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I don't worry about going preterm, but I think about this sometimes. I think I would feel totally fine at 36 weeks. We're a 5 minute drive by car from the nearest hospital. I think I would take the chance of the baby having some slight breathing difficulty and having to call an ambulance or what not, saying labor just went too quickly. I've been reading a lot of pre term stories where 35-36 week babies were born perfectly fine and got to go right home, so... I don't know if I'd do it at 35 weeks, but... Thought I'd ask what other thought.

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Its hard to say when not faced with it. I'm just over 33 weeks right now, and I know this baby isn't ready. Theoretically, I think I could feel comfortable between 35-36 weeks, but it would just depend on my intuition when faced with the situation. I think this baby is small, and if I were to go into labor at 36 weeks with him, even, I might still feel the need to get some assistance. Its just another one of those things where I think I would know when faced with the situation.

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your gut feeling is probably the most important here.. i think i felt different with every baby.. with ds1 i felt like if he came at 35 weeks he would have been completely fine.. he was born at 36w6d with no breathing problems what so ever.. ds 2 and 3 i worried about having them early.. i probably didnt feel comfortable until 37weeks.. ds2 was born at 38w2d and ds3 was born at 38w even. this time.. i'm only 35w2d and if i went in to labor tonight i would still stay home.. but that's just me and just for THIS baby!

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I worked as a Nursery/NICU nurse for several years and we went to all deliveries early or not. If I knew I was having a girl, I would be happy with 36 weeks. If I knew it was a boy, I would stay home at 37 weeks. For some reason, little boys just seemed to need a bit more help breathing when still 36 weeks or less and I took care of several that ended up on the vent for a few days. Of course, I saw a lot of early babies that were just fine even earlier than that.

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Please don't UC a premature baby.
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I've been thinking/wondering the same thing.. I'm 33 weeks and wondering when I would be comfortable. I heard that boys lungs don't develop as quickly as girls and this one is a boy. I doubt I'll end up going early.. I have longer cycles go longer gestation wise so I'm just hoping to not go over 40 weeks though I find it most likely.. I would probably stay home starting at 36 weeks. though I agree with the others that you should trust your instincts.

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I've had three babies prematurely.

One was a boy born at 32 weeks exactly and needed significant help breathing but was nearly 5 lbs. and was able to stay in the room for a good half hour before going to the nicu which theoretically would have been enough time to get to a very nearby hospital but there is no way I would have a baby this early at home.

One was a girl born at 34 weeks exactly and only needed very minimal breathing assistance. She was off all assistance within hours and was able to stay in the room for about an hour before going to the nicu. She was almost 6 lbs. She and I both needed antibiotics for an infection that developed in labor (with a super high fever), my water had broken over a week before. I'm borderline on if I would be ok with this at home but I lean towards not (assuming no fever).

One was a boy born at 35 weeks 5 days and needed no help whatsoever other than light therapy for jaundice. In hindsight this would have been fine at home but it's difficult to say if I would have stayed away from the hospital. A big problem with premature birth is that the cause of the prematurity is often unknown but could indicate a problem.

With my current pregnancy I have a midwife. Her general rule is 37 weeks for a homebirth but she has agreed to 36 weeks for me. The reasoning is that it's a girl and I've had an approximately 36 week baby before with no breathing difficulties.
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For myself i'd be fine in the 35wk range. My daughter was born at 35wk6days and was 7lbs 13" 20"

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35 weeks. IF I was confident about when I conceived, I am in good health and the pregnancy has been normal.

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I would be fine with this one at 34 weeks or after, my last was 35 weeks at home uc and though we did transfer to the nicu it was mostly because of the living situation that we were dealing with and how a dcs call would have put our other children in danger. This past weekend I was in the hospital for possible pre-term labor but that was most likely my thyroid meds being out of whack and an overly new resident.... i am 28 weeks and this is too early for home. We left vacation to head to the hospital when I was sure we should be cautious. I will say that both my homebirth mw and my back up cnm are fine with me having her at 36 weeks, at home..... I am pretty sure that she will be fine, the combination of this being a girl and the fact that most of my previous issues seem to be from the thryoid issues that weren't diagnosed at the time.

just my.02 though.....

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I thought about this long and hard with my pregnancy with Henry. I finally came to the conclusion that I was very happy with 37 weeks. If it had been a couple days before that, I probably would have still UC, but it would have depended on how I was feeling inside. Of course, this wasn't an issue at all since he was born at 41 weeks, 1 day

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I wouldn't be confortable with this baby until 37 weeks. I'm almost to that point and still don't feel like LO is quite ready.
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I think it defintely depends on the baby and the mom and history. My first son was born at 37w6d after my water broke the day before (stupid hospital birth, induced because I didn't know I could wait for contractions to start on their own, epidural). He was 6lb15oz and 19" and had no problems breathing, he did wait to nurse for 14 long hours-side effect of the epidural. My daughter, baby #2 was born at 39w3d UC. She was 6lb12oz and 19" and had no problems eating or breathing. My second son, baby #3 was born UC at 35w6d. He was 6lb5oz and 19". He had no problems breathing or eating, but he had a tough time maintaining his temps for a few days, so I wore him skin-to-skin+diaper in my shirt for a few days. No big deal. He was also pretty yellow, but I think a part of that was his double black eyes thanks to being born posterior. Monster. We sat in front of the sliding glass door a TON with him, and he was fine. I felt all through the pregnancy that we would be born in an undesirable position...I first thought breech until about 18w when he very obviously picked head down and posterior. He didn't change. At our u/s, I found out that my placenta draped to the front. I know I make pretty short cords-just long enough for the baby to be born and for me to hunch as far as I can and nurse before cutting the cord. Anyway, having this feeling from the very beginning that he'd be born in a strange position, I prayed that he would be born early enough to fit with no problems, but not so early that he had problems. The night I went into labor, I had my hand on my belly and I felt what I could only describe as the feeling of his little abdomen expanding-practicing breathing. I took that as a sign from God that he was indeed ready for life out of the womb and labor started within an hour or so. He was born 4 days later.

So yeah, my answer is that it definitely depends on the baby and the mom. If I had a history of giving birth at 42w, I probably wouldn't have been ok with almost 36w...but then again, I just had this peace from God, so I don't know. It's all about God to me.

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one thing to consider is that even if your LO is not in need of immediate transfer to the NICU, if they do need help shortly after birth, you will be transfering after giving birth, and might not be admitted with your child. we had a planned homebirth, and my midwife said i was right on the edge of her feeling comfortable staying at home (which was my gut feeling also), my daughter was born at 35+3 and was with me in the room for almost 7 hours after giving birth before she went into the NICU. given how well she tolerated labour and how smoothly delivery went, we could have easily stayed at home, but transfering to the hospital shortly after giving birth with a 2nd degree tear and not being admitted as a patient would have been ROUGH. rougher than being in my postpartum room down the hall from my baby, anyway. at least i got those nice restful hours in the hospital room knowing that the ped had evaluated her and given her the go ahead to stay with me for that time, rather than being nervous about whether she was going to be ok if we stayed home.

while i'm still not 100% convinced that we really needed to be in the NICU as long as we were, i'm not unhappy with my decision not to stay at home that early. for my 2nd, i'll probably be set on staying at home after 36 weeks.
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36 weeks would be iffy for me, leaning towards the hospital. 37 weeks or later and I'd stay home. Anything earlier and my butt's in the hospital ASAP. I would never UC a baby that wasn't full-term.

Every baby is different and just because you (general you) had a baby at 34, 35, 36 weeks that was fine doesn't mean this one would be. My niece was born at 35 weeks and spent a week in the NICU. Some other baby may be born at 35 weeks and be just fine and go home after a couple of days. Problem is, you never know which one your baby's going to be until it's born.

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When they tried to induce me at 37 weeks with my youngest, I demanded an amnio beforehand. Her lungs were immature at that point so I refused induction.

Because of that, I don't think I'd feel comfortable doing a UC until at least 38 weeks. I just keep the "You can be 2 weeks off either way" saying in mind. I have no idea when I ovulated this time but I know it was between my husband's birthday and my oldest's birthday (5 days) so not a huge difference luckily.

I started labor on the day of my due date with my first 2. My oldest was born in the early afternoon a day later and my middle one was born 4 1/2 hours after I found out I was already close to transition. They augmented my labor with my middle one because my contractions weren't "regular" enough for them. :eyeroll My youngest was electively induced and I regret that. She was born at 39 weeks.

With this one, I feel like she's going to arrive the week of Thanksgiving. I don't think I'll make it to the latest due date (and the one I believe is right) I have which is the 28th (my OB goes by the 26th) but I also don't think I'll still be pregnant while gobbling down turkey. :P
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I would UC after 35wks, but ONLY because we have an oxygen tank with infant cannula and my husband was an EMT for a while and can handle that sort of emergency. Otherwise, I'd want to be 36 1/2 weeks.

We welcomed our 3rd , 7th September 23, 2010!
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