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amyjeans's Avatar amyjeans 03:12 PM 10-02-2010

Not to give birth, not yet anyway, but I am slowly settling into our upcoming birth. I have 8 weeks to go. Well technically I can go in 4...
I am making peace with myself and actually can't wait to see my new little one's face!

I predict this baby will be fast and show up at 3am, perhaps on the 10th of Dec. 2 hrs of labor max, and my only discomfort will be hemmoroids.

Still no idea about the sex.

anyone else predicting their birth??

sweetpatayta's Avatar sweetpatayta 03:33 PM 10-02-2010
I am predicting a 4 hour labor. Night time or early morning Feb 1st.

I am leaning towards girl, but still not positive on that one.