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fullofhope08's Avatar fullofhope08 01:45 PM 10-08-2009
Hi, just putting it out there to see if there are any others with similar situations.
I'm trained as a midwife but not yet working or registered. I also do doula work. So I know that birth can be beautiful and uncomplicated. My mother had simple natural births. I really feel that my body can do this. On the other hand, I have seen some scary birth situations - I know hemorrhages and other complications can happen. Our options are pretty limited where we live - no access to midwives. Medical care involves seeing 7 doctors and having one of the 7 present when i give birth - so no continuity of care. So UC has come up. my husband is the one who suggested it actually - so there's no problems in convincing him. I just hesitate as I feel someone should be there who could deal with complications. And I wonder if it would be difficult to turn off my 'midwife' brain so I can focus on giving birth - checking fetal heart tones, trying to access progress, etc. My first preference has always been midwifery care so that I feel assured that someone else is focused on these details.
Anyone out there having gone through this? Thanks

Serenyd's Avatar Serenyd 04:23 PM 10-08-2009

I'm not a birth professional, but I've worked in the medical field, and seen birth complications up close (mostly iatrogenic ones ). I feel like I'm better equipped to handle complications that might come up because of my medical knowledge. I'd rather have an idea of what might go wrong, and be prepared to handle it, than not know what is going on and miss something important. But that's just me. I know what you mean about not being able to turn off that part of your brain though. It does make it harder to "just follow your instincts" during birth. If you choose UC, hopefully you can relax and balance the two to birth your baby peacefully and safely. Good luck!
jljeppson's Avatar jljeppson 01:53 AM 10-09-2009
I've done it twice, the first as a trained doula and the second as a midwife. One hospital birth, two HB's with the same midwife, one UC, one more HB with previous midwife, and one UC (we moved a lot, and then my midwife retired). Out of the 6 births, my UC's were by far the most painful and beyond description the most beautiful. The connection I had with myself, with my husband... I can't even begin to describe it. One of these days I'm sure I will, probably on my blog, but for the moment all I can say is that if we have more children I would definitely go UC again. I will point out however, that as a midwife I had my own equipment and my hubby was a cop and had emergency childbirth training.
Sijae's Avatar Sijae 02:20 AM 10-09-2009
I've had a UC and would again in a heartbeat. I also know of more than one midwife who has had a UC. It really depends on what you are comfortable with.

MamaRabbit's Avatar MamaRabbit 07:34 AM 10-09-2009
I UC'd my twins early on during my midwifery training. We're thinking about having another baby, and right now, I honestly can't say if I'd want to UC again. UC was right for that pregnancy and births, but not sure about the next one. Each pregnancy is so different!

I was not able to turn my brain off during the twin birth and was very much in control of the whole situation. In a way, thinking back 2 years now, I wish I hadn't had to be so in touch to everything and just be there doing my thing. I could have done that if I'd had access to a midwife that respected my birthing wishes. So for a next time? Who knows.
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 03:03 PM 10-10-2009
I've had 3 UCs and a 4th attempt during which I transported for sketchy signs and in spite of having a great OB and NO arguments about care, I decided to have a csec (that was *probably* the right thing for us).

My first UC was before I was a mw or even CBE. the others after. I believe it was my midwifery knowledge that led to my correctly interpreting the signs that made me transfer care during UC #4 and that helped me to make confident decisions about care in the hospital.

My one mw-assisted birth was otherwise my least favorite experience, perhaps because I expected it to be better somehow than my UCs prior to that. Funny about that....

Anyway, yes, I'd UC again in a heartbeat---IF I didn't have as many kids as I can stand, and hadn't gone through menopause already.
onyxravnos's Avatar onyxravnos 04:26 PM 10-10-2009
I'm a doula and CBE and just starting my midwifery training. planing a UC.

My case is that midwives cant attend VBACs here so my options are limited

but i feel confidante that between my own knowledge, husband and my fab doula this will be a great birth!
ladyelms's Avatar ladyelms 05:12 PM 10-10-2009
i was a 2nd year mw apprentice last year when i had my uc. i would do it all over again in a heart beat--best experience of my life. but i felt totally prepared to handle things, prepped my husband and used a doppler.

the only con was i did miss the woman support. however, what dh and i exprienced together, alone, was a worthy (understatement) trade.
gentlestrengths's Avatar gentlestrengths 05:42 PM 10-12-2009
Doula, CBE and midwifery student...
Had my first 3 with the same midwife. She couldn't be there for the 4th so we did it ourselves. It was a special birth. Something very empowering about doing it just with your spouse. I think my husband seems more connected to her, and has since she was born. It makes me think that is how it is supposed to be. He had a lot invested in paying attention to me and my labor and birth, more than when a midwife is attending, and it connected us 3 in a way that did not happen in the other 3 births. Funny thing is we are planning for our midwife to be at our next birth (May). lol.

I agree with a poster that said each birth is different. While I feel grateful for the UC experience we did have, I enjoy the support of a midwife. I enjoy the special attention, and I am confident that I will get the kind of care I want. A lot of people can't say that, and that is a big reason a lot of people I know choose UC.
Jane's Avatar Jane 06:12 PM 10-12-2009
I am a midwife. It definitely appeals. But I'd want to have a good friend here for support and the group of women I'd pick from are all midwives, UC for me.
MsBlack's Avatar MsBlack 06:30 PM 10-12-2009
I should add that I never birthed solo, or just with a dp. I like my friends around, did ask for a receive plenty of pampering, labor support, fetching, feeding, etc. Definitely like having womanly support....of the 3 men I partnered in parenting with (at separate times over 20yrs, that is), all were well intended and none were that good in labor
djinneyah's Avatar djinneyah 09:24 PM 10-12-2009
Originally Posted by Apricot View Post
I am a midwife. It definitely appeals. But I'd want to have a good friend here for support and the group of women I'd pick from are all midwives, UC for me.
i dunno, i think having a good friend there for support, even though they may be trained in the birthing set of skills, doesn't necessarily equal a non-UC...

my UC, i had my good friend there for the time she was finishing nursing school. i had her there as a friend, not as a medical professional, and she understood that and was comfortable with it. i'm of the opinion that having a medical person present doesn't 'negate' the UC aspect, nor does having friends or family or what have you. if nobody's telling you how to birth, what you should and shouldn't do, etc., and you're relying on yourself and your baby and your instincts, it's still a UC...

but i think that gets things into a whole other discussion!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 02:02 AM 10-13-2009

Fruitful4Him's Avatar Fruitful4Him 02:11 AM 10-13-2009
subbing...((curious to read responses on birth professionals who have also Uc'd)) I did UC with my 3rd child and it is interesting to get responses from other birth professionals...some positive, some positively scathing.
fullofhope08's Avatar fullofhope08 10:08 PM 10-15-2009
Thanks for this great discussion. It helped me figure out what is really important to me in terms of this upcoming birth experience. Of course, after studying and providing midwifery care for several years now, I value the importance of quality maternity care. It will be important to me to be midwifed myself through this process - don't think unassisted will do it for me, not for our first baby. I will have to go ahead with physician care through our local hospital, but I will find creative ways to make sure I am midwifed during my pregnancy and birth - alternative health practitioners and doulas are great for nurturing care. it's not ideal, but I think it can meet my needs. I'll also be staying home for as long as possible in labour before heading to the hospital.
thanks wonderful UC'ers!
mataji4's Avatar mataji4 02:56 PM 10-17-2009
And remember, you can always change your mind and have an unassisted birth if that's what feels right later in the pregnancy or even when you go into labor.

I am a doula and was an apprentice midwife for several years before having my kids. I had midwife attended homebirths for the first three, and an unassisted birth with my fourth, just my husband and me. If I have another I'm going to have an uc again, but I will ask my good friend to be here, and also possibly hire a doula. I could have used more support with my fourth babe- a two day labor and huge baby that was challenging to birth.
mamaSun loveMore's Avatar mamaSun loveMore 06:04 AM 10-26-2009

I'm a Lamaze instructor and Doula and I'm looking forward to my second UC...
Our first was an amazing experience.
Cuddlebaby's Avatar Cuddlebaby 04:54 PM 11-02-2009
I am LOVING this thread! what a great question! restores my faith in the birth profession a LOT!

I'm a doula and mw wannabe. started loose definition of 'apprenticing' w/ my mom (lay mw) starting at age 11. i'd love to finish school and get this ball rolling....

so some great birth professionals here!
ScarletBegonias's Avatar ScarletBegonias 02:10 AM 11-04-2009
i'm a doula and student mw and this will be our 3rd hb and 2nd up/uc. i also "advertise" as a uc doula, and help women who want a uc, but also want labor support.