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please please send labor vibes

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I am 10 days overdue and R E A L L Y  wanna give birth. The baby is totally head down, punching my thighs. every night I am in quazi-prodromal labor. I say this because I get maybe 4-5 breath through contx. Then they petter out and I am antzy.

What is weird is unlike the last babies I uc'd, this one seems to be comfy with me, and I with him/her. I mean I am uncomfortable, but getting used to this mass on my front.

BUT I am a b*tch. I am so cranky!

We tried a natural prostaglandin deposit (hahahaha) this morning. No good and painful because I am sooooo swollen down there! I considered castor oil- but my poops are loose enough.

any suggestions?

Please help!

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Advice?  Just the basics...patience and excellent self-care.  If you are losing sleep, then make sure to get naps.  Get a massage, or somethign else that can help with discomforts...check in with your baby lovingly, trust yourself, your baby, the process.  Notice when you are anxious/antsy and breathe deep.


Babies always come!  Won't be long now....



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thank you so much Ms Black. I know babies always come, but this time, he jsut seems so content to hang out! I go to bed thinking every night "this is the night" and I get so depressed when nothing happens. My prodromal labor is sporatic and frustrating. BUT I need to stay outta my own way.

He's moving slowly now- but still joyful of the peace inside my belly, as opposed to the chaos of 4 big sisters dying to meet him/her!


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Yeah, most of my babies were on the early side, 37 wks up to due date births.  The one that decided she liked the 'peace within' until nearly 42, well I woke each morning a cried for a few minutes...oh NO, still pregnant!  But then I got on with day, a few tears didn't hurt either of us.


As for this one loving that peace within--maybe you need to talk to this baby about how much fun there is in a house full of sibs!


Hang in there, cry if you need to, it'll only relax you--and laugh whenever you can lol.gif


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maybe you'll have one of those labors where the baby just pops out! 


Anyway, labor vibes, coming your way!

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my last UC was 2 hrs. I am hoping I am one of those mamas who go to sleep, then wake up with a baby in bed. Sleep through the whole thing!

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Originally Posted by amyjeans View Post

my last UC was 2 hrs. 

This one will probably be fast too then. Not guaranteed but probably. :)

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