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chirp's Avatar chirp 11:40 AM 03-05-2010
After 24 hours of ctx and about 20 minutes of pushing out came Sean Robert at 6:33 am.

He's beautiful....and was caught by the awesomest momma friend ever.

seattlemamma's Avatar seattlemamma 01:09 PM 03-05-2010
cathicog's Avatar cathicog 02:06 PM 03-05-2010
Congrats! I have been thinking of you! Enjoy your babymoon and rest up!
*EarthMama*'s Avatar *EarthMama* 06:41 PM 03-05-2010
Originally Posted by cathicog View Post
Congrats! I have been thinking of you! Enjoy your babymoon and rest up!
Congrats!!! What a joy to hear! Enjoy your baby moon
chirp's Avatar chirp 09:31 PM 03-05-2010 I don't really have a romanticized version of my birth story...and I'm actually still processing things, but...

the unassisted birth of our second son, Sean Robert began March 4, in the wee hours of the morning. I knew that I would be having the baby by the weekend, but tried not to focus too heavily on it (I'd been having a lot of prodromal labor, so I didn't want to get my hopes TOO UP).

All day on Thursday I was having contractions...nothing too heavy. Around 2 AM Friday though things started picking up. Everyone was asleep and I still wasn't sure how long things were going to take, so I decided to just let them sleep.

Around 5:30 my DH woke up, which was awesome because things had just gotten to the point where it was getting harder and harder for me to move around, get my water, etc.

Unfortunately, shortly after that (6 am) DS1 woke. He is only 22 months, and doesn't take well to seeing me in any kind of discomfort. My husband had to run to work to take care of some last minute things, so I suggested he bring our son, since the person we wanted to take him wouldn't be over for another 45 minutes or so. I couldn't be in advanced labor and take care of a toddler, I was already feeling Tigress-y and was losing my temper.

Well, of course, as soon as DH and DS1 left, things REALLY began to pick up. Luckily my friend had made it over a little earlier than she had projected, she helped me get my stuff and bring it into the bedroom...after that it was only 20 minutes or so of pushing and the baby was out!!

His fluid was stained green. But he was breathing well, had good color and was reflexing in all the right spots, so I passed on taking him to the hospital (although we are going later to register his birth to get a bc).

He was also 10.2 pounds. DS1 was 7lbs 12 that was quite a difference. He took a second longer than "typical" at the shoulders, but wasn't stuck...just HUGE. I tried to wait patiently for the next contraction...FINALLY it came, the shoulders were out, and I had my beautiful new babe on my chest (after some clumsy maneuvering.)

I labored the entire time on my hands and knees. I didn't know if I would necessarily like that, but I did...hands and knees using my head on the birth ball to sway and I'm sure that was a sight!!

Five minutes after he was out DH and DS1 came back from his job. DH is kinda upset that he missed it (this baby is our last)...but I keep reminding him that I NEEDED him to get DS1 out of the house. Sooner than our friend could be there. That even if work hadn't called him away for that short time, he probably would have still needed to take DS out to help me out.

Aaaand that's it. Now my mom is here cooking dinner, and we're all babymooning, getting ready for this last little hurdle of going to the hospital to register the baby. While there we will get his measurements and the heel prick test.

Thanks for all your support!!
mellie-bellie's Avatar mellie-bellie 11:48 PM 03-05-2010
Congrats on a beautiful birth! You did it so amazingly, I'm so proud of you. Such a moving experience to be a part of, thanks for the honor and trust of allowing me to be there. It makes me excited about my lil one-to-be in the next month or so
lovestolearn's Avatar lovestolearn 12:49 AM 03-06-2010
Congrats!!! Glad you got the support you needed!
huskermommy's Avatar huskermommy 07:22 PM 03-06-2010
CONGRATS fellow march mama!
accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 09:14 PM 03-06-2010
great birth story chirp! congratulations! that's a big baby too!
guest8990's Avatar guest8990 03:17 AM 03-10-2010
congrats! i am very jealous