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Jynuine's Avatar Jynuine 11:00 PM 05-20-2011

For those of you who have chatted with me and followed my issues over the past month or two- I wanted to thank you. :) It was one of the biggest battles for me- this internal fight for the BEST birth I could manage.


As some of you know, I REALLY wanted a homebirth. My last birth was fantastic. After a couple of hours of laboring my waters broke and 5 min later she was out. Wham bam thank-you-ma'am. Perfect. After trying for the midwife and realizing we couldnt afford it this time- I basicly gave in and told God okay... I accept that it wasn't meant to be. But then I REALLY was debating on the UC and studied my options for a good long time leaning towards having my own 'oops!' birth.


Then I found out I was GBS+ and my antibody titers has risen (antibodies to a gene trait my husband passes down to our kiddos that I developed a few years ago). The hospital was worried I was fighting him off and his heart rate was also low end... only 110 beats per minute baseline which was the very bottom of the barrel. I realized that a UC would be very risky at this point because I wasn't prepared for the complications that could arise from either GBS or fighting off the baby with my antibodies.


I was threatened with induction and fought to go naturally- which I won. My midwife wanted to induce me with Cytotec. O_O I don't think so.


May 6th I went into labor (a week early) and ended up going in at around noon. Unfortunately, I wasn't progressing. Getting in and out of the tub- moving around, not only did I have back labor because he was sunny side up, but I also had a HORRIBLE stiff neck from sleeping wrong (2 weeks later guess what? My neck is STILL STIFF!!! I'm starting to get a little concerned...). I was on lots of antibiotics because I had been in the hospital for a while. By 9pm Labor was blah and inconsistant, but painful and all in my back and my cervix was UBER sensitive. I felt a little gushy and found out my membranes had ruptured and by 2:30am I STILL had not progressed. I was exactly 50% effaced and 4-5 cent dilated as I had been since the prior morning... and still in back labor inconsistantly. I was utterly exhausted and angry that my body had all but given up.


I finally gave in and allowed them to administer Pitocin (slowly I told them) and I got an Epidural because I always go into Pit shock. His heartrate was beautiful the entire time, thank goodness. By 9:30am I was ready to push and we let my body gradually push him down on it's own. Finally as we saw more of his head I pushed manually and as he got lower, his heart rate PLUMMETED. Seeing the issue, I pushed hard and as his head emerged, it was purple and his body was white. The cord was so tight around his neck the midwife couldnt even summersault him around and ended up having to clamp and cut him at the perineum before his body was out. His cord was only about a foot long in length and was wrapped once around his neck- probably why I wasnt progressing too.


They placed him on my chest and I tried as hard as I could to revive him but he was not coming around and so they had to grab him and coded him. Instantly 15 people rushed into the room to revive him. I demanded they give him to me as soon as he was breathing which wasnt very long and reluctantly they did, and I latched him on right away. It was a scary beginning but he did fine after that. They were worried he used up his blood sugar stores but he was fine- no jaundice either, but I also declined the Vitamin K injection and the eye goop.


So I have to say... everything happens for a reason. It was a very good thing for ME that I didnt try and attempt a UC... and I really think God knew that. I still believe that it's a FANTASTIC choice for educated cruntchy mamas and papas and I feel as though I did everything in my power to try and have as intervention free a birth as I could. Unfortunately, my body just gave up.


Listen to your body and do what's right for you. :) Keep yourselves educated, mamas! :D

accountclosed3's Avatar accountclosed3 11:55 PM 05-20-2011

Sounds like you did everything right, and I'm so thankful that you had the medical care that you and that baby boy needed to have a happy outcome. :) Many blessings to your whole family!

sunshinemoma's Avatar sunshinemoma 12:34 AM 05-21-2011

congratulations :)  I'm so glad he arrived safe and sound!  

turnquia's Avatar turnquia 11:04 AM 05-21-2011

Congrats!!! I hope you have a great babymoon!

ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 01:09 PM 05-21-2011

Congratulations!! That is an amazing story - and I think you got the heart of UC anyway: you trusted the signs and yourself and you ended up doing the right thing and being in just the right place for what happened. Wonderful!!

tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 01:58 PM 05-21-2011
Congrats Jyn! I am so happy for you and your family! Welcome, baby! joy.gif
ElizabethE's Avatar ElizabethE 03:49 PM 05-22-2011

Jyn, good for you! Welcome, Justus!