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Cannon Christian Dodson, arrived Monday, October 5, 2009 at 5:20 pm, 10 lbs 13 oz., 21" long, 10 fingers, 10 toes and short black hair.

Born 17 days late, but right on God's perfect time.

This was my 4th birth, 3rd homebirth, and 2nd up/uc. I had given birth to Cougar, our 3rd child in July of '06 in a kiddie pool in our livingroom after I had labored alone in peaceful silence all day. It was a heavenly experience and I spent this pregnancy praying and planning for something equally as beautiful and blessed.  You can read Cougar's birth story here

It was almost eerie how similar this birth was to Cougar's, an answer to my prayers. It began that morning about 6 am with a slow leak in my bag of waters. Things progressed throughout the day, slowly at first then picking up in intensity about noon. Al had left that morning for work and somehow managed to make it back home by 11 am! He said he forgot an important paper... and he was worried about me (awww). I was so glad to have him here to keep Cassius (7) and Cougar (3) busy while I labored alone. Before he retreated to the bedrooms with the boys, he set up the birth pool in the livingroom and began filling it for me. He checked on me periodically throughout the day and was great at just giving me my space and keeping things quiet in the house.

That morning I cleaned up some last minute things between contractions. I also let Cassius (7 yrs) call his Nana to wish her a happy birthday and tell her that our baby was going to be sharing a birthday with her! That probably was a bad idea since she spent the rest of the day calling and worrying, but it is what it is.

I got in the pool about 3:00 pm because the contractions were so hard by then and just right on top of each other. I really wanted to wait for Caine (9 yrs) to get home from school before baby would come since he wanted to be here for the birth. He gets off the bus at 4:20 so the water in the birth pool proved to be the perfect solution to both slow labor down long enough for Caine to get here, and give me some needed rest for the work ahead.

When Caine got home I told him to wash his hands (hate those yucky school germs) and I didn't see him again until baby was coming out. My contractions began getting louder at about 4:30 and I realized my body was beginning to push. I never checked to see how dilated I was, just trusted my body to do what God made it to do. It was much harder than the pushing stage with Cougar. It felt like it took forever, I was sooo exhausted. Al came in and got the video camera set up while I was pushing and I told him that once the head was out, I would tell him so he could go get the kids. I was yelling sooo loudly at this point that I didn't want to scare them by bringing them in the living room too soon. When I realized I was at the end of my rope and couldn't go on much longer, I reached in to feel just the tip of his head, yes!!! After that it seemed like I had one loooong contraction until the head was out, any break I had was just enough time to take a deep breath and keep on pushing. When I felt the "ring of fire" on my perineum I was so grateful because I knew I was so close to meeting this baby.

Once the head was out, Al ran to grab the kids and they all waited very quietly on the couch to meet their new baby. I quickly explained (between breaths) that I was just waiting for the next contraction so I could push out the rest of his body. I may have waited a minute or so before it came. I told Cassius (our only bald baby and proud of it) that it felt like this baby was bald like he was, turns out the baby just had really short hair. That last contraction finally came and I pushed with all I had in me, the pressure was just excruciating and I was determined to get him born with this next contraction. I never felt him rotate, but out came the baby and he floated to the top of the water. He wasn't moving at all, but I wasn't worried about him. I felt him move all through labor up until the last minutes.

Once I got him up out of the water and onto my chest, the boys all came over to get a closer look. He let out a small cry and then proceeded to fall asleep. As I resituated him on my chest to make sure the cord wasn't pulling on his belly, I saw and announced (with a laugh), "Another boy!" Wow - FOUR BOYS, I can't believe it. We're certainly setup for boys here, how convenient!

Next I had Al lift me up out of the water so I could sit on the couch and cover the baby up without his towel getting all wet from the water. I tried to nurse him but he was just not waking up so we wrapped him in his towel, put his hat on and chatted for a few minutes. The boys were pretty intrigued except for Cougar (3 yrs), he seemed to just want to play with his toys.

While we waited for the placenta, Caine called Nana to wish her a happy birthday and tell her the baby had arrived. Al gave her all the details and she said she'd be over later with dinner for everyone.

About 10 minutes after the birth, I began to get the feel of another contraction. I had Al hold the baby, which was tricky because his cord was super short. I stood up just a little and out came the placenta, totally intact and perfect. That really got the boys' attention! We put it in a strainer over a bucket to drain off the excess blood. Once it had drained we put it in a bag to make it easier to carry. Shortly after that, I began to get the chills and my teeth were chattering and I knew I needed to get to bed. As dh left the room to get a bag to carry the placenta in, I cut off a large piece and chewed on it as long as I could stand before I swallowed it. I'm sure it helped, but I knew going into this birth that my iron was low since I wasn't able to take any additional iron supplements most of the pregnancy due to my terrible and constant battle with constipation. I probably would have had to eat a much larger portion than one mouthful to balance things out and I just couldn't do it.

We began the trek down the hallway and about halfway there I had to hand the baby and the placenta back to Al. We got the baby and his placenta to the bed and Al got me into the shower. Within just a few seconds I realized I was going to pass out. I am so glad Al was able to be there to help me! He got me dressed and dried off and into bed. As soon as my feet were up, I felt better immediately.

For the next several hours, every time I got up to go to the bathroom the lightheadedness would begin again and I needed Al to get me back into bed. I was losing a lot of blood clots but my uterus was contracting very strongly and about 4 times an hour so I knew it was doing its job.

My mom, step dad and 4 yr old niece arrived a few hours after the birth. They brought with them a huge dinner for everyone which was wonderful, of course. By the time they got there, Al had a lot of the birth mess cleaned up including the pool drained and put away. My mom cleaned up some more and washed all the dishes from dinner.

After my sister got there shortly after my mom, I decided it was time to cut the cord. I was going to try to leave it attached to his placenta for a lotus birth like I did with Cougar, but the cord was so short this time that it seemed like it was constantly pulling on his belly even when the placenta was sitting right next to him. Al decided he wanted no part of cutting the cord so between my mom, my sister and myself we got the job done. Cassius had picked out some embroidery floss a couple weeks prior, which I then braided and had Al sterilize along with a pair of scissors while we waited for my mom to arrive. My mom tied the cord off tightly a couple inches from his belly with the floss and we used a sterilized cord clamp to clamp off the placenta end. I cut between the cord clamp and the floss and some blood did spray out, but it was minimal and clotted up nicely right away. His cord stump ended up falling off on day 4, which was the soonest for any of our babies.

The morning after the birth, Al needed to head back to work, but woke up to find that our furnace was broke, ugh. So he made the decision to stay home to fix it, most of his day was spent in the basement, but he came up every hour or so to check on me and see if I needed anything. Caine went to school that day, but Cassius and Cougar spent another day in their pajamas.

The 3rd day, Al finally was able to leave for work and I had to get up with Caine to put him on the bus. I was still feeling pretty terrible from the contractions so it was quite a feat to be able to do that. My sister came about 10 am and I had a long list of things I needed her help doing, including getting the baby and I into the bath. She was a wonderful help all day until my mom came about 3 o'clock to relieve her. My sister left to work and my mom stayed until about 9 o'clock. She kept the kids and I all fed, did a ton of laundry and cleaning and was just great to have there.

After about 3 days of post-birth contractions (youch!) they finally eased up, what a relief! But shortly after the contractions stopped, I began having spasms in my back that would last for about 30 seconds every time I sat or laid back down after getting up. They completely took my breath away. On the 4th night, I got a terrible headache that would not ease up and I finally drug myself and Cannon to the chiropractor (our first outing!) on day 5. The Dr. said the baby looked and felt great, and every adjustment he gave me felt huge. Also, he has shown no signs of jaundice whatsoever, a benefit of letting the baby come when the baby is ready and not on a doctor's timetable I'm guessing.

The 4th day I was able to resume schoolwork with Cassius and get out of bed a bit more. Al came back from work in the afternoon and packed everything up for the dirtbike race up north. My friends Janet and Anne brought us a nice dinner and after everyone ate, Al headed out for a 4 day weekend with Caine and Cassius for the race.

Even though this recovery has been the hardest, I'm really enjoying these first few days with this new baby, he's such a miracle and so precious.

Thanks for reading,
Nicole D.


Please read our NEXT uc story here

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Congrats on your new little boy. The story was great - Thanks for sharing.

Hope you are healing well and enjoy the babymoon.
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Congrats on your new baby, enjoyed reading your birth story!

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Congrats mama! Thanks for sharing your story!

Its always nice/reassuring/something to read another one like mine.I felt quite shaky, lightheaded, and dizzy as well - but I still knew I was fine - I just needed to lie down. People think m crazy when i tell them that part (well..not on because omg there must be something wrong!

Congrats again!

Lindsay: DS#1 (06/06) DD#1 (09/07) DS#2 (10/08) DD#2 (06/09). AND A BABY DUE NOVEMBER 2013

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Any misspellings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
they are placed there for the amusement of those who like to point them out.
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Beautiful, congratulations!

Me treehugger.gif and DH caffix.gif and sweet baby DD heartbeat.gif born 08/2011.

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CONGRATS!! Welcome earthside little one

Angela lactivist.gif, married for 14 1/2 years to DHtwins.gif, mother to DD 8-5-97homeschool.gif, DS 8-5-09 uc.jpgbabyf.gif, and SURPRISE!!! pos.gif due 2-17-12

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Congrats mamma!

Momma to DD (12/04) hearts.gif and DS (11/09) hbac.gif.
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Welcome Earthside Cannon!

Lucia , Poly )O( Lactation Counseling mama lady.gifvbac.gifto 5 yo Goobersuperhero.gif and 3 1/2 yo MZ twins twins.gif Peanut and Sweetpea and 1yo Pumpkinbabyf.gif mmm placenta.gif
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I loved your birth story thank so very much for posting. I have 3 boys also and really would think another boy would suit us well. Enjoy the rough and tumble!

Kiya- Mama to 3 growing Son's. Waldorf joy.gifDoula  hug.gif  Making Recycled Woolens and Trainers every spare moment.
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congrats! fellow UC mom to 4 j boys here!

Midwife apprentice and mama to 6, including three UC babies: Jude River, 06/04/08, Elora Wren Isolde, 9/27/10, and our newest addition, Eilish Neve Isebeul, 6/12/14!
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Gooooodness GRACIOUS! Four boys! How proud you must be, I bet they are a handsome bunch!

Great story mama....I'm so happy you had such a beautiful birth...may kisses to you and your new baby...happy babymoonin'!

Me and DH ...lovin' DD dust.gif(6/08) and DS kid.gif(11/09) Plus NEW BABY!! DD baby.gif (UC-5/12) We heartbeat.gif Water Birth/Homebirth/No Vax or Circ/BF/BW/Country Livin'! chicken3.gif

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huge congratulations on your newest addition

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Wonderful birth story

Erica, wife to Jason (March 2002) . Mama to Ava (June 2003) , Jason Jr. [AKA JJ] (August 2004) , Lila (January 2009) , Maura (October 2010) , and a new person in December 2012!
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