Congrats! Loved your story. Happy BbMoon!
ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 02:37 PM 10-06-2009
Beautiful, congratulations!
Zenful's Avatar Zenful 04:04 PM 10-06-2009
Congratulations!! I loved reading your story.
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ShwarmaQueen's Avatar ShwarmaQueen 06:38 PM 10-06-2009
Wonderful! Congrats mamma!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 02:35 AM 10-10-2009
gossamerwindweb's Avatar gossamerwindweb 04:43 PM 10-11-2009
CONGRATS! Welcome earthside little one
fyrebloom's Avatar fyrebloom 08:39 PM 10-11-2009
Welcome Earthside Little boy!
LilMamiBella's Avatar LilMamiBella 11:39 AM 10-12-2009